A Glimpse At Fate

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Misunderstood.  I think that's one word that discribes me.  I'm... different.  It's not bad, but it isn't good either.  If people think you're different than they are, they hate you.  I will never understand that logic.
My secrets.  My dark, dark secrets keep me from ever being truely normal.  My eyes are gray, my hair is black, and my skin is pale.  Life isn't so simple for me.  I'm considered an outcast.  Simple, right?  Not so.  I have a... strange condition.  Through my right eye, I see life.  Through my left eye, I see the darkness of what is to come.
So far, I only see people's fate.  I know that's not all that will come out of this... curse, condition, whatever you'd like to call it.  Soon, I know I'll begin to see more of the future.  I've had little visions here and there.  The real darkness of it is when I look at someone who is supposed to die sometime in the near future I see them die.  It's sort of a first-hand thing.
The first "glimpse of fate", as I call it, I had was when I was... about five.  Just imagine, a little kid watching someone die in their mind.  It was my kindergarten teacher.  Not only did I have a "glimpse" of her dying, I was there when it happened, too.  You can imagine I had a very dimented childhood.
Second "glimpse" I had was when I was twelve.  I watched my neighbor die in my mind.  Thankfully, I wasn't there to actually witness it.  I've also had little times where I saw things that were going to happen sometime in the very near future, such as my teacher walking into the classroom.
Thankfully, I haven't had any more "glimpses."  That doesn't mean I won't have them anymore.  I know they're not gone.  Things like that don't just... go away.  So, as you can see, life isn't very easy, and it isn't about to get any easier.  If anything, it's about to get a hell-of-a-lot harder.
It's dark.  Not a single light.  I try to move, but I'm trapped where I am.  My wrists hurt, and so do my ankles.  I squirm under the straps that hold them to the cold, metal chair.
A dim light flickers on above me and a creepy, smiling face appears from the darkness.  I can't see any of the features, only the mouth and the cold, red eyes.
The dark figure raises a knife and the smile deepens into an evil grin.  The dark figure's eyes seem to glow brighter and deepen into a bloodier-looking red.  It carves a line across my face-- starting at my right eyebrow, and ending at my chin.
I grind my teeth in pain.  It takes the knife and slices my left palm open, and then licks the blood oozing from the cut.  I shudder.  The figure tosses it's head back and erupts into eerie laughter.
I squirm uneasily under the restraints.  It takes the knife and playfully stroaks it across my throat.  It drags the knife down to my shoulder and digs it into my right arm.  I groan from clenched teeth.  When would this pain end?
It finally lifts the weapon to my neck and slices a smile from one ear to the other.  It leans forward and it's mouth locks onto my neck where blood is oozing from the open wound.  I still couldn't see the face.  I begin to fade slowly from conciousness.


