Bittersweet Symphony

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Jack has some issues of his own, but when he meets Alex, a young boy from the other side of the world, he soon realizes that maybe his life isn't all that bad. Of course Alex seems to fall in love with the boy that helps him, but when an accident happens while everything fall apart?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bittersweet Symphony

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013




**Written in Jack's POV**

I don't know what it was, but there was something about Alex Gaskarth I didn't like. Was it his arrogant attitude? Or his catapillar eyebrows that competed with mine. Or the fact that everyone wanted him, or wanted to be friends with him, even my crush since middle school. I didn't know what it was about that boy, but something about him made me hate him.

It was a Friday morning, I got up extra early to go meet my friend Zack Merrick, or otherwise known as the hulk at my school, at the park opposite my school. He was holding his big annual party on Saturday and of course he wanted to check wth me if the guest list was ok. I pulled my hood over my head and played with the ends of my sleeves as I walked into the park. Obviously Zack had to be sitting under his and mine's friendship group's tree. We had that spot for god knows how long. "Hey Z" I muttered, shivering slightly seeing how cold it was before sitting down next to the stronger man with a yawn. "Hiya Jack, so I was thinking of inviting that Alex kid, I talked to him yesterday and he seemed really sweet" He said with a shrug. I sighed, obviously not wanting him to come, "He seems a little arrogant" I scoffed. Zack just laughed, "You think everyon'e arrogant Jack, plus I heard he's bisexual" He said nudging me with his elbow.

Only a few people knew I was gay, especially Zack, seeing as I liked him since god knows how long. Surprinsgly when I told him, he took it quite well; he wasn't even awkward about it. He understood that I couldn't choose who I liked, and honestly that just made me like him even more. I knew i'd never get him though, seeing as he was straight as a pole; but surpringly I was ok with that, seeing as he was my bestest friend ever.

"Like I'd ever go for him, he's annoying, cocky and I'm sure he has crap taste in music" I told the boy. Once again, Zack just laughed, "But he's hot, even I know that and look at how straight I am" Zack told me. Ok maybe Alex was the slightest bit attractive, oh who was I kidding he was probably the most gorgeous boy that i'd ever seen. How his brown messy hair always seemed to be perfect, his big brown doe eyes, his gorgeous smile and how he always had a slight bit of stuble on his face just made me want him. Plus, he also happened to have just the right amount of muscle. "No, obviously you don't know my taste in guys, I don't like arrogant ones who are up themselves. Plus he probably likes a really shit band, and music's a big thing for me" I explained to the boy. "Right sorry I forgot" He said sarcastically, "At least just talk to him, you never know, you could make a new friend" He continyued. I sighed heavily, "Fine, I'll talk to him, but if he's rude to me in the slightest way possible then you have to kick him out" I said proudly, running a hand through my black and white hair. "Deal" Zack said with a smirk on his face.

I pulled out my breakfast from my bag before taking a bite from the jam sandwich that my mum had packed for me. "Did you hear, Blink's coming to Baltimore?" I said excitedly with my mouth half full of food. "Yeah, course I did, but my parents are going away so I can't go" He said frowning. I pouted, who the hell was I supposed to go with now? I couldn't go with Rian seeing as he'd probably want to bring his girlfriend and I did not want that. "Oh shit, we better get going Jay, otherwise we'll be late for school" Zack told me nervously as I watched him stand up. I groaned loudly, putting my sandwich back in my paper bag and then into my school bag. Great, another day filled with stupid idiots, bullies and god knows what else, at least it's a Friday I thought to myself. Zack and I walked towards the school, both of us not really wanting to go in. "Time for toture" I mumbled, putting my headphones in before blasing some Green Day as I walked through what seemed like the gates of hell.

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