Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 2


“Oh my God” I scream into the receiver, “I can’t believe this happened!! You waited a hole hour two tell me? Kellan did propose an hour ago right?

My best friend is laughing on the other side of the receiver, “I needed time for this to sink in to my system as well Nessa!”

“Girl I understand! He proposed in bed so you had time to do something else too! That’s why you were so late too call! Did you call Meagan?

“Yes we did have time to do other things and I’m calling her now” Cameron answers. She adds a giggle between every word she pronounces.

I am so happy for her. Most importantly we seem to both be starting new chapters of our lives at the same time. She’s going to get married, soon and I met someone. I haven’t told the girls yet, and I’m not telling them now, its Cameron’s moment today.

“Listen” she says, “I’m calling Meagan now and we can go out for drinks and celebrate. Tomorrow if that’s fine with you”

“I am all yours tomorrow babe, see you then!”

I hope the man I just met is the one who will give me passionate days, not making me regret the day I first lay eyes on him, like a lot of men have done in the past. I want to be married by the time I’m thirty. I have 5 years to make that work.

“Mom!” my son yells from his bedroom. I don’t know why he feels the need to yell so loud when he wakes up.

“I’m coming baby!” I scream just as loud as him as I head over to his room.

He is my blessing, produced by one night that was supposed to happen a lot later in my life.

I walk into the room and my son looks up at me, with his big amber eyes. He’s got my curly hair and the mix of his dad and my skin tone make a dark caramel skin.

“Let’s watch a movie tonight mom, you promised we would”

“ I know I promised Zack” I pause for a moment, wondering if I should keep that promise, or break it by preferring to obsess about next week’s date. Apparently, you can be so overwhelmed with work that you only have time for a date, more than a week after deciding you wanted to go out. “Let’s do it then!” I say to my son, finally deciding that if it doesn’t work out, I still have five years to find the right one to marry. And I don’t want to disappoint my four year old yet again tonight. I work five days a week from 9 to 5. When the unexpected meeting pops up on the odd Saturday morning, Zack has to go to Cameron’s house, or Meagan’s. I’m embarrassed at how often I disturb them with only a few hours’ notice. Bottom line is; I’m lucky to have them.

Zack’s eyes widen with joy as he jumps out of his bed and flings his arms over my shoulders and around my neck.

While he grabs hold of me I say,” why don’t we get some popcorn and sweets for the movie?” His squeeze gets tighter around my neck with excitement. “I’ll take that squeeze as a yes”.

 I’ve made my son very happy today, making one little decision: worry about tomorrow, when it gets here. I am officially satisfied with my day.

March 2007

I was 21, Cameron, and I had just moved to New York. We had transferred here from our university in South Africa. South Africa is way different to New York. Instead of boogied houses with fancy gates, here, people live in apartments overlooking busy streets and avenues. I love South Africa. It’s my beautiful country, but without the fancy gates, the security alarms but most importantly without my parents, I felt very free to do whatever I pleased. That was exactly the problem. In March 2007, March 8th 2007 to be exact, my son was conceived. Luca had decided to take me out for my birthday. He had been my boyfriend since I was 15 and him 17. Even when I moved to New York, because my family thought I needed a taste at independence and a break from my “way older boyfriend”, we carried on dating long distance. I was finally 21, a full grown up in my head. Luca had flown in to spend some time with me in New York. Happiness, because we were finally seeing each other again, anger, because we couldn’t be together all the time, pain at the thought of separating again all mixed up that night. Scarlet emotions are what Cameron calls them, because to her they can all be represented by that color. We had a little too much to drink and ended up… conceiving our son. This is painful for me to think about as we separated shortly after that, the long distance becoming very over whelming and my parents’ strain on our relationship becoming unbearable. I guess the only thing, person keeping us from never seeing each other again is our son, and I am thankful for that.



Zack takes way too much from Luca. For starters, we never got around to watching that movie tonight. Zack had forgotten it was El clasico. That’s right, when Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing, no one is allowed to watch a movie, we watch football, or soccer as the Americans insist on calling it I’ve learnt. Luca called to make sure his son was watching the match even though the poor kid loves a game he still has a lot to learn about. I don’t mind, because I learnt to love soccer during my time with Luca. The only thing that is hurting right now is the fact that I could only think of the both of us watching the game, when I should have been concentrating on the latest one with my son.

I have a hot date, dare I call it, set up for next week. Unfortunately, this is the week my brain has decided to play tricks on me and take me back to the Luca and Vanessa times. God, we made such a great team! Even so far apart after I left South Africa.

Now that Zack is asleep, I better pour myself a drink, just to get my mind off the past. I need that drink with the girls more than I had initially thought.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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