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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Titanium Chapter 7

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



Chapter 7

Irene walked into her front door silently, still thinking about what had happened in the past hour. His kiss still lingered on her lips, and now all she thought about was him. His handsome face, the curly black hair he had ontop of his forehead... his luscious brown eyes. The thoughts she had made her sigh as she reached the stairs.
“Oh my,” Sophie gasped.
“I know, my face looks horrid,” Irene scoffed.
“Not your face, but your expression... what happened?” she asked.
“Nothing, I got thrown in jail, and I got out,” she shrugged, “nothing important.”
“He kissed you didn’t he?” she smiled.
“No comment,” she showed no emotion and headed to her bedroom to relax. She wanted to get away from everyone and think. Sophie let her pass, she knew not to talk to her mistress when she didn’t to socialize with anyone. Sophie sighed and headed to the kitchen, it was very late in the day and was pitch black outside.
She looked up to find Jack in the cookie jar. He always was that kid who’d do that, and nobody would notice. She stood there, just waiting for him to turn around and have that guilty face, the redness to the cheeks, and the instant sprint back to his room. Jack only grabbed one though, turned and waved to Sophie and walked sullenly back to his room. Sophie smiled, wondering what it would be like to have a child.
She figured that it’s harder than most think, bearing a child. Marriage was a big thing in her family. When her older sister, ran away to elope with some young gent, her parents were horrified in them, and Sophie as well. They believe every child was the same, so they sent her to a school far away; in which Sophie was beaten everyday because she didn’t understand. That’s when she snuck on a boat heading to America, in where she found a nice gentleman who helped her. He gave her a nice room and food everyday, until his sister found out she was a stowaway.
She ordered him immediately to get rid of Sophie, but he said that he couldn’t, because she needed his help. The sister was very furious and mad with Sophie rather than her own brother. She believed Sophie had hypnotized her brother, into losing his mind.
After arriving in New York, she couldn’t find the young gentleman who had helped her, but found his sister. She just grinned, twisted her fancy umbrella, and laughed. Sophie never understood then what had happened to the poor man, and now can think of several possibilities that had happened.
New York was big. Not as big as London, but it was close. The city was a dangerous place, especially for Sophie who had no clothes, money, or food. After a week of living there, Sophie couldn’t stand it, starving and poor, she had to find a job, but everywhere she looked there were none available.
The word ‘prostitute’ appeared a few times in her head, but she had to shake it off. If it wasn’t Irene that day, Sophie would either be dead, or in a bad place. She had been walking down an alley where she was attacked by a few gentlemen. There was no way she could’ve escaped, and when life seemed at its darkest, gunshots were fired and Sophie hit the ground, so did the other men. A hand grabbed hers and pulled her out of there.
She expected a lovely gentleman, but found out it was a dainty rich woman, who had pistols in her hand. From that day, Irene became her best friend.
“Everything okay?” BlueBird walked in to get some water and noticed Sophie zoning off into space.
“What?” she looked up, “Yeah, I was just thinking... about the past.”
“Don’t worry about it. The past is where you used to live, think about now and the future, that’s what BigLion in my tribe used to say. He was wise, but very funny to the kids too.”
“I’m a little lost,” Sophie scratched her head.
“I’m sure you are miss,” she smiled, “anyways, have a good night.” She went back upstairs with her glass and smiled.

Sophie walked down the busy market again, just looking for some eggs. The market was never the same the next day. New people came, wearing different clothing. New faces appeared, and new foods. This place grew by the minute.
She looked up and saw Carter... talking to a woman. She needed those eggs, but couldn’t get them if he was there. That was just be awkward. He’s just a man, no man is gonna stop me.
She decided to just hide her face and hope he doesn’t see her. With her face down and just staring at dirt as she walked, a hand grabbed her shoulder.

“Sophie,” he smiled, “I was waiting for you.” He pulled her over away from the crowd and held her hand.

“Oh hello Carter,” she couldn’t help but smile.

“Here,” he looked to his other blonde friend, “this is my cousin Katherine, she’s from England, and she’s here to find a nice job as a nurse. You see, she went to nursing school in London and wanted to come here, so she’s staying with me. I just wanted you to meet her. Hey Sophie, are you free for lunch? Katherine and I were wondering if you’d like to join us at the Garden Tavern, they have some excellent salads. Katherine, Sophie works for an English Embassy called Elizabeth the Fourth, maybe you know her?”

“Carter! You’re talking so much, I think you’re scaring the poor girl,” Katherine smiled.

“Oh no,” she smiled, “he’s not scaring me at all; and yes, I’d love to join you for lunch.”

“Great!” Carter’s face lit up.

“Why don’t we walk there now?” Katherine asked. Her blonde curls made Sophie’s look plain and simple, and her clothes made Sophie look almost poor, in which these simple things made her uncomfortable.

“Wait!” Carter yelled and pulled a gentleman towards him, “Dylan, join us for lunch!”

The Marshall, whose face was rather handsome, and his smile of great curiosity, was looking around for someone.

“Looking for something Dylan?” Katherine asked.

“Katherine!” the Marshall’s face was shocked, “I haven’t seen you in a while!”

“You two know each other?” Sophie and Carter asked at the same time.

“Oh we were childhood friends. His father was friends with mine, and often did business together! It’s so good to see you,” she said and hugged him.

“Same to you,” he smiled.

“Dylan would you join us for lunch?” Sophie asked.

“Sure thing, here, let me show Katherine around, and you and...”

