Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Unexpected recorded video

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



As the movie reaches the end, Zack and Zurl laugh as the man in the movie makes the final funny move and joke.

“Ahahaha! This movie is bloody hell funny!” says Zurl as he wipes his tear off from his eyes.

“Heh, I knew you would laugh like hell when you watch this movie! I expected it from the beginning for the show after all~!” replies Zack grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Hearing snoring from his lap, Zack looks down as he sees Airin sleeping cozily on his lap, snuggling like a little kitten.

Zack only smiles and chuckles softly as he pats Airin’s head gently.

‘What a cute little kitten I have here.’ he thought, as Zurl stares at his sister with his funny looking face.

Looking up, Zack stare at Zurl as he lifts up his eyebrow wondering.

“What…What is it you find funny?” ask Zack as he smiles to his brother.

“Wha…Oh, nothing, just seeing Airin sleeping like that reminds me of our childhood with her. Seriously, back then she look so cute and innocent~!” replies Zurl laughing.

“Yeah, I miss the old days…But, not when she’s a cry baby. God that almost killed me back then!” whines Zack as he chuckles more and brushes Airin’s long black hair gently.

Zurl yawns like a lazy lion as he blink lazily and waves good bye to his brother as he climbs up the stairs to his room.

Zack waves back as he gently lifts Airin up from the couch and carries her in bridal style up to their share bedroom.

‘She’s heavy than she looks, god this is torturing!’ thought Zack whining in his mind.

While sleeping, Airin only smiles innocently in her sleep as she can hear someone mumbling about something that she doesn’t care for it anymore.

After a few climbs of the wooden stairs, both of them finally reach to their room.

“I never knew stairs would kill me!” he utter under his tiring breath as he looks down at Airin and frowns a little from tiredness.

Zack then carries Airin like a child as her head lies on his broad shoulder. He opens the door as the door creeks open and quickly he walks in, closing the door from behind with his foot.

He walks up to the bed as he gently puts down Airin on the soft and comfortable mattress. Hearing Airin making ‘mmm’ sound as she rolls to the other side of the bed, snuggling like a little kitten on her stuff puppy.

Zack only shakes his head and smiles as he sits on the side of the bed and takes out his cell phone from his pocket, putting it on the table beside him.

He lightly sighs and lies down on the bed as he stares up at the ceiling, thinking about some things that are bothering him.

He then turns to look at Airin, seeing his sister is cuddling on her stuff puppy as she shivers slightly from the A/C’s cool breeze.

Quickly, Zack gets up and grabs the colorful blanket from beneath Airin’s feet and tucks her in. Hearing Airin humming with her tiny and gently childish voice, Zack once again pats her head.

Watching Airin sleeping cozily, Zack begins to feel a little bit dozy as he gently lies down his head on the soft pillow, shutting his tiredly black eyes to rest.

Soon, he begins to drift into a peaceful sleep as he hears rain pouring down heavily with thunder rumbling from above.



Airin grunts and rolls to the other side as she covers her face with a pillow.


She lazily opens her eyes and reaches down to her pillow, taking out her cell phone as it rings continuously. Airin mumbles and turns off the alarm as she tosses her cell phone beside her, landing softly on a pillow.

While looking around, she scratches her head as she can hear someone typing.

Blinking lazily, she then quickly gets up from the bed as she stumbles a little while landing her feet onto the wooden floor.

She walks straight up to the door and opens it as it creeks open, walking out leaving the door open without a bother.

Walking and stops at the end of the left corner, she opens up the bathroom door while switching on the lights with her other hand.

Slowly walking into the bathroom, she closes and locks the door from behind not wanting unexpected people to barge in while doing some private business.


“Aha! The fried rice is almost ready, Lydia.” says Angela smiling as she sniffs the frying rice that she’s cooking.

“Oh, that smells lovely and very delicious! I wonder who would run first to get this.” laughs Lydia as she take some plates and put it on the dining table.

“I think Zurl will run for this first.” replies Angela giggling as she scoops the rice with a spatula and puts it in a big round glass bowl.

She then places the bowl in the middle of the dining table as she walks toward to sink and washes her hands to clean it off.

“There, all is set for them! The only thing they need to do is ‘bon appétit’!” laughs Lydia again as she washes her hands.

