Rot and Flesh

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School...Tiring to all of us, but are useful when it comes to survival.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Last Day Of School

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



The alarm clock rings as it points at 6:00 a.m. waking up an average girl from her dreadful sleep. She tosses and turns on her bed as she grumbles about the ringing clock bothering her beauty sleep. As the ringing went longer and more annoying, the girl decides that the clock must be crush into tiny little pieces. She sits up on her bed as her long black messy hair covers almost completely of her face. She then grabs the ringing alarm clock without bothering to look at it as she switches off the annoying alarm with just a flick of a switch.

Her eyelids are still heavily close as the drowsiness from her sleep still controlling her. She throws her covers aside as she shifts herself lazily to the edge of the bed shivering from the cool breeze that comes from her AC. She sighs and gets down from the bed as her feet touches the cold soft green tiles. She then walks lazily to her dressing table and grabs the comb from the basket as she starts to comb her hair slowly not wanting to damage her already messy hair from any more irritating tangles.

The girl then ties her long hair into high ponytail style as she walks to her wardrobe and takes out her pink bathrobe and tosses it onto her untidy bed. She unbuttons her pajamas quickly and then wears the robe as she ties the robes strings into a ribbon. She then grabs her towel on the chair and walks out from her extremely chilling cold room to the bathroom. She walks lazily across the dark hallway and stop for a moment to reach for the light switch, flicking the switch to brighten the creepy hallway.

“Why does this creepy hallway always must be so...Dark?” Thought the girl as she continues to walk to the bathroom door as the floor squeaks and creaks behind her making her walk more slower and gentler to prevent the noises from getting any louder.

After a few minutes passes by, the girl comes out from the bathroom as the door opens slowly and droplets begin to fall to the old wooden tile floor, soaking it with cold water from the morning shower. She wraps her damp towel around her neck making it like a scarf as she walks back towards to her cold room. As she walks, a small trail of droplets trails behind her until she arrives at her room’s door.

She turns the doorknob and pushes the door forward as the door creaks a little and slowly she walks into the room, shivering a little from cool breeze yet again brushes on her now moist skin. She neatly place her damp towel on the same wooden chair again as she walks to her wardrobe and pulls the top drawer, taking a pair of black shorts and a black singlet as she pushes the drawer back easily.

She puts on her shorts quickly as she takes off her bathrobe and wears her black singlet. She then takes the bathrobe and hangs it on a wooden hanger as she puts it back into the wardrobe, sliding the wardrobe’s door open and hangs it in the robe onto a white metal bar. After that, she browser her wardrobe to find her black school uniform as she mumbles about being late on the last day of her school days.

Searching and searching, she finally said to herself that her uniform is not in the wardrobe as she shakes her head, grabbing the wide-open wardrobe’s door and slides it back closing it with a thud. She grumbles as she walks out from her room to head downstairs. As she opens the door with a creek, she sees her uniform hanging on her doorknob. “Perfect, just what I need a while ago!” Thought the girl smiling as she takes the uniform from the doorknob and wears it quickly, seeing the clock ticking its time saying to her that she will be late if she does not act fast.

She then takes a pair of black long socks and puts it on quickly as she struggles with herself. After that, she look herself in the mirror and pulls out her hair band as she brushes her hair quickly and putting some hair oil on it, making her hair looks a bit damp and shines from the lights shining onto her. She looks herself into the mirror for the last time making everything look perfect for her own satisfaction. “Well…Everything looks okay on the hair, face and uniform…Right…Time to go! Don’t want to be late…Again!” Says the girl as she skips to her school bag and picks it up, strapping it onto her back firmly then walks out from her room once again.

The girl closes the door behind her and walks down the wooden floor stairs as she walks towards to the kitchen. She goes in and takes a seat next to his brother, Zurl. To her right, she sees her father is reading today’s newspaper as usual. “So...Today is your last day of school, isn’t it?” Ask his oldest brother, Zack. As he sip some of his coffee from his cup, looking at his sister with a warm smile carve on his lips. “Uh...Yeah...” Replies the girl as she laughs nervously to fill the empty spaces on her words.