Chapter I
I wake up to the beeping of my alarm.  Groaning, I shut it off.  I could still remember the hungry look of the dark figure.  A terrible nightmare to start, yet another, terrible year of school. Summer is over, and today I'd be going back to that stupid hell palace people insist on calling school.
After making my bed, I walk over to the closet.  I pull out a red tee-shirt and a pair of skinny-jeans.
"Shai!  I hope you're awake!  You better not have hit the snooze button on your first day of eleventh grade!" my mom calls up to me.
"I'm awake, mom!" I call back.
I brush my silky, black hair and let it hang loosely at my shoulders.  After brushing my teeth, I run downstairs.  As I run past the kitchen I grab my bookbag.
"Bye mom," I say, opening the door and running outside.
The horn of Adam's pick-up truck beeps from the curb.  I smile.  Kristi is in the passenger seat, and Luke is in the back.
"Another year of torture!" I say, slipping into the seat beside Luke.
"Oh, chill.  You made it through last year!"
"Yeah, but I think I've had enough of Sabrina Andrews," I complain.
"Yeah, and Chris Adams," Luke adds.
I smile at him.  He's been my crush since seventh grade.  He's also been one of my best friends since kindergarten (so he was there when the entire class watched our teacher die; I told him about the "glimpse" but he didn't believe me until that day).  I've known Kristi since preschool, and I've known Adam since he moved here in fifth grade.
The thing about Luke is, he's real.  You don't find too many people that are around here.  Everyone is so... painted, and that's an understatement.  People at my school are like plastic, not real flesh, blood, and bones.  Kristi, Adam, and Luke are the only people I know who are real.  Kids at my school have cold blood, plastic bones, glass faces, leather skin, and stones for hearts.  In fact, they probably have noodles for brains too.  You could replace them with all of those things and no one would know the difference.
"Hey, Shai, what did you do all summer?  I missed you," Luke says.
I smile.  "I actually didn't do much of anything.  I drew, mostly."
"Same.  Except I wrote.  I couldn't draw if my life depended on it."
I laugh.  "What about you guys?" I say to Kristi and Adam.
"Eh, not much.  We usually go on vacation together or something, but it just didn't happen this time," Adam replies.
"Have any interesting dreams?" Kristi asks.
"Last night.  Other than that, I didn't dream all summer."
"Ah.  That must mean the "glimpses" should be coming back, Shai.  You don't seem to have any dreams unless something's wrong."
"Yeah... I know."
Luke frowns.  "I thought they were gone.  You haven't had one since sixth grade."
I nod.  "That doens't mean they're gone.  Things like that don't just... disappear."
Adam shrugs.  "Of course they don't.  Life just wants to torture us.  We're the only stars in a big black sky.  This town is like a canvass.  We'd be the only thing not done in paint.  Maybe pastels."
I laugh and Kristi and Luke follow.  Adam just smiles.  "It adds texture, not just color.  All paint does is stain the page.  The pastels leave a chalky substance."
Adam has a cute, boyish face.  He has fluffy, brown hair and bright, blue eyes.  Put him and Kristi together, and they look perfect.  She has soft, long, brown hair, and bright, almost neon, green eyes.  Her face is lightly tanned, like Adam's, and almost milky-looking because it's so clear.
Luke has dark, brown hair, and blue eyes.  His gaze is gentle and sweet.  Penny, Sabrina's friend, has been trying to get him to go out with her since sixth grade.
"Anyways, back to Shai's dream," Kristi says.
"I was in some sort of... metal chair and there were leather straps holding my arms and legs to the chair.  There was a dark figure, too.  He had a knife."
"And these don't end unless you're woken up?"
"Yeah.  Like, they just keep going, but if my alarm goes off or something, it skips to the ending."
"Wow..." Luke says.
"Yeah.  Weird, right?"
"I guess it counts as one of my "glimpses".  I don't know how else to explain them."
"I don't think any of us can," Adam says as he pulls into the school parking-lot.
I slip out of the truck and grab my bag.  I begin walking towards the school, Kristi, Adam, and Luke trailing just a little bit behind me.
"So, guys.  Do you wanna see a movie tonight?" Luke asks.
"Sounds great.  I'll be there," I reply.
"I'm game," Adam says.
"Me too," says Kristi.
"'Kay, I'll pick you guys up around nine," he says as we get into the school.
Luke leads me to my locker and Kristi and Adam walk in the other direction. 
"I think we have lockers right by each other.  What's your homeroom?"
I look at my schedule.  "Galling."
"Me too.  God, I hate him."
"Doesn't everybody?"
I test my locker combination and it opens.  "Well, this is definitely my locker."
His locker door swings open.  "And this is mine."
I shove my bag into the small compartment, grab a notebook and pencil, and shut the door.
Luke walks me to my first hour before walking off to his.  I soon figure out that first hour is going to be the worst class of the day.  I have both Sabrina Andrews, and Chris Adams in my class.
The bell rings as I take my seat.  Mr. P walks into the classroom.  The "P" stands for Petrocolie, but we just call him Mr. P because it's easier.  He teaches Science.
"Hello, class.  Welcome back to school.  I know it must not feel like a very warm welcome, considering most of you probably hate it here, but we'll try to make this year as painless as possible."
Laughter rises from the group.  He always tries to be funny.  "Okay, so today is going to be pretty easy.  I'll be handing out textbooks and assigning lab partners today.  Afterwards, I'll let you talk for the rest of the hour.  I have nothing on my lesson plans for today because you just got back from break, and I don't want to make today too hectic."
He begins passing out the green textbooks and then begins to call names of lab partners from his seating chart.
"Adams and Bradley.  Williams and Stone.  Andrews and Greyson..."
I stop listening after that.  I quickly realized that he had paired me up with Sabrina.  She gives me a smug look and then sits next to me.
"Hey, lab buddy.  So let's get something straight, you do the work, and I take credit.  I'm not breaking nails over some sort of stupid potion shit he has us mix together."
"Hey, bitch.  How about you shut your pipe and don't tell me what to do.  I'm not doing all the work by myself.  You can pretend like you own me, but you're not kidding anyone.  I'm the only person you don't get to," I snap.
She frowns.  "Look, whatever your damn problem is, get over it.  You'll be working with me for the entire semester.  I suggest you don't make life any harder for yourself shy girl."
I roll my eyes.  "You don't make life hard for me, Andrew, you only make a pest of yourself."
Her jaw falls.  "Oh, and you might want to shut your mouth.  Something's gonna crawl in there and die.  Oh wait, something already did.  Although, everything that's inside that plastic body of yours probably wants to crawl out, not in."
She snaps her mouth shut and her eyes narrow.  "What game are you playing?"
"I'm not playing, I'm living.  I'll bet a bunch of people wish they could've said that to you."
I turn away.  I hear a low growl coming from her.  I smile with satisfaction.  Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad, after all.

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