Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Bite Is Worse Than The Bark

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Blood ooze out from its parting mouth as it moans and groans, creeping its way to every corner of the room.

Airin quietly gets up from her position as the old wooden floor creeks from her sudden movement making her slightly almost jump. Quickly looking to where the creature is, she stare at the creature with her widen eyes.

The creature shifts its body to where the sound was as it groans even louder than usual.

“Oh hell!” shouts Airin out loud in reality as she take a step back trying to avoid the thing.

The creature moves as it drags its broken leg towards Airin petrified body. Airin only stares at it as both of her character’s hands quivers, making Airin panic in reality as she tries to move her character out from the danger.

“MOVE!” shouts Airin to the TV screen as she can only watch her character stand there beside the desk unmoving.

The creature closes in as it takes a big bite on her character’s arm as her character scream in agony from the pain. Her character quickly swings his Cricket bat to the devilish creature’s head as its skull cracks. He hits it again and again until Airin’s screen is almost covers with fresh blood from the kill.

He then looks upon his bloody wounded arm as he curses for his mistaken action.

“No! I’ve been bitten! NO!!” shouts Airin in agony as she takes back the controlling of her character.

She puts the item that she found in her inventory as she walks out from the room with a pale face. “I’m going to kill this character if I have too…” she mumbles to herself as she waits for her friend to arrive.


Hannah takes a deep breath as she walks in into the room fill with files and documents from the previous use.

“I think I’m in the wrong room or…Maybe I should call Airin instead…Yeah” mumbles Hannah as she switch on her communication device making a gloom blue light lightens up.

“Ai, do you there?” ask Hannah softly as she looks around the room waiting for a respond.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“I think you might want to check this room out.”

“Oh..? Is there something interesting you found?”

“Yup, now hurry up!”

“Okay, okay! Can you call Manda too? Don’t want her to get lost alone in this…Building.”

“Sure! Now move!”

Changing to another channel, Hannah asks the same question again. “Manda, are you there? Can you go to the third room across you?”

“Manda here and…Which side, the left side or the right?”

“The right side, remember the third room.”

“Yeah, I’m on it.”

While waiting, she stares at the mountain of files and documents on the metal desk just across from her distance.

“Wow, I think I’m going to faint seeing that on my working desk one day.” says Hannah in doubt and shakes her head gently not wanting it to happen to her.

The door behind her slightly open as Airin pops out her head onto the hole and look around to find Hannah.

“What are you looking at?” ask Hannah, raising her eyebrow and cross both of her hands.

“I uh…Just checking if the room is clear.” replies Airin while nervously laughing to hide her awkwardness.

Hannah only shakes her head once more and step away from the door, letting Airin in.

Airin steps in into the room as she looks around with disbelief in her eyes. She quickly goes to the metal desk and opens the top file to read it.

“Well? What’s it about?” ask Hannah, resting her hands on her hip.

“The facilities hnnmm…Contaminate blah blah…” reads Airin as her eyes quickly scan the words on the paper.

“The what?” ask Manda as she walks in into the room and closes the door behind her.

“Give me a minute…” only Airin replies as she flips to another piece of paper.

Manda nod and look around the room, humming her favorite song softly while waiting. Seeing paper scatter on the floor beneath them, Manda pick some of it up just under her boot. Reading it quickly as her eyes takes her, she tries to conclude the content from her understanding. But the words make no sense to her as tries to read on, only someone who understands this type of language is…Airin. She sighs and places the papers down onto the nearest desk she sees.

“What is it Manda?” ask Hannah as she turns her body to Manda and stare at her directly to her eyes.

“Just some papers, but I somehow don’t understand them.” replies Manda as she shrugs her shoulders.

“You mean it involves…” says Hannah as she blink her eyes.

“Yes…” nod Manda and walk up to Airin who is now sitting on an old chair.

“Airin I think—“and gets cut off by Airin’s excitement replies.

“Yes finally! I understand this content. It is so incredible! The virus generates itself into a small molecular sized and can also pass any barrier in our body! It even kills our Leukocytes to try and consume our Erythrocytes!” says Airin as her eyes fill with excitement.

“The Leoke what?” ask both Manda and Hannah in confuse as they stare up at Airin’s face.

“Ai, can you speak English?” ask Manda now crossing her hands to her chest.

“Of course, Leukocytes or in other words White blood cell was or will be destroy by this awesomely and deadly virus. For our Erythrocytes or Red blood cell, it will be consumed or eaten. Any questions?” says Airin as she folds the paper and puts it in her inventory.

“Um yeah, I just notice that…Your sleeve is soaking with blood, not to mention fresh ones.” says Manda, eyeing on Airin’s sleeve closely.

“Umm…W-Well I think that is out of the question. If you must know, I didn’t ask for this to happen.” replies Airin, looking away from her dear friends as she walks to the shelf at the corner of the room.

“Don’t keep secrets Ai, you know that would only worsen up the…Situation.” threat Hannah with her serious voice as she glare at Airin as if she is going to die any minute.

“I um…” she doubly replies as she clutches her hands tightly, trying to calming herself down from the sudden saying of her friend.

“Well? We’re waiting for an answer here…We’re friends right, Airin?” Manda quickly goes to Airin and gently place her hand onto Airin’s shoulder, trying to plead Airin to answer her simplest question.

Silent only fills the room as Airin stares down at the floor, thinking on about how she is going to answer the question.

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