“Since when did you know France language~?” ask Angela as she laughs along with Lydia.

“Oh, I watched the TV” replies Lydia while drying off her hands with a clean towel.

“Yikes, look at the time! I need to take a quick shower. I’ll see you later, Lydia!” says Angela as she quickly taps on Lydia’s shoulder and walks off to the upstairs bathroom.

“Alright then, don’t be late for what you worked for~!” replies Lydia as she smiles and takes a seat on the dining chair.


Stepping out from the bathroom while wearing a pink color bath robe, Airin wraps her blue towel around her neck like a scarf as she walks down the hall way, towards to her bedroom.

Walking into the room, she quickly searches for her clothes to wear in the wardrobe as she grabs a black T-Shirt and a pair of short jeans that’s knee reaches her knee length.

She then quickly gets out from the room and rushes to her parents room and changes into her clothes that she have it with.

Airin then walks back into her room and combs her wet hair as some of the water drips onto the wooden floor making a small puddle underneath her wet hair.

She looks at her brother, seeing he only focuses on his so call work as he types in something into the laptop.

Zack look up and stare at Airin making her only stand still like a statue.

“Hmm, what is it, Rin?” he says with his soft and gentle voice as he glances at the clock at his laptop screen saver, showing it is almost nine o’clock.

“Are you hungry? I can sniff something delicious coming from the kitchen. Mmm.” says Zack again without letting Airin giving out any replies from his first question.

“I...Um…Yeah sure!” replies Airin, smiling like an innocent child as she still stands there waiting for Zack to come along with her to the kitchen.

“Alright, I’m hungry too. Let’s go!” says Zack as he closes his laptop and puts it down on the mattress as he gets up and walk towards to the door with Airin on the front.

“Yey~!” only replies Airin as she quickly walks out from the room and went downstairs as the old stairs creeks.

Both of them then walk into the kitchen as they take their own seat next to each other while Zack pour some hot coffee for himself.

Airin stare at the food on the table with a delightful smile on her face, she then grabs a red and clean plastic cup from its place and pours in some hot coffee as she sniffs the good coffee scent.

“Mmm, this coffee smells great.” says Airin as she takes a sip on the hot coffee.

“Haa…Just like I expected from the coffee brand.” she says again as she gives a smile to herself.

“Eh aunty, please enjoy the breakfast with us.” says Airin giggling as takes a piece of fried potato and munches it all up even though it is still very hot.

“Oh you, can you see I’m already enjoying it all.” laughs Lydia as she sips some of her coffee from the glass cup that have a cartoon design on it.

Zack only smiles as he takes a plate from the other plates and put in some fried potatoes and fried chickens in it as the delicious scent surrounds his nose.

“Mmm, this smells good…” says Zack smiling as he takes a big bite on the fried chicken then on some fried potatoes.

“This is the best breakfast I ever had~!” says Airin as she takes another fried potato and eats it from its container case.

“Well then darling, you’ll be enjoying this delicious breakfast every morning now while I’m still here.” replies Lydia as she gives a wink to Airin, seeing her smiling like an angel.

“Yey, this is going to be great!” shouts Airin still smiling as she drinks some of the hot coffee to boast up her energy.

“You know, Rin. You look like you’ve put yourself into a little bit of…Weight.” says Zack as he sips on his coffee, grinning.


“…I….Are you saying I am fat!? I am not fat! This is just extra lump for keeping me warm at night!” replies Airin, glaring at her brother as she takes a big bite on the fried chicken.

Zack just chuckles when he hears it as he gets up from his seat.

“Where are you going?” ask Airin as she quickly finishes her breakfast.

“Nowhere but the TV.” replies Zack as he walks out from the kitchen.

Airin only blink and shrug as she pours more coffee into the cup. She sips in some and stares at her aunty.

She only stays quiet as she waits for mother to come down.

“Airin, hey Airin come here!” shouts a voice from the living room.

Airin gets up quickly from her seat and dashes to the living room, “Yes?” ask Airin as she blinks innocently.

“Look at this video I’d found in YouTube.” replies Zack as he looks down onto his laptop.

Airin walk to her brother and sits beside him as she watches the video silently after Zack click the play button on the video.

