Chapter 8:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 8


I’m pacing up and down the apartment, trying to make sense of what I saw over the weekend.

Speaking of Cameron she should be here by now. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know if speaking behind Meg’s back is the right thing.

Exhausted from pacing and worrying all over the apartment, I throw myself on the couch. I feel a headache coming on. I stare into space, not sure what to do anymore, besides wait for Cameron to get here.

I get lost into thought as I try to remember the other night. Of course I fired Mavis. It was nice to know what she gets up to when I leave her to babysit my four year old son. She didn’t deny having watched the channel. Next time I’ll go for an elderly nanny.

Why would Meagan do this?

I look at my watch. Come on Cameron where are you?

I stare at the phone, as if she will call if I do. Nothing. My stomach starts to rumble. I’m not sure if it’s because I ‘m nervous or hungry. I walk to the a cupboard in the kitchen to get myself a snack.

As I grab a packet of chips my phone starts to ring. I run to it as fast as I can; scared that the person that is calling might hang up. I pick up my phone on the couch and look at the caller id in shock. It’s Mike. After that mostly awkward date, I didn’t think I’d be hearing from him again. I was already ready to cancel my gym card and find somewhere else to continue. I hesitate for a while, no sure if I should pick up or not. Realizing, he might really hang up if I don’t answer now, I pick up and shyly I say

“Hey Mike…I didn’t expect to hear from you again”

“Why not?” he asks chuckling “We managed to turn everything around and have a great time! So I was hoping we could do it again sometime.”

A great time? I ask myself silently. We must have attended different dates.

Before he confuses my silence for a refusal, I answer. I do want to give this a second chance.

“Sure, that would be nice. What did you have in mind?”

“You’ll see when I pick you up on Saturday night.”

“Okay” I simply say blushing and not even noticing it.

“I’ll see you then pretty lady…”

“What should I wear?” I hear myself ask him, horrified as I pronounce the words.

I barely hear his response as he says “No heels, no dress!”

“Sneakers and jeans it is” I say loudly into the receiver.

There is a loud thumping at the door, and it won’t stop. I guess Cameron is in a hurry to hear my news.

“That’s perfect, see you on Friday Vanessa”

“Goodbye Mike” I say even louder. The thumping is louder, someone’s getting impatient.

“Alright, Cam, Keep your panties on” I scream as I head for the door.

I quickly open the door, not taking the precaution to see if it really is her. To my surprise, one impatient face and two other confused ones stare at me as I finally swing the door open.

“Nessa, I need you to keep Sam and Dina for me please. Derrick’s not here and I really need to go or I’ll be late”

“Where are you going?” I say, looking as confused as her kids now.

“I’ll explain when the time is right Nessa, I’ll see you later!”

As she pronounces her last word, Meagan disappears, living her two kids in front of my door.

I smile at them as naturally as I can and let them in. When they are in the apartment I close the door behind them and turn to face them. They each have a back pack.

“What did you guys bring with you?”

“We have our pajamas and clothes for tomorrow” Dina, the eldest answers

Trying my best not to scream with irritability and confusion I tell Dina to put their bags in the Zack’s room.

“Zack’s going to be happy to see you, why don’t you guys find something to do in there while I find us something to eat.”

I didn’t even think of diner for the both of us, and now there are four of us.

I let fall on the sofa when I should be heading to the kitchen. I let my mind just take a break and swallow everything that’s happened in barely a second it seems. Seems I literally can’t catch a break because the doorbell is ringing again. Hope this time it’s actually the guest I was expecting hours ago.

I get up as quickly as my feet can allow and walk to the door. I look into the little peep whole before opening the door this time. Seems like Cameron has some food in one hand; I’m definitely letting her in now.

“Babe, give me an hour, trust me this won’t kill you” She says, amused, into her phone to Kellan.

“Hey, we are starving and there are four of us in here” I say when she hangs up.

She doesn’t say anything just looks confused, as she tries to figure out who the two other people could be.

“Well I guess, the news you have is also for Meagan and Derrick’s ears. Why didn’t you tell me to bring Kellan with?”

Now she looks confused and upset.

“Kids come on out here, aunt Cameron’s got food!” I simply say and then I invite her in.

“What kids?” Cameron whisper’s to me both relieved I wasn’t excluding her fiancé and wondering who the other kids besides my son could be.

“Let’s get your food plated up for the kids and then we can talk and starve because there is visibly not enough for all of us.”

“I guess that’s the plan. You were just going to let the poor kids starve until I came along”

“Girl I‘ve been going crazy waiting for you!”

When the kids finally join us in the kitchen I help Cameron plate up as fast as I can, we’ve wasted enough time.

We leave the kids eating and sit down on the sofa in my little living room, opposite the kitchen.

“Try not to scream or do anything that will make the children hear” I whisper as the kitchen is three steps away from my living room.

“Go ahead already! I’m ready to hear the news!”

“First, I have to tell you that I went on a date with this guy. His name is Mike, and we’re going out again on Saturday. I need you to keep Zack; I fired my babysitter!”


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier” I say truly sorry I didn’t share this with her.

“Hey, I’m really happy for you Vanessa. Girl, you don’t even have a picture for me?”

“I promise I’ll get you one next time” I say before I lean in to hug her.

“And I’m always here if you need help with Zack. Kellan and I love having him around. Which brings me to ask, why did you fire Mavis?

“Firing her is related to my news. Please do not scream. The kids are three steps away.”


“Mavis was watching porn on the job”

I see Cameron holding her breath.

I begin to speak a little lower.

“Meagan was one of the actresses in this movie”

Cameron’s jaw drops.

Submitted: March 03, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Ally Kambridge. All rights reserved.


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