Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 5
I’m home, in a milk bath. This is my attempt to calm myself down. I rest my head on one corner of the bath tub and my feet on the other. I pick up the cold glass of water I’ve left beside me and I take a sip while staring dreamingly out the window opposite me. Light from the sun outside is streaming in and for some reason this makes me feel much better. We always feel much better knowing the sun is still out there giving natural light to the city.
Zack is in the living room watching television. The babysitter hasn’t arrived yet and it’s making me more and more nervous by the minute. Mike will be here in an hour. I still have to get out of this bath-which is supposed to moisturize and soften my skin- dry off, fix my makeup and hair, and then get dressed. I don’t know how I’m going to manage all that while worrying about the whereabouts of the babysitter. Somehow, I am still managing to stay in the bathtub. I’m holding the glass of cold water to my forehead now. The last thing I want to do is go on the date with a migraine-which is exactly what I had the day I met Mike, at the gym. I had wanted to fit a second workout that week, and honestly I don’t know what persuaded me I could step on the treadmill more than a minute before I got hurt. Feeling dizzy from a long week at work I had stepped off the machine, and then made my way to the pool, Where Zack was happily playing. I told him it was time to go home because mommy had a headache. Zach had to start an argument, which ended up with me screaming in a voice way too loud for when you’re in public. As I watched my son drag himself out of the pool, I realized from the corner of my eye, a man, staring a little too much at me. With the way he was looking at me, I would normally be flattered, turn around to face him and give a polite smile. My headache had taken the better of me. The man was sitting on one of the benches provided for the swimmers, next to the pool. He wore swimming shorts so tight; they left nothing to the imagination. He had a white towel around his shoulders and was wet from head to toe. I guess he hadn’t bothered to use the towel. As he stretched fully to see the expression on my face, I turned to face him and he blushed. I found myself staring at his extremely fit upper body, when I was meant to be showing him I wasn’t in the mood to flirt, forgetting I was not being very discrete with my own inappropriate staring. He smiled at me, when I finally looked up and said
“Boy, I don’t think you have a headache, that sound more like a migraine to me”
At that moment, all I had found to answer was “Tough week”. Our first conversation ended there, as I pushed Zack in front of me, the poor boy, with only a towel to cover his wet shoulders. As we crossed the gym doors, and headed to the parking lot, it finally hit me that my knees were weakening and I needed to head to my car fast. In the weeks that followed, we bumped into each other at the gym a few times; he would jokingly ask if my migraine-which I had falsely called headache-was cured. I played along and laughed at his jokes. The second time we bumped into each other, he had asked, after joking about my migraine again, if the boy I called Zack was my child. Panicked that he wouldn’t try as hard to flirt with me anymore, I had lied my own precious son, was not mine but my sister’s. My fictional character of a sister seeing as I am an only child. This is why I am so nervous about this date. I have to come clean about Zach. I feel way too disgusting right now to stretch this lie out. I haven’t told Cameron and Meagan about this either. They would simply find me disgusting; as disgusting as I find myself right now. I have to tell Mike Zack is my son, Tonight.

I lift my head away from the corner of the tub quickly, as I realize I’ve extended my stay in the bathroom for way too long. I now only have 45 minutes to do everything I had decided I would squeeze in an hour. As I get out of the tub as fast as I can, trying not to slip in the process, I hear the doorbell. This better be the babysitter or else I am firing her as soon as she gets here.
“Don’t answer it” I yell at Zack from the bathroom; these days you never know who is at the door.
I quickly rap myself in my towel and step carefully out of the bathroom, cautious not to slip. I cross the living room and look into the tiny hole in my door. Thank God it’s her. I don’t wait for the door to be fully open before I say
“Mavis really, this is the day you pick to be late. I mean, I thought I told you I was going out on a date. I did tell you that didn’t I?”
She is lost for words, a few seconds later she finally manages to say “I’m so sorry Vanessa. It won’t happen again. You go change I’ll catch up for lost time, starting right now.”
“If I’m not ready before he comes to fetch me, I’m afraid it’s going to be a failed attempt at catching up for lost time”
She looks at me, an apologetic smile on her face, and then she mutters again “I’m sorry”.
I guess I’m giving her a hard time but with me being so nervous and her being late on top of this; it’s all very frustrating.
“I’m letting it slide this time Mave!” I say as I rush to my room. I’ve already dried off in the time it took to answer the door and share how annoyed I was for Mavis’ late arrival.
I no longer have time to straighten my hair. Oh well I wouldn’t have had time even if she had arrived early. I stayed in that bath way too long. I’m going to make it work.
I look at myself in the mirror to start with my makeup. As I stare long and hard at my reflection I feel like I’m going to cry. I try to ignore the huge urge to let a river flow out of my eyes. I quickly grab the foundation and smooth it onto my skin. I have to work fast he is going to be here in about fifteen minutes if he is here exactly on time. I apply concealer, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush then lip gloss as fast as I can-which is not very fast. I run to my closet and take out the LBD I had chosen earlier.
I put it on in a flash, accessorize it with a gold necklace and short gold earrings. I then fluff my hair a little, in the hopes of making it look like something. I then stay in my room, in front of the mirror, as I wait for Mike to arrive. I’m extremely nervous.
When the doorbell rings again, I wish Mavis had not made it in time for me to get ready. That would have given me a great reason to cancel the date; saying that my son-my nephew to him- would be alone in my apartment with no one to look after him, not even his mother who would be out of town. 

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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