Wolf Pack

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 12, 2013



Chapter Two: White Flashes and Dreams

The room for Kevin and his family was pitiful. There was only one bed just big enough for Kevin's parents, so he was on floor duty (which was gross enough to Kevin by just looking at it). He didn't dare go into the bathroom and eventually had to use a poor potted plant when no one was looking. At least the food was okay. He munched on a few fries and inhaled his first burger. He took the second back to the room, sat on the worst bed he'd ever been on and tried to find a channel that he could get into. Finding none, he shut it off and sighed, hanging his head low. He never wanted to leave Texas, even when he suffered a minor heat stroke last summer. Now his father is dragging him all the way to Canada and leaving everything behind.
Disgusted by the floor, Kevin walked over to a window for a change of view. If he didn't focus, he could see a slightly transparent reflection of himself. His black hair was combed in a way that it had started to overlap his eyebrows. Mrs. Lore had protested his hair style, but Kevin had always ignored her (except for the one time she snuck into his room with scissors while he was sleeping. After that, he stayed alert).
Sudden movement tore his eyes away from the reflection and onto the woods outside. Nothing was there, but Kevin swore a streak of white had just flashed between the trees. He braced himself and forced the window open. The icy air rushed in and turned the room from comfortably warm to meat locker on pluto. Kevin looked frantically around for any sign of what went by, but he saw nothing except trees. He was about to close the window when he heard something. Softer than a whisper, he focused hard on what it was.
"What?" Kevin whispered back.
"Kevin Xavier Lore! What are you doing with the window open?!" Mrs. Lore stormed into the room.
He was pushed away and left wondering what had just happened.
"What on Earth were you thinking?!" Mrs. Lore yelled at him.
Kevin decided to be truthful, "I thought I saw something outside."
"And you couldn't just look through the window?!"
There was no winning this, Kevin never won a fight with his mother. He ended it quickly with a few apologies and hastily set up his sleeping bag to try and forget about it.
Kevin's dreams were weirder than the window. He stood in the middle of a thick ground fog. There was a silence, one of those eery ones that is always labeled as "too quiet." Kevin felt nervous, something wasn't right. Where was he? He couldn't see his feet and his only extended ten feet until total darkness. He tried to walk, but found it hard when he couldn't see the floor.
"Kevin...Xavier...Lore..." A voice emitted out of nowhere. The same whisper from the woods, except louder.
Kevin took a step forward and the whisper grew softer. He turned and took another cautious step.
"Come..." It said, louder.
Kevin slowly proceeded, walking carefully and feeling the unseen ground with his foot before each step. His vision did not improve. No matter how much he walked, it was still fog and darkness.
"Who's there?" He called out.
"Quickly...," the voice called back, "Come...here..."
Kevin couldn't take it, he ran forward. The voice grew from a whisper to normal, to a shout, until it became a deafening roar in his ears.
"WHO ARE YOU?!?!" Kevin shouted into the darkness.
The roaring disappeared. The silence returned and Kevin fell to his knees in exhaustion. Breathing heavily, he tried to get up, only to fall back down.
"Get up." The voice commanded.
"Shut up..." Kevin muttered.
He sucked in a breath and lifted himself off the ground. He looked around only to still find the same engulfing black. No, not quite. Part of the air shimmered, changing color until they formed shapes. The image became sharp and clear, though made no sense to Kevin.
It was a large snow-covered field, surrounded by thick forests. Snowy mountains rose high into the clear sky to the northeast. He'd never seen this place before.
"Come here, Kevin Lore." The voice said calmly.
No answer. Kevin sighed with dismay. This was the weirdest dream he ever had and that included the one with The Smurfs and the Fruit Loop toucan. While trying to figure out what to do, the fog had started to thicken around Kevin. Coiling around him, suffocating him. He tried to scream, but the fog slithered its way into his throat and cut off his lungs.
Before Kevin passed out, the whisper returned, "Come to us, Kevin Lore..."

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