Chapter 9:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 9


I had to get home last night bearing the news that Vanessa had to share with me the entire time. Why would Meagan do that? When did it happen? Is that even why she changed? If that movie isn’t recent, could it really be the reason behind her change of attitude?

I have no answer to all these questions but I’m hoping we can get some tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to do, given the fact that Meagan is still acting like she’s a mess, but we have to talk to her.


I grab my bag, put on my heels and head out. Kellan was out the door before me this morning, for once. That’s weird. These mornings are very rare. The rest of the time he has to be dragged out of bed.

He better be home at a convenient time. It’s that time of the month again; diner with the parents.

 I get a little nervous when this time comes once in a while. I guess I’m a natural ball of nerves anyway. I admit I’d rather be solving the riddle that is Meagan right now. That’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. When I get to my car, I put my bag in the passenger seat, position myself in front of the wheel, and inhale the new car smell I’ve managed to keep for an entire year. I give myself a congratulatory smile. Good job Cam. If only I could do as good a job as a private investigator into the life of Meagan Shell.

As I drive, my mind is still on her. A few people start to honk at me as I dangerously start to drive where I’m not supposed to.

Meagan and Derrick live under the same roof, and just this week, I spotted them spending some time together. Could he be abusing her physically, and forcing her to keep appearances with him? I shake my head, that idea is too crazy. But wouldn’t it explain why she has been talking about getting to flirt with other men? To get back at Derrick? Still this is an extreme situation I’m imagining. She would be bruised and maybe a lot less open if he were abusing her. Flirty must be the last attitude you want to adopt in these situations. What did Derrick do to her? He must have done something wrong. Men are always to blame. Always.

I remember when Kellan and I met He had lied to me he lived in Los Angeles, Apparently to sound cooler. It’s his fault we didn’t get together sooner, when we were actually in the same city. Why would living in Los Angeles make him sound cooler or more desirable? I’ve always wondered if there was something more to that little white lie.

August 2006

“Is the chair taken?” Kellan had asked after we had exchanged a few glances in the hotel gym for the past week.

I had hesitated before answering, not sure he was really talking to me. I wasn’t the type to attract any male attention, or maybe I was just a tad hard on myself.

“No, go ahead” I said not sure if he wanted to take the chair and use it at another table or actually sit down with me.

What he did next filled me with both excitement and horror. You always wish the cute guy will speak to you. Seems he wants to now…just before you faint. An interior voice had said.

Feeling flushed I smiled. I managed to do what felt like a smile at least.

“I always see you around here alone. You in this beautiful city on your own?”

Forgetting him sitting in front of me was supposed to be the start of a conversation I smiled for a little longer, indulging in what sounded like an American accent.

“No, I’m not alone. I’m with my apparently very lazy cousin Angela. She hasn’t bothered to accompany me for one workout.” I had replied, shaking my head at Angela’s laziness, without sounding truly annoyed.

“Well, I for one am glad Angela is lazy, or she would have ruined the little party we’ve got going on here.” He had said smiling and staring directly into my eyes.

Boy was I happy Angela hadn’t joined me. Now I had this guy all to myself. Besides, I was afraid he would have fallen for the London girl charm if Angela had shown up.

“Actually, three’s a party; she would have been an appropriate +one. Not that I’m complaining about her not joining me… this time.” I was definitely flirting back. “So where are you from in the United States?”

“How do you know I’m from the states?”

“Oh, only by your very famous accent” I had said matter-of-factly “You can’t miss it. And it sounds way stronger in real life than on TV.”

“I’m from Los Angeles” He had spoken fast as if he was anticipating the question and he had rehearsed the answer. “Where are you from, pretty lady?”

“Ah, I’m loving your flattery” I had found myself joking, in contrast to the nervous rack I had been when he had first sat down. 

As I stared into his ocean blue eyes we finished a conversation that ended up lasting two hours and finished with Kellan’s sister showing up. I hadn’t told him I was moving to New York in the following months. I had decided I wanted to have the memory of a summer romance that had lasted two hours without the complications of wondering if he would call me once he was back in the States...

 I snap out of my reminiscing just as I get out of the car. I forget everything I’ve been thinking about. I suddenly feel excited about my day at work. I work for an event planning agency and these past few weeks we’ve been organizing a fashion show. It’s always a pleasure for me when I get to combine my love of fashion with event planning. I cannot wait to get through these two hours of basic planning before going to check out models for the show, at our fashion show auditions.

I know I’m going to enjoy my day at work, but I already have the dinner with Kellan’s family at the back of my mind. I’m anxious because even after being with Kellan for so long, I’ve never felt completely accepted in the family. They’ve always treated me right…but there is something about being around them that feels uncomfortable.



Submitted: March 20, 2012

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