“Sophie,” he said.

“...Sophie go get a nice table.”

“Sophie works for Elizabeth the fourth,” Katherine said. Dylan smiled.

“We’ll go get a table,” Carter said and grabbed her hand. They walked back where Sophie came from and he smiled as they walked. Holding hands was a little embarrassing for her because they were not a couple, and yet they held hands in public.

They walked down a small part of the street to take a shortcut to the restaurant, the path off the main street was dangerous, but Carter was there. He would protect her.

“Well well well,” a man stepped in front of her and was sharpening a big knife with a small rock, “What do we have here?”

“Back off,” Carter reached for his pistol, “I’m a Sheriff.”

“Ain’t that dainty cute, but I ain’t here for you. I’m here for the lovely lady,” he grinned and took a step closer.

“If you dare touch her, it’d be the last thing you’ll do in this life,” Carter pulled out his gun and held Sophie.

“Really?” he grinned and grabbed Sophie out of his grip and pulled her neck to his knife.

“Why are you doing this?!” Carter yelled, with his weapon pointing at him.

“She works for a person I don’t really like,” he sneered, “I see them talkin’.”

“She works for an English Embassy! She does nothing wrong!”

“We’ll see about that,” he grinned and pulled slowly with the knife. Sophie squirmed a little, but it only made the small cut worse.

The man jumped back and let his grip loose as something grabbed him. Blackie bit his back leg and wouldn’t let go. Sophie elbowed the man in the face to run but he caught hold of her dress. The man kicked Blackie off him, the yelp from the dog made Sophie flinch. Carter was moving, hoping to get a good shot of the man, but Sophie was always in the way.

Suddenly Irene jumped down and grabbed the man’s neck. Sophie escaped from the man’s grip and ran to Carter. She turned and saw Irene fighting the man. She yelled at Sophie and Carter to run away as she pulled out her gun. They nodded and Carter started pulling Sophie away, but Sophie knew something was up.

As Irene pulled the trigger, the man twisted and swung his knife at her neck, it made contact and made a big gash into her lower neck and shoulder. They both fell to the ground. Sophie didn’t know if Irene had survived, but knew the other man had died. Irene got hurt because Sophie just didn’t defend herself. Sophie had a knife in her plain dress, but didn’t think of using it... and now Irene could be hurt or even dead.

“Carter! We have to go back!” she yelled.

“No! Head to the Tavern, I’ll get Dylan, and then meet you there okay?”

“I don’t think I could,” Sophie almost started crying.

“Listen, I know I barely know you, but you have to trust me ok?” he said and kissed her very quickly.

The love that swooned up in her mind made Sophie feel calm, and comforted.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll go save a table.”

“Good girl,” he smiled and ran off to find the Marshall.

Irene felt a hand on her shoulder and coughed. Blood went all over her hand. The gash didn’t hurt so bad... she’d had worse. Sophie was in danger, and she knew that the Sheriff wouldn’t do anything, so she had to act.

“I told you I should’ve helped you,” BlueBird pulled her up. Irene put her shoulder around Birdy’s.

“Yeah well, you know what would really help?” Irene asked, out of breath.

“No, what?” she asked.

“A nice cloth to stop the bleeding. I don’t want to faint in your arms,” she scoffed.

“But you’ll want to faint in his,” Birdy smiled.

“In whose?” Irene looked up and saw Dylan running towards them. He stopped running about ten feet away and walked towards them.

“Everything okay?” he asked and grabbed Irene’s hand. To him, she was so beautiful, she was irresistible, and vice versa to her. they couldn’t take their eyes of each other.

“She was protecting Soph- I mean a uh... civilian, and the man cut her,” Birdy said. Irene elbowed her hard out of annoyance.

“You’re Elizabeth the Fourth?” he smiled.

“With pride,” she faked a curtsy.

“Here,” he said and grabbed a cloth from his jeans and put it against her neck and put some pressure on it.

“I’ll let you guys chat,” Birdy smiled and walked away.

“I’m uh... real sorry about yesterday,” he chuckled nervously.

“Which part? The one where you hit me with a beer bottle, the time where you locked me up in jail, or the part when you kissed me?” she smiled.

“Um... I guess all of them,” he said, still applying pressure to her wound.

“Well the kiss wasn’t that bad....” she smiled.

“Oh, well then I ain’t sorry about the kiss then,” he chuckled, “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I think I’ll be fine, I won’t die or anything, or at least I hope not,” she chuckled with him.

“Well, if you do die, I’m glad it’ll be in my arms...” he stared at her. She stared back at him. That was so sweet of him... she had never met anyone like him. The irony of it all, cop and criminal... and yet he still had time for... love.

“Dylan?! Dylan!?” Carter yelled in the distance. Irene jerked to run but Dylan held her tight.

“Don’t go, let me kiss thy lips,” he said.

“There isn’t any time for a kiss,” she said.

“There is always time for love!” he smiled. She turned and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and ran away in the shadows. Dylan was shocked she actually did that, because he was just fooling around. He didn’t expect a smooch from her. Carter came about panting hard.

“Irene saved Sophie’s life... why?” Carter asked.

Dylan almost told him, but knew Irene would be mad if he told him, “I don’t know, maybe that’s the beauty about Ms. Dawes....”

“What that she kills men but saves woman?” Carter asked.

Dylan laughed to himself that Carter wasn’t seeing the big picture, “Yeah, sure.... you keep thinking that...”

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