South park boys turn into south park girls?!

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Kyle, Gregory, tweek, butters, and thomas turn into girls for there scrumptious boys!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - South park boys turn into south park girls?!

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



I woke up dazed. Everything - oh sorry. Hi I'm Kyle. I live on south park and I go to south park high. I'm 14 and so is most of my other friends except well Stan. He's 15 but he's still in 9th grade Clyde, Christophe, Kenny, and Craig are 15 as well but me, thomas grgory, butters and tweek are 14. I got up and felt strange. I shook It off and put some clothes on. I put on my normal jacket and jeans. My jeans felt bigger. I didn't care, I grabbed my bag which felt heavier but I didn't mind so I walked to school. I remember allmy friends and Iwent to a new scientist and once we were in he put needles threw our veins and he just ran away. I walked to the bus and saw a few new girls. I walked over and greeted them. "hello, I'm Kyle what's your names?"

"w-well, golly Kyle...forgot about your f-friends?" my mouh gaped open.

"butters?! Gregory, tohmas, and tweek?! Your all girls?"

"hey! Look at yourself!" Gregory snarled. I looked from butters Mini mirror and took a look.

"oh god. I-I'm a girl..." I looked over to stan. "stan. I'm a girl." he turned around and his jaw dropped.

"k-Kyle..." he questioned.

"holy fuck kyle! Your freakin hot like a chick!" kenny drooled and started to walk towards me. He hugged me and started to grope my ass.

"kenny! Stop touching me!" I tried to push him away. Stan pushed him Away quickly.

"okay! Okay! Now guys... I meen ladies, maybe if you stay home, for a day it'll were off. But of it doesn't, just call Wendy, bebe, red, or Annie." we nodded and went back home. The next day I ran into my bathroom and saw myself. I had some freckles and straight red hair, I felt my chest and I had two lumps, I looked down and screamed. I ran to my phone and called Wendy. "hey kyle open your door!" she hung up and I ran down and opened my door. She walked in and saw me. "oh goodness, your a girl too..." she grabbed me and ran upstairs with all her girl friends and my guy now girl friends. She pushedme onthe bed and threw me some skinny jeans, an orange tank top and a green mini jacket with some shoes too. A few minutes later I had that stuff on and I was ready for school. Today was gonna be a long and horrible day....

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