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Two nights have forever changed her life. Neaveh's life has been flipped up side down. She's terrified of the future and what it may hold for her and her family. She has no choice but to let it guide her down the path she has chosen.

One night and one girl may change him forever. Nate is the trouble teen bad boy that all parents fear. He's looked death in the face and laughed, but now with one chance left to change his ways he learns that fear isn't always for yourself.

Strong hearted Neaveh and somewhat hopeless Nate need each other to last through what is ahead.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - **PERFECT LOVE**

Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Submitted: June 16, 2011



  “What am I going to do?” I mutter into the embracing darkness. My life is spiraling out of control to quickly for me to catch on to something. What did I do wrong to ever deserve this?

 I tilt my head up to the sky letting the rain pour down my face. It wipes away my tears and cools my heated cheeks. I’m drenched from head to two but it’s so peaceful, so relaxing. How could I ever want this feeling to disappear?

The tracks have always been my safe haven. Ever since my father passed I’ve spent more and more time here, allowing myself to face the pain that haunts me. The pain that always will.

Abandoned years ago, it’s safe for me to walk here. I have no fear of a train coming and crushing my body. It’s safer here for me than it is at home; picking between my father and a train, I’d much rather face the train.

I glance down at my watch and my heart stops. It’s two in the morning. My mom is going to murder me! We agreed that I didn’t do this anymore. That was the only way I could stop them from sending me to boarding school.

Tears fill my eyes and I dread going home. I hate my life more and more. I turn and begin to sprint back to my car praying that they aren’t home yet.

My foot catches on a rock and I tumble down onto the tracks right as they start to quake. Fear fills my insides as my head snaps up and my eyes meet the lights of a train.

Dread fills my heart and I know this is the end. There isn’t a way out of this. Today my life will be ripped from me along with all of my mistakes.

Closer and closer the train nears. With one last glance I close my eyes waiting for the end, waiting for bliss.

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