“I hope you will get the best in your results, Rin. We all are counting on you. For the sake of your future lives depends on it greatly. Seriously...Don’t mess this one up...” Says Zack as he takes a bite on his breakfast, eyeing on his dear sister making Rin looks more even nervous than before. Rin quickly looks to her arrive breakfast meal and dines it as she takes the spoon and the fork that are place on the plate. “I hope this food taste good as it looks like.” Thoughts Airin quietly as she takes a bite of the white eggs. “Hmm...Yummy~” Says Airin happily as she continues to eat the meal without stopping for tasting more the rich and delicious flavour of her so call ‘rich and heavenly’ meal.

“Somehow she sounded like she is ignoring the important words.” Thought both Zack and Zurl as they both sighs and shakes their heads in disbelieve for the usual reaction they always get from giving their dear sister some advices. “At least nothing has change.” Says Zack chuckling as he takes another bite on his toast. “Yes...You are most certainly right about that!” Replies Airin giggling as she crunches her food to pieces in her mouth, and then swallows it into her esophagus. “Ah! This meal is delicious!” Says Airin again smiling at her mother, which is washing her dirty hands at the sink with running water from the pipe. “Thank you, dear. Do you want to bring it as your lunch? I can pack it up for you, if you want.” Replies her mother sweetly as she wipes her wet hands onto her dry cloth apron and walks to the cupboards to get the bento box.

“Sure, why not? I will surely eat it again in the afternoon. Mom, can you use the box that has red roses pattern on it. That is my favourite bento box!” Says Airin again, smiling to her mother once more as she tries to lighten up the kitchen in the early tiredly morning. “Alright, now...Where did I put that bento box again? Oh...Here it is!” Replies her sweet mother with her warm voice as she takes Rin favourite bento box and fills it up with her lunch meal. She then puts the bento box onto the dining table and covers it with its lead. “Here you go, Rin.” Says Rin’s mother as she takes a sit beside her loving husband.

“This will help me saving my lunch money more~” Thought Airin evilly, smirking like a Cheshire cat. Suddenly, something runs by into her wicked mind making her go snap like a branch on a tree. “Then again...Today is the LAST day of school for me.” Thought Airin again, frowning like a little child she is. She grabs the bento box and carefully places it in her school bag next to her water bottle that she puts it at the right corner of her bag. Looking up at the kitchen’s ticking clock, Airin’s eyes widen as she sees something horrible on the screen of the clock. It shows 6.30 am as the thinner red hand ticks quickly passing the others two black hands.

“I AM SO LATE!” Shouts Airin as she grabs her bag on the dining table and quickly gets up from her seat and run to the front door like her life is depending on it. “Have a nice school day, honey! Be careful! I love you!” Shouts Airin’s mother from the kitchen. “Okay! Love you too, mom! I’m off!” Replies back Airin shouting to her mother on the front door as she quickly puts on her school shoes.

She straps her bag onto her back and turns the doorknob, opening the front door to the outside world. As the door creeks open, she quickly walks out from her house without wasting any time. She closes the door behind her with a thud and walks up to her front tall gates. Unlocking the locks with the correct keys, she slides the right side of the gate open and walks out, then slide it back in to close the huge yet tall gates. As she closes it, she suddenly notices a small door carve onto the black at the left side of the tall gates. “...I didn’t see that...Why?” Ask Airin to herself as she walks away from her house shaking her head and calling herself names in her own mind. “I am such an...Idiot...” Mutter Airin softly under her breath as she starts to walk, taking the same path as before going to the school on every weekdays mornings.

