Chapter 10:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 10


Kellan holds my hand gently in his as we get out of the elevator and walk to his parents’ front door. I know he realizes when I get this tense. Like as if I say one wrong thing, his parents will reveal they don’t really like me at all, and they have been pretending this whole time. As we get closer to the front door I walk closer to him, putting my right hand on his right bicep. I inhale the scent of his manly perfume and try to calm down a little. Seems I’m a little more nervous than other times.

When we get to the door, Kellan pushes on the bell, and we wait for an answer.

“You all right?” He asks, always so concerned about me.

“I’m just a little tired that’s all…exciting yet long day at work”. I’m not tired. When I get to do something I love I don’t get tired. My little lie seems to have reassured him… A little… Or not at all.  He always suspects a lie when I say “I’m just tired”. Funny how that’s an excuse we all use for when we feel a little down. I’ve always used that excuse, when I just didn’t want to get into it. From the age of 12 I think, till now, “I’m tired” has stopped me from getting into things, whether the person believes my excuse or not.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we’re home before midnight” he says before planting a reassuring kiss on my lips.

“That’s early enough, considering we live in New York” I respond.

We wait a little while longer before Kellan’s older brother Kevin opens the door.

“Hey guys!” he says, genuinely looking excited. I suspect he truly does appreciate me as a woman in his baby brother’s life. “Sorry for all the time it took to get the door. We’re trying to decide what we’re ordering for tonight”

“Mom isn’t cooking diner like she loves to?” Kellan asks a bit surprised

I can’t help but think it’s because of me she isn’t preparing old school yet delicious homemade diner tonight. It’s the first time we’re coming for diner as an engaged couple. Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so nervous.

“I guess not” Kevin answer’s while shrugging “Come on in and help us decide.”

Inside, Kevin’s very pregnant wife Morgan, their kids Libby and Harry are around the living room table. They are joined by Kellan and Kevin’s younger sister Tracy, sitting alongside their parents Amy and Eric.

“Hey guys” Eric says as we walk inside. “It’s about time you arrived”

After greeting everyone, we take our place between Libby and Harry and join in the debate for what we’re having for dinner tonight.

We all decide on something simple and delicious: Pizza.

As we wait for our delivery to arrive, we get to a little small talk. I occasionally catch Amy throw nervous glances at Kellan and me. What if it’s really not my imagination? Maybe she really doesn’t want me in her son’s life.

I look up at Kellan; try to see what his reaction is, if he is aware of his mother’s looks. He is completely oblivious to what is happening.

The last thing I wanted was to actually be right about his mother not being my biggest fan, and now that we’re engaged she probably is a lot let thrilled with me.

When the pizza arrives, we head to the dining room.

“It’s not because I didn’t cook a proper diner that we can’t eat in the dining room like we love to do.”

“So, big bro, you gotta tell us how u proposed to this pretty lady” Tracy says, finally bringing up why we’re having the family diner in the first place. I guess I’ve felt a change in her. As if she has genuinely been treating me like a real sister in law these past few times. His parents however… I can see that they still might have their doubts about me.

When we’re in the living room we take our habitual places.  Kellan starts the tale of how he proposed to me. I can’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach as I remember how it happened. Everybody seems to genuinely find our story cute; everybody except the kids, who really don’t care and at the tender ages of 10 and four. I totally understand. Off course there is also Kellan’s parents who seem rather worried than happy with the situation. I guess it’s nothing. My parents sounded happy but worried at the same time as well. It must be because neither of our parents want their kids to get hurt. I get that. I hope that’s all there is to it.

I try not to let my thoughts get the better of me. This is supposed to be a happy occasion, for Kellan and I. I should be focusing on that. I take a deep breath and get back to enjoying the pizza.

All seems to be lighting up, until…

“Why are you doing this to us again?” Amy finally says out of the blue.

I raise my head from my plate to look at her, panicked. Kellan seems to be panicked as well.

“You did this to us once before Kellan! I just pray to God this isn’t a scam, a joke, you hurt us the last time.” Amy starts to cry.

I’m bewildered. I see Kellan’s face turn red, as I look at him, seeking an explanation. If I wasn’t black, my face would have taken that same color. He stares dead straight at his crying mother, scarlet emotions running through his entire body. Silence.

“Mom…” he finally says, his voice shaking, “I swear this is the real…”

“I just hope for my health it is” she interrupts.

There is an uncomfortable silence again, as Amy stops crying. I suddenly start feeling sad for the kids, who are just as confused as me.

“We gotta go” Kellan says, breaking the silence. “I’m sorry mom” he says, genuinely sorry for whatever he is apologizing about. I get up as well. Too confused and embarrassed to say anything we leave without me having said a goodbye to anyone.

In the car, we say nothing.


Submitted: April 24, 2012

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