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Ch 1
Aching Heart :(

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Infertility

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



I respect all women, but most of all the infertile or sterile ones. Can anyone understand the pain? To want so much and you can't have. How people kill babies everyday by abortion and some can't even conceive. How babies are physically abused by bad parents, while others just want to kiss and hug a baby so bad! Infertility wow! Why did that word ever exist in our vocabulary! If I ever win the lottery, I will have a charity to assist with medical treatments and medication, in vitro, prayer and what ever it takes to help women have a baby in their arms. When a woman is infertile, you just can't plan your life,education, home or anything. Infertility takes a toll in your inner soul and it leaves you empty, exhausted, and helpless! Ironically, you will have hopes of conceiving the first two weeks since your menses, then the next two weeks are excruciating and believing your pregnant and having all the symptoms of pregnancy.....then your menses come and your whole world comes down into pieces, leaving a huge hole in your heart! And the cycle continues every single month and your uterus is empty, breast are milk less and your arms have no child to love....infertility.... I Hate You, I Hate You for all the women you have destroyed!!

To be continued......A.Lilly

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