Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Unknown friend

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




“Hey guys! Over here.” shouts Airin as she waves both of her hands up high to the sky.

Airin quickly jog to them not wanting to waste time as she huff a little for air.

“Well, you look better than the usual. How’d you been?” ask Hannah smiling as she gives Airin a hug.

“It has been so long, I miss you very much! Don’t leave us again please!” plead Airin, hugging on Hannah’s arm not wanting to let go.

“Hmm, it is still school holiday. So…I won’t~!” replies Hannah as she pats Airin on her head.

“Yey!” all the other three shout as they all laugh and continue to walk.

“So, where are we going?” ask Jeanne, looking besides her seeing Manda thinking on something.

“Well…How about the public park? It’s just a few meters away from here.” replies Airin as she points out the direction.

“Of course~” says Manda out as she throws her hands up to the sky and smiles at Airin.

“Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” shouts Hannah as she throws her fist to the sky and run.

“…Wow, she’s in a high spirit today.” laughs Airin as she tries to catch up with Hannah from behind. “Hannah, wait up!” waves Airin from behind.

Hannah stops for a moment and laugh, seeing Airin running for the first time.

“I never thought you were an athletic.” says Hannah patting on Airin’s shoulder.

“I had too, because of our Softball coach. Fuuu…Okay, let’s go…Again~!” says Airin as she starts to jog.

“Okay, let’s just walk. Our members are falling behind.” says Hannah as she walks backwards and turns back to the front.

“Okay…” utter Airin under her shallow breath as she puts out a thumb up to her friends that have fallen behind.

“Jeez, Airin sure can run.” says Jeanne as she walks slowly with Manda, looking aside her for any cars that wanting to pass them by.

“When it was the School’s Sports Day, she won’t participate in any competitions. Heh, she sure has a hidden talent.” laughs Manda, checking on her cell phone for any messages.

“Yeah, but she did participate in a running marathon. We both lose but still Airin laugh because she still receives a medal for her effort.” replies Jeanne again, nodding.


“We’re here~!” shouts Airin as she quickly walks through the park’s entrance and stop at the centre of the track, waiting for her friends to catch up their breaths.

“God, my legs are bloody sore from the running!” mumbles Jeanne as she slowly walks to Airin.

“Don’t you dare run again!” shouts Jeanne to Airin’s ear, making Airin close both of her ears. Jeanne then shakes Airin’s shoulder as hard as she could to relief herself out.

“Hey, don’t do that to Airin, she’s sensitive.” says Hannah from behind.

“Well…Sorry, but I had too because she made me run!” replies Jeanne in her mocking tone.

“What? Could you repeat that again?” leaning closer to Jeanne’s face, Hannah stare her like an owl.

“H-Hey guys, come on. Don’t fight, we’re friends right? Friends don’t fight…Or I think so…But come on, this is a public place. Ring a bell?” says Airin as she taps gently on both Jeanne’s and Hannah’s shoulder from behind and give them her wide smile.

“…Fine…” utters Hannah under her breath as she pats Airin’s hand and smile weakly at her.

“Good! Now, let’s have a seat under that fine and beautiful tree over there~!” says Airin as she grabs Hannah’s hand and drag her up to a small green grassy hill and lies down on top of it, giggling innocently.

“I think she’s high.” laughs Manda and joins Airin.

“I think we all are~!” shouts Hannah and join the others as Jeanne just stare at them with emptiness in her eyes.

“Hey guys, I think I need to go home. I forgot that I had to do something today. I’ll see you later Airin.” utter Jeanne almost like a whisper as she waves at Airin and runs off without waiting for the reply.

“Hey J-Jeanne wait!” shouts Airin as she quickly gets up into her sitting position, trying to see where Jeanne went from the high place.

“Hey Airin, it’s fine. I think she needs some time alone with herself for a moment. You know girls…” snorts Manda and pats Airin on her back gently, giving her a wink.

“…Are you trying to hit me? Because I can do better~” replies Airin, holding Manda’s hand and blink like a doll. She then pinches Manda’s cheeks and giggling.

 “Hey!” laughs Manda as she rubs her cheeks.