As she walks along the side road, she sees a light fog covering the other side of the road. Rin only blink as she continues to walk into the fog without a doubt. “Just a fog...Nothing else...” Says Airin to herself, as she looks around her while crossing over to get to the other side of the road. Passing the cold, light fog, she suddenly hears footstep from behind. Tack...Tack...Tack...The rhythm goes continuously, making her feeling...Uneasy...As someone is...Following her...Watching her from behind...She dares to not look behind, remembering it will only worsen her situation and her nervous breakdown.
Trying to distract herself from her fear, she goes into her so call ‘Dreamland’ in her mind. Imagining herself somewhere else, but her ‘Dreamland’ suddenly changes from fantasy to a new world of...Nightmare, the only place that kept her insane with horrible stuff that she keeps for herself. Sometimes, it makes her happy. Yet sometimes, it makes her shake with fear. She suddenly sees all of her surroundings decaying, leaves falling from the trees, grasses wilting and the sky turns darker from before.

As she remembers her ‘Reality’, fog begins to cover her ‘Dreamland’, making it hard for her to picture the surroundings that are now carve on her new image. Shocking from imagining it all, she tries to adapt herself into the new world that her mind creates it for her to play in. Looking all around her seeing only plain heavy fogs, she then sees a small shadow from afar. Adjusting her sight, she tries to figure out what is it from only the shape it gives. “A...Tree...? Maybe so...But...Why does it look like...It is...MOVING? A man perhaps, in my own ‘playground’? That...No...It is not possible...This is MY world. I do not share them with others! But who is this ‘stranger’...” Thought Airin for a moment as she thinks deeply while tapping her white soft chin with her thin tiny finger.

Letting her own guard down as she thinks, the dark figure slowly moves closer to her, stepping closer and closer as the cold wind blows and the fog begins to thicken. As the wind brushes her soft white pale skin, she shivers from the cold and are now back in her own world. Seeing the fog becoming thicker than before, she remember a story that was once been told by her late grandmother about fogs and man or ‘thing’. However, her memories cannot recall the exact details of the story because she only listen to it once when she only a mere child at that time.

“...Eh...Where did that ‘stranger’ go...?” Whisper Airin to herself as she look to her left and right to find the missing man. “I could have sworn that he stood there a second ago...Maybe he went home...? However, there is no road to go back. How did he...May...Maybe I am just dreaming like am I now...Yes...I just...Have to blink twice and I am awake from my own world. Okay...Focus...” Thought Airin as she takes a deep breath and tries to focus to ‘get out’ from her own world. She blinks twice quickly, feeling uneasy for no reason. She quickly run towards to her school building not far away from her as she see the school’s building top roof. “ALMOST THERE!” She screams aloud, trying to make herself braver and run even faster than before to get there sooner.

She reaches at the front school gates minutes later, sweating and huffing for some air to breathe in. “Uh...Gah...Phew...I am now saved!” Says Airin cheerfully as she slightly brushes her clothes off from any dust and walk straight into the school area as some pupil looks at her. “I just hate people...Especially when they do...This kind of stuff to me...” Thought Airin to herself as she sighs and look down just like she always do. Walking around while looking at the ground, she suddenly hears footsteps running towards to her.
“Airin! Airin!” Yells a voice from behind. She looks up then looks to her right as she sees a girl about her age is waving and running towards her. She stops at her track and turns around to meet her ‘twin’. “Airin! It is good to see you again! How have you been? Good? I am bored if you are not around with me. Nevertheless, thank god we can still meet to get our results! Hehehe.” Says Jeanne once again as she smiles to her ‘twin’. “Yeah, lets go! We don’t want to be late to get our results now.” Replies Airin back as she holds Jeanne’s hand as they both side by side walk to their school hall.

“I hope we pass our exams like we promise!” Says Jeanne again, as she jumps up and down like a rabbit. “Yeah...Hope so!” Replies Airin smiling, as she looks straight to focus on where they both are going. “Everyone must be waiting for us at the school hall! I am so excited from just walking here with you!” Says Jeanne giggling as she looks at Airin’s serious face. “Hey...Why so serious...?” Ask Jeanne again as she pokes Airin’s cheek with her finger. Airin just smile at her friend and suddenly tackles her friend. “I’m just kidding! Rawr! Tackle attack!” Yells Airin giggling and laughing with her ‘twin’ as they both quicken their steps to the school hall.

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