The video then starts to play as the load in the loading bar finishes. The image of a gruesome kills are shown in the video as a voice says something in the background.

“The police had reported about an insane man biting another man as it tore the victim’s flashes off from his arm. He is now currently been sent to the hospital to be treated in the Intensive care units. With me now is an eye witness who had saw this horrible incident happened. Carey, please tell us what had happened before the police arrived.”

“Um, yeah…While I was walking home with my dog from a run, I heard someone screaming that was coming from a dark alley just across the block. My dog acted strange that it dragged me to the sound where it was coming from. And that is when I saw it happened. The man is like crazy, his shirt was torn like an old cloth and his pants were dirty with dirt I think. My dog attacked him after I let the leash go and quickly called 911 for the police.”

“I see. What happened to the man that was got bitten?”

“Um…He was bleeding very badly, I tried to stop the bleeding with my handkerchief while waiting for the police to come and rescue him.”

“How about the man who bit him, did he ran away?”

“…No…H-He then tried to bite my dog! So I kicked him away. But still he tried to attack me too but thank god, the police had arrived to save me.”

“I see, well then Mrs. Carey I hope you still have some strength in you. Wanting to know more about the information please visit www.NCW/ and I’ll be seeing you again, this is Nancy Taylor reporting live for NCW.”

The images changes to a white room that have a very long corridors.

“Hospital?” says Airin in wonder as she blinks a few times.

“Yeah, I think so.” replies her brother as he stares at the video.

The image then somehow moves and walks to a room number 375. The door creek opens as some of the nurses’ rushes to the patient bed and injects them with a sedative drug from making them acting more violently.

“Doctor, the patient looks like it is in pain from some infection!” says one of the nurses’.

“Strap him, Sarah did you get the blood sample that I ask for earlier?” ask the doctor, trying to control his panic.

“Yes. Here it is. The blood is somehow contaminated with a bacteria or a virus.” replies Sarah as she looks at the patient that is now calm.

“What do you mean by contaminated by a bacteria or a virus?” ask the doctor again as he checks through the documents on his hands.

“No, this is not possible. How could this have happened? There must be something wrong with his blood.” replies to doctor to his own question as he looks at the patient with his pitiful eyes.

“Doctor…” says Sarah as she looks at the doctor worriedly.

“Did you exam everything? Body temperature, urine—“says the doctor as he looks at the nurse who is beside him.

“I was not supposed to do that but yes I did. His urine contains a little of blood as for his body temperature it had increase so that consider that he is now in a high fever.”

“I see…”

The doctor walks toward to the patient as he checks on the patients eyes, taking out his pocket flashlight and flashes the light to the eye lens.

“No reactions from the pupils. How strange, and the color on the eye lens begin to change its color.” utter the doctor under his shallow breath.

The doctor arch back from the patient as he looks through to the documents once again. His face expression changes and he walks out from the room leaving the nurses’ behind to do their jobs.

“Doctor?” ask Sarah as she stares at the now closing door.

Sarah look down to her feet and back up again at the camera.

“I think you should now go.” says Sarah as she gently pushes the camera man away.

The video then end just like that as Airin stare at the now blank black screen.

“Wow, is this for like real?” ask Airin scratching her head gently.

“Yeah, it was submit just about 3 days ago from somewhere else.” replies Zack casually as he closes the video down.

“And that is?” ask Airin again, now looking at her brother with her dark brown eyes.

“I think…Around the United states? Or somewhere else?” replies Zack again, only now in doubt.

“Okay. Hmmm…Can I go out just for a while to meet my friends?” ask Airin, giving Zack the goo-goo eyes.

He sighs and nods. “But, don’t be late! Or mom will kill both of us. Understand?”

Airin only nod as she gives her brother a hug and a big grin on her face, she walks quickly to the front door and steps out from the house as Zack hears the door shuts close.

‘She is walking alone with a friend. Still, I think I should follow her…Just in case for emergencies.’ thought Zack as he quickly go upstairs and changes his clothes and stalks his sister from the window above.

‘Okay, ‘friend’ where are you?’ thought Zack as he quickly gets out from the room and dashes downstairs towards to the front door and closing it behind slowly, not wanting to alarm Airin.

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