Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 4


As we approach my destination, I put my hand in my purse, and I start looking for money to pay the cab driver. He pulls up in front of the restaurant and I have butterflies in my stomach. This is the moment a lot of us dream of when we’re teenage girls; the moment you extend your arm as far as you can, to show the girls the size of your engagement ring. I smile at just how ridiculous I’m being for being this nervous about showing the ring to the girls. I hand the driver my fair with my hand a little shaky and a few seconds later, I’m out of the cab, surprised I am standing up straight. As I step towards the restaurant’s tables, I look nervously for my friends.

What if they just didn’t feel like coming, because they’re dealing with their own things. We are not all forced to be happy at the same time. What if I was just too perky on the phone last night and they decided they would not be able to handle me being so annoying in person? I need to grab a hold of myself. When I’m happy this is what I also do. Find every single way to question my happiness.

I try to stop worrying as I remember Chris Gardner saying “there is no y in happiness” in the movie the pursuit of happiness. Might be a cheesy thing to do, but as soon as I think positive I spot Vanessa’s curly and long brown hair. As she spots me she smiles. Her almost golden eyes are hidden behind her aviator sunglasses. She is wearing a long white summer dress. I can also see  beautiful brown espadrilles under her dress. The girl knows how to put an outfit together. Opposite her, Meagan is sipping a delicious looking cocktail in blue skinny jeans a colorful top and a black vest. She looks amazing. They both do. All of a sudden it dons on me just how little I tried to get ready for this lunch. I quickly forget about what I’m wearing as Meagan finally lifts her head, away from her drink. She smiles, and screams

“Get your ass over here; we want to see the ring!”

I smile with as much excitement as them, forgetting about how nervous I was about showing them the ring. When I reach them after telling the waiter I already had a table, I extend my hand as far as I can, grin, and watch them react as I want- proud of me for finding the man of my dreams and jealous, they didn’t get that ring.

In the minutes that follow, I tell the story of how Kellan proposed all over again, even though they both heard it over the phone once already. They show no signs of being annoyed and I see genuine happiness for me in their eyes. I am happy to have them in my life.

As the waiter brings our mains- Lambs chops and a big serving of fries for me, because the diet went out the window (for the weekend) when Kellan proposed with the chocolate cake- I am done sharing my news. I ask about the girls’ lives; what they’ve been up to during the week we lived without each other.

“I ran into an old flame from high school!” says Meagan eagerly. Her smile is so bright that the pink blush on her mocha skin looks almost natural.

Astonished, Vanessa and I look at each other, then at her.

“Don’t you have a husband? Because you seem very excited about this little run in” Vanessa asks, beating me to it.

“Yeah, but I didn’t ask to run into him, and I was actually the one to see him, he didn’t see me; I wouldn’t call it a run in. It was just me spotting a very handsome man I used to have a crush on in high school. And let me confirm he has gotten finer with age.” She smiles to herself, almost forgetting she is in the presence of company. She’s been like this for a few weeks now. Flirting with men when we’re out or eluding to gorgeous men she could see falling in love with her. She hasn’t been herself lately, I can definitely say that.

“How are the kids doing?” I ask a failed attempt at changing the subject.

She ignores my question. Actually ignores it. And carries on

“The guy never gave me enough credit back in high school. Now that I know where he works, I’m going to “stage” bumping into him, and he will have to see for himself what he missed out on in high school.” She is still smiling to herself.

It’s our turn to ignore her.

“We should definitely do something, all of us next time” Vanessa says, “you know, with Kellan, Derrick and the kids”

Meagan snaps out of her day dreaming and with a nod she agrees.

Our meals eaten we end our little get together on that note, Vanessa and I confused as to what may be going on with our friend.

We hug goodbye and Meagan and Vanessa head to their cars. I hail another cab home. I am happy I don’t have to drive myself home. At my first try at hailing, the cab stops.

“Where to miss?”

I think for a second if I want to go home right away. Before the cab driver gets impatient I answer

“China Town please, drop me off on Canal Street”. It’s a beautiful day in New York. I might as well do some window shopping in the colorful China Town before heading home.

As the driver drops me off, I realize I don’t really have anything specific to look for in China Town. I’m going to put myself in “tourist mode” and look around for a bit.

When I first moved to New York, that’s all I would do. Look for a place I hadn’t seen before. When my classes were over, I would head out to any neighborhood I hadn’t seen, I would take the subway as much as I could in order to master the art of riding underground. My first year here was my favorite because I had so much to discover about the city.

I step out of the cab, and walk up Canal Street. I’m going to enjoy sightseeing China Town on this late summer afternoon. First things first; I have to start by looking for fried dumplings.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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