Captivated... (Novel)

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Poppy Soar used to be normal, but after she was kidnapped and tortured by a Serial killer, she's been anything but normal. After she got away from the killer, the Police haven't found him, and while Poppy thought her life was finally getting back to normal, she can feel someone following her. And as things get strange, she knows her nightmare is just getting started....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Captivated... (Novel)

Submitted: February 18, 2012

Reads: 197

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Submitted: February 18, 2012





It was dark and cold where I was. And wet. Very wet. I was underground. I knew by the dark rocky walls. I looked around. My heart was thudding against my chest. Don't explode. I demanded to my heart. That made it beat faster and harder. I crawled to the locked door and stood up, looking out a small barred window. "Hello?" I yelled, my jaw hurting when I spoke. I was hurt all over. My eyes were closing on me, but I know that I was no where near going unconcious.

"Hello!" I screamed. I was hoping for a reply. Not from him though. The guy that kidnapped me when I was walking along a pathway to my small little house. I was about to scream out 'help' but a voice interupted me.

"Shut up! He'll kill us all!" The voice was female. I smiled in relief. "My name is Poppy Soar." I say, my smiling hurting. There was a silence was a minute, then she answered me.

"I'm Taylor Welsh." she said.

"My name is Violetta Greene." a different voice yelled out. More girls called their name. Sasha, Tilly, Sophie... I sighed in great relief. I sat down against the door. I laughed. I don't know why. I guess it's because I was so glad I wasn't alone. I crawled along the floor and felt for my small, not-comfortable bed. I pulled up the matrise and grabbed a bobby-pin. I stood up and walked to the door again. I stretched the pin and shoved it into key-hole. I looked up to see two eyes staring at me. For the thirty-first time, I tried unlocking the door. I turned the pin and it clicked. I quickly shoved open the door and slammed into my kindnapper.

"Shit!" he yelled. He was wearing a mask, but I didn't stay to see which one. I sprinted, running down a rocky hall. I turned and turned, taking ten minutes. I swore under my breath as I kept running. I saw the light up ahead. Footsteps sounded behind me. "Poppy!" he screamed. I felt tears in my eyes. I ran outside, breathing in fresh air.

I jumped over logs and dodged trees. My feet hurt and my eyes were trying to close. His voice yelled out to me again and again. Keep running. Keep running. I told myself. Coming out to a clearing, I stopped onto a road, where I was almost hit by a car...


Short chapter, yes. I was rushing so I had to make it quick. But I hope you enjoy anyway. Oh, and to my Dear Brother: If you hack my account and edit anything, I will Kick Your ASS.

Byee :D

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