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I felt the blood pumping in my ear and the humiliation is suffocating me ‘Attending this party was the worst thing I thought of’ I thought as I ducked my head down going between the crowds to reach the exit ‘Thank god I have this mask on my face so no one knows me’, as I reached the exit  the triple want to be Paris Hilton appeared, just as I was close to escaping .

“Want to go somewhere?… little angel” Monica said eyeing the angel wings I was wearing.

I felt myself about to burst as I looked around me embarrassed “I can’t believe that I actually fell for this” I said angry.

“Hahaha …Good thing that you admit being stupid, did you actually think we would bring you here for nothing?” Silvia paused.

She took two step in that tower of heel she is wearing and leaned on me to whisper “ You are the best entertainer we have in the academy, so turn around and go do your clumsy staffs so we can laugh” she giggled , I was known for being accident magnet, everywhere I go I have to trip or break something, it only happened few time but to the academy students it’s not a coincidence.

“You know what” I said as I took my high heel off of my burning feet, “I could show you something really clumsy” I picked my shoes and took a long look at this expensive shoes that I would never see again because of what I am going to do

I walked toward the exit and stopped then turned to face them, they seriously needed a picture because the anticipation look in their faces will turn into shock but I wouldn’t be here to watch it, I gave the glamorous party a goodbye look, they all seemed having a good time, I wasn’t cut off for this society, I shouldn’t have thought that I can fit in.

I raised the shoes above my head and hurled it with full power at Paris Hilton minions, to my surprise they ducked down, so my shoes hit a blonde head with load thud that made everyone look at me with disbelief.

I walked one step to apologize to the guy I hit but when he turned I found myself running away cause he wasn’t any guy he was Diego Vazquez the (hot Spanish son of director trouble making guy) so yeah the last part he is very good at and I don’t want to be targeted by him so I gave my legs their freedom.

Running through the woods that was between the hall of the party and the dorm was the scariest thing ever, it was dark and the sounds of the night creatures made it worse, imaging all type of horror things that could happen to me, and running without shoes was painful too as I got scratches from the roots of the trees as I ran, but most of all what was really worrying me is that the devil might be after me so that gave me the push to carry on running.

I was at the dorm gate in what seemed like eternity I stopped and looked behind me if there is someone and sighed in relief when there wasn’t anyone , I opened the gate and it made that squealing sound .

I froze at the sound of a car getting closer, I kept my back to the road till the engine roared behind me as it came to halt I turned then I met the devils eye’s scorching me with my shoes in his hand “ Would you give me the honor to see if this shoes match your foot?, to see if you are the lucky winner of my attention for the rest of the year?” he said in his most seductive sarcastic  voice.

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