Chapter 6: Is Meagan's secret more serious than anybody thought?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 6


I remember spending one Christmas afternoon at a hotel in Sandton, in South Africa.

On the way there I had counted about 10 cars on the road. At that time of the year most of us were off to other provinces away from the Gauteng. On the road to the hotel, I had dreamt of being in Sun City, up in the North West province. I had looked down at my belly and had decided that my body was just not artificial beach materiel. How little respect I gave myself.

When we arrived at the hotel, I immediately spotted a table with an elderly couple to my left. They didn’t seem over joyed about it being Christmas but they were together and seemed to be in need of each other’s company. I checked a few times that afternoon how they were spending their Christmas lunch at the hotel table. When they looked into each other’s eyes I could almost feel them asking each other mutually “What do I do the day you leave this earth?”

I imagined one of them leaving the other alone on this earth and had to stop my train of thought as this had all of a sudden made me very miserable though nobody noticed I had been paying a lot of attention to the elderly couple’s table.


I’m miserable right now. And once more I realize how little respect I give myself and my son. I have had the elderly couple from South Africa in my head ever since I told him Zack was my son. They weren’t the happiest that day, but they looked like they existed as one and understood each other’s pains as well as joys.

I recently met this man and already I have managed to make being with him so damn awkward.

“Listen, Mike, I’m so sorry, I panicked when you asked me… but I know I should have never lied, especially about someone so special in my life”

He doesn’t respond for what seems to be an hour. The people around us, thankfully unaware of what is going on at our table, carry on chatting. They all seem to be happy in their own worlds. It’s definitely a different world at my table. On my right are seating what look like two mothers, with each a child on their side. They are listening to a tale from their children, apparently a funny tale because they can’t stop laughing.

On my left I see a glamorous looking couple. To be honest they don’t look so in love, but rather in love with their appearances and bodies.

I turn back to face Mike. He does not seem able to look at me in the eyes. I stare at his head, hoping he is going to look up. He finally looks up, and then says;

“Do you want to take a walk?”

His question takes me off guard and I can’t seem to be able to answer with words.

I quickly nod, I don’t want him to change his mind and take me home instead.

He asks for the bill in the few seconds that follow and before I know it, he is leading me down the street.

“I’m sorry about earlier” He says, at my surprised face.

He is apologizing, and I’m not quite sure why.

“I’m sorry for making you so uncomfortable after you told me Zack was your son. You caught me off guard Vanessa I didn’t know what to say, what to think about you.”

“What do you think about me now?” I ask, both relieved that he is still talking to me and afraid to know what he thinks about me now.

“At first I thought about getting up and just leaving you at the dinner table, for lying about someone who I imagine is very important to you”

“Mike, Zack is important to me” I say as fast as I can so he can really hear me before he carries on.

“I now you do Vanessa, and …let’s just forget about this. Can we?”

I nod, feeling ashamed of myself still. I don’t want Zack to ever find out his own mother lied about being his aunt.

“Do you want to go for ice cream or something? Now that we’ve put this behind us we can enjoy the second half of our date”.

“I guess so” I say, forcing a smile no matter how disgusted I am about myself.

As we walk, I try to detach myself from how I felt back at the restaurant. He already looks very detached from our former atmosphere.

“I love the West Village he says for its relaxed atmosphere and antique boutiques”

As he says this he takes my hand and leads me on to Christopher Street.

Instead of going for Ice cream, we end up window shopping. The air that seemed so heavy between us slowly lifts, and then disappears.

After parading around way past my bed time I yawn and ask Mike to take me home. It’s 2 am and the babysitter is going to start to get expansive!

He smiles at me, like he has been doing since we decided to put our incident behind us.

“I’m sorry, I’ll get a cab and we will head home.”

“I realize it’s not late at all to go to bed at this time in New York but I have to get back to my son.”

He nods, as if to tell me he understands that, even if we put the incident behind us, Zack still exists and he is my son.

We get into the cab and my head falls back on the leather seat. I immediately realize just how tired I am.

As I struggle to keep my eyes open, I can feel Mike burning a hole into my forehead as he stares at me. This is like meeting him at the gym all over again. I thought he would never look at me like that again, when he found out I had lied to him.

“You’re great company… We should definitely do this again” he says just before I completely fall asleep.

I simply smile and let myself fall onto his shoulder. I inhale the amazing sent of him before I dose off.

A short while later, I feel the cab coming to a complete stop and mike calls my name softly in order to wake me up.

“Do you want me to walk you up to your apartment?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll manage. It’s getting late anyway and I’ve got to let the babysitter go.”

“Sure” He says a disappointed look on his face. I don’t know what he expected after this first date; to come upstairs for coffee?

He gets out of the cab to let me out. He gives me a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye.

“I’ll call you” he adds.

“Get home safe” I say after a smile.

I walk to my building, not checking to see if the cab has left. This is probably the last time I see Mike, even the though the end of our date was less of a train wreck than the beginning.

I walk up the stairs of my too-old-to-have-elevators building. I am so sleepy I fall trip at almost every step. I desperately want to get to my bed.

When I finally get to the third floor, I feel like I’ve climbed all the way to the top of my building.

Once in front of my door I quickly turn my key into the door. I’m in such a hurry to find Mavis, pay her for her services, check on Zack and then run to my bed.

When I get to the middle of my living room I stop in shock. A few seconds later, Mavis pops out of the bathroom with paper in her hands.

I turn to her and then back to the television where a porno is on!

I’m not sure what to be more shocked about, the fact that my babysitter is watching a porno on the job, the thought of my son walking in on her or the fact that this rated movie features one of my best friends…Meagan.





Submitted: January 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Ally Kambridge. All rights reserved.


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