After hours on chattering with each other, Airin stare up at the clear blue sky and starts to drift into her imagination.

“Hey, did you heard about the weird news?” ask Manda as she sits up and lay back behind the tree.

“About the weird disease thing?” replies Hannah as she turns her head to Manda, staring at her with her bright chocolate eyes.

“Yeah, how about you Airin, did you heard it too?” ask Manda again, looking at Airin’s gazing face.

Airin only stare up at the skies, grinning and giggles wondering nothing else than her own imaginary world.

Hannah quickly turns her look to Airin as she hears giggling. “Earth to Airin, are you there? Where’s the controller behind the wheels?” jokes Hannah as she waves her hand side to side in front of Airin’s face, waiting for the usual respond.

“Nine million nine hundred, huh what?” replies Airin, looking to her left and right as she looks down on Hannah, who is lying on the grassy ground.

“Seriously…? Anyway, Manda asked you a question just now.” says Hannah, playing with her hair.

“And that is?” lifting her eyebrow, Airin stare at Manda’s face.

“Have you heard about the weird news?” ask Manda again, giving a smile to Airin.

“Uh…Let see now…Oh yes, I did heard it! It was about some kind of disease that had infected the population of the New England. Am I on the right train here?” replies Airin blinking, putting on her blur face on.

“Yes! That’s the one!” laughs Hannah saying to Airin as she gives a smile.

“Oh…Okay? So?” ask Airin, lifting up her eyebrow with confusion on her face.

“Well…What do you think about it? Is it real...Or fake?” says Manda, looking at both Airin and Hannah.

“Um…I think it is real?” replies Airin doubly.

“No…I think it is fake.” replies Hannah another as she shakes her head gently saying no.

“Why? Can you give me a reason?” ask Manda again as she stares at the grass beneath her.

“Well I think…Something is happening at there so…That’s my answer~” replies Airin plainly as she shrugs her shoulders and stare up at the sky once again.

“Really now, I think it is fake because it is not real…So it is fake…Who knows maybe that was a trick show or something?” replies Hannah her answer, looking at Airin as she grins like a winner.

Manda thought for a moment after hearing both of her friends’ answers and just stare at the grass for a long time.

“Hello? Manda, are you there?” ask Airin waving her hand in front of Manda’s face.

“Huh, oh…Um, what time is it already?” ask Manda blinking. Airin only shakes her head and shrug.

“Hannah, do you have a watch with you?” ask Airin, yawning lazily like a cat.

“Yeah I do, now it is 3:30. Still a bit early I think.” says Hannah as she glance at her watch.

“God that is still early!” grumbles Airin as she scratches her head gently. Thinking on how they all can pass the time together, an idea pops out from Airin’s mind as she grins like a Cheshire cat.

“What is the bloody hell with that grin of yours?” laughs Manda as she points out to Airin’s face.

“I’ve got an idea. How about you both go to my house to get some snacks or maybe we could play games together?” ask Airin, playing with her fingers waiting for the answer from her friends.

“Hmm…I think that’s a good idea. I mean if we just sit around here all day long, we are like wasting our time on…Nothing!” replies Manda in agreement. Hannah only nods as she stands up and dusts away the sticky grasses off her light brown jeans.

“That’s the spirit~!” cheers Airin as she stands up and pats off the dirt on her black tight jeans.

“Um guys, I think I need a little help on the standing…” chuckles Manda, holding out both of her hands waiting to be grab.

Airin grip on both of Manda’s hands as she full her with all her strength while Hannah just stand there and watch, waiting for something to happen next.

Airin wipe the sweat off from her forehead with her palm as she slides down the hill like a child, as for Hannah and Manda they walk down from the hill laughing.

When all of them reach down the hill, Airin gets up from the grassy ground pats off the dirt from her jeans as she stares up at both of her friends.

“Next time Airin, try rolling for instant.” laughs Hannah as she pats on Manda’s back.

“If I do that, then I’ll roll like a ball…Wee~” replies Airin, giggling as she walks towards to the park’s entrance.

“I’ll bet she’s going to do that someday.” whisper Manda to Hannah as they both laugh and giggle like maniacs.

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