The Guardian of the Soul

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



Episode Two of the First Season

Immersed myself in the humid air of a fine mid –autumn dawn, I breathe deeply and take my patience to watch the sun slowly drag itself upwards while streaking the fleecy clouds with rosy rays. Downwards, as the gentle light glides over those transparent dews, nature exhibits its own practice of witchcraft by shining those small crystal palaces with kaleidoscopic colors. How can one not feel enchanted by such beauty? I close my eyes satisfactorily so as to concentrate my ears on the occasional rustle of leaves which sometimes give my stretched-out hands a soft kiss before dancing their way to the ground. I can’t help humming an old elf song which of course must be translated for my Alithena’s sake (Do pray she has a beautiful voice).

The daughter of grace,

Blessed with nature’s kiss,

Your beauty shall rival the moon and the stars;

Your love shall be everlasting as diamond that never decays.

When you walk along the bay,

You shall see dolphins dancing to your pace.

So come to us, You Princess,

Shine your glory to souls gray,

Driving all degradation far far away.

“How fair-sounding!”——dear me, it’s Alithena’s voice——she can hear my song! When I gladly look through the window (every night I lay myself high up on the tree so as to be parallel with Alithena’s bed which is perched beside the window on the fifth floor ), to my great disappointment, she still curls up at the corner of the bed with a dolphin doll cradled in her arms. How smoothly she breathes! But neither can it be my hallucination nor can it be my self-deceit to hear her exclamation that the only explanation cannot be anything but her chance of having another fairy dream. “Wake up, you ignorant!” my heart bellows with woeful rage. Now one thing I’m pretty sure to tell the King is that I can never learn to calm down with this girl who is now rubbing her dreamy eyes like them still being in the land of sleepyheads.

A month has passed since her arrival at this university, whereas she still seems an alien to her surroundings. But my elf sense ensures me that there is something big going to happen today (if not, I’d really become Prince of the Bored).

One point Alithena can earn favor from me is her dietary preference for fruit and vegetables, which at present may stand as a potential excuse for her bad performance in the Basketball Class. The three-point shot percentage is…, God bless me I’m invisible; otherwise, I’d die of shame for being her cultivator. But if I say I’ve enjoyed myself a little bit in Alithena’s suffering, please don’t make haste to judge my conscience before you have tasted the bitterness of being ignored by the person you’ve paid full attention to. It is universal truth that love is always combined with torture though in the present case love is minimized to the minimum. Oh, look, it is her turn again——trembling fingers mechanically pick up the ball, holding it with a pounding heart burdened with thousands of tons; then walking with an ant-pace to the line, she raises the ball before her sweating forehead, taking a deep breath, tossing——bang!, missing the target as doomed. Standing there, shuffling her feet and blushing with shame, she dare not turn around because she knows behind her there are eyes filled with sympathy, jeer, contempt, and mixture of others. The cruelest is that she can blame nobody but herself. God is fair in blessing all of us with strengths and weaknesses so that each of us has a fair chance of being admired sometime and being ridiculed at other times. But of course, if you choose to act nobly and elegantly, you shall have your emotion and nature enslaved by reason and conscience. As far as I know, this kind of control is very toilsome. Damn it!——how can I indulge myself in preaching while the only listener being preached at runs off, slamming the door behind——Alithena, wait!

She runs very fast, but the tears drop faster. Really a weak girl, I sigh to myself, it’s just basketball, no big deal, not worth so many crystal dews. What comes next is, as you should expect how every story goes on, her blurry eyes making her stumble into a stone and fall heavily before a handsome sophomore boy. So this is the big thing today? I can’t say I am not disappointed.

The boy squats down, smiling brightly though not lack of mystery, “Running so hastily, are you Cinderella?”

“No, I still have my shoes on, and not glass slippers.” Alithena replies with a distorted face, whether from the pain caused by the scratch or from her efforts to refrain from laughing or from both I can not tell.

“Let me give you a hand,” the boy reaches to help her up.

“Oh, look, it’s snowing! You are Snow White? ”

“Don’t be kidding, I have eyes and it’s autumn now.”

“I mean not here, I mean in the elf forest.” You can’t be serious, boy, but it’s indeed snowing in the land where I come from.

It’s lucky that I haven’t been knocked unconscious; otherwise, heaven knows what this psychopath will do to me. Alithena murmurs in her heart with relief, and then refutes coldly, “Sorry to tell you, sir, we’re not in the Lord of Rings.”

“Have I frightened you? Sorry, I just want to make you not feel awkward about, you known…” He points at the stone.

“Thank you; by the way, I’m Alithena, your name?”

“Alberstodd. Oh, may I have the honor to accompany you to the hospital?”

“I don’t think we need to go to the hospital, just a little scratch, I can handle it by myself.” God, what a stupid girl, even I can see disappointment clouding over his sunny eyes. “Back to this land, Legolas, the sun is right over our head.” Alithena adds.

“Ha Ha lunch time, shall we?”

“Promise to tell me more about Mirkwood, and then I’ll go with you.”

“More than you want to know.”

They both burst into laughing and then walk towards the dining hall while Alberstodd casts a profound glance at my direction, which seems to say “If only she knew your existence, the snow thing!”

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