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He's dangerous, a little voice warned me as the levi glided beside the airborne mall. There was still time to turn back. No need to throw away so many years of my life for a creature as fickle as a man.

Yet, how could I let him go? He was a deviant. A cheat. Breaker of moral law. As a member of the Iron Rose Thorns, was it not my duty to uphold that law?

Besides, how bad could it be? I catch him in the act, write a citation, and neuter him for good. Simple.

Submitted: December 27, 2007

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Amity Willows

OMG I am so getting into this!! I was so wrapped up in the story that I didn't even stop to comment on all the other chapters. Woopsie.

Thu, December 27th, 2007 5:52am


Thanks! =)

Wed, December 26th, 2007 11:57pm

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