Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Slumber party!

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013




“I…I…I don’t know anymore…” she utter quietly under her breath, staring at her fresh wound feeling it burns like an acid.

She takes out some bandages and wraps it tightly around her wound, tapping her foot in a rhythm to ease the pain from her mind. She then takes out the item that she found and hand it to Manda.

“Here, take this. I don’t want my inventory to get full.” mumble Airin as she drops the key onto Manda’s palm.

“Wha, but why me?” ask Manda as she turns her look to Airin with a puzzled face.

“Um, you’re a responsible just like everyone else…So um, I don’t know…Maybe you can keep that thing safe? No?” replies Airin doubly while looking up at the ceiling.

Silent then again fills the room as only eyes stares at each other for a moment. The ceiling suddenly begins to crack as the room shakes fiercely.

“What’s happening!?” shouts Hannah as she quickly protects her head with her arms.

“I don’t know, but the only thing I know is if we don’t get out from here RIGHT NOW WE WILL DIE FOR SURE!” replies Manda shouting back as she runs to the door and opens it quickly.

“Quickly now!” shouts Manda from across the room, holding the door open as her face shows panic and worry.

Hannah quickly runs to the exit as Airin follows from behind, screaming like a child in a playground.

After the room is clear, Manda quickly closes the door behind Airin as she leans back behind the old wooden door.

“What…Was that!?” ask Manda while huffing out for air around her.

“Well…I…Don’t know but this game is getting crazier than before!” replies Airin, shaking her head gently and pats off the dust from her dark color clothes.

“Why do you always wear black?” huff Hannah out, pointing to Airin while she stills patting off the dust on her black jeans.

“Huh me?” says Airin as she stops what she’s doing and point out to herself in the face.

“Yes you! Who else wears fully black in here!” grumbles Hannah as she cross both of her arms.

“…Um…Because black…Is my favorite color?” shrugs Airin while staring at Hannah.

“Yeah…Okay…I—“Hannah is then cut off by Manda that is waving her hands to get their attention.

“Sorry guys but I think we should keep on moving.” suggest Manda as she takes the lead and walk towards to the main locked wooden door.

Airin and Hannah only stare at each other for a moment and begin to follow Manda from behind, looking around the corridor to see if there is something useful that she could find.

Stopping at the enormous wooden door, Manda takes out the item that Airin had give her earlier. She then puts the item into the keyhole and turns the item clockwise; suddenly hearing a clicking sound from the lock Manda turns her head to her friends and smile.

“Yes! We did it!” jumps out Hannah with excitement, celebrating the tiny victory after the long search for the key to the locked door. It is finally over and they can finally pass through.


“I wonder what are they doing right now until they scream like that.” says Angela shaking her head while sipping some warm tea.

“Oh you know kids these days, they always play with a scream.” laughs Lydia while eating some biscuits.

“It’s almost 6.15 in the evening, let start making them dinner.” smiles Angela as she drinks her tea until the final drop and washes the cup that she uses, then put it on the plastic rack next to her on the sink.

“Hmm…Today’s menu is…?” ask Lydia while finishing the biscuits quickly and cleans the table.

“I think we should cook their favorite meals.” smiles Angela and takes out the cutting board from the cupboard beneath the sink.

“Yes, I think that a splendid idea!” replies Lydia smiling back towards Angela.

Both of the women then start to heat up the kitchen as they try their best on cooking their husbands and children favorite food, making a little bit of a mess to the kitchen.


“Hey dad, have you seen Snow?” ask Zack, crouching down on the floor while holding a small pillow that fills with catnip.

“Snow? Hmm…I think she’s sleeping.” replies Michael casually while reading the newspaper about the recent news.

Zack only replies with a hum as he lands himself on the couch, making it creeks from the sudden weight.

‘God, I’m so bored!’ thought Zack quietly as he changes the TV channel by pushing the buttons on the TV remote.

Walking in into the TV room, Zurl stare at the TV and back to Zack’s boring face.

“Nothing new?” ask Zurl while stretching himself up from a good exercise.

“It seems so…” sighs Zack, taking out his cell phone to check the new inbox message that he had receive awhile ago.

“Where’s Rin?” ask Zurl again, sitting on the couch across Zack’s.

“She’s in her room playing games with her friends.” replies Zack casually while only looking at the text message as he replies it.

“Friends?” says Zurl out loud as he looks up at the stairs.

“Yup…” mumble Zack and continues to watch the TV.

“Any food?” ask Zurl while staring at the TV.

“Snacks you mean? Yeah, here.” replies Zack, handing out a big orange container to Zurl.



“. . .” Zurl only eats it up with a bit without saying another word.

“Boys, dinner is almost ready. Call out your sister would you?” shouts Angela while preparing the dishes with Lydia in the kitchen.

“Alright, I’m starving here!” says Zurl, rubbing his empty belly as he groans from stretching himself out again.

“Yeah…And don’t forget about Rin.” says Zack casually, smirking.

“…You call her.” Zurl says out protesting, crossing his muscular arms to his chest.

“Me? I thought you love seeing beautiful ladies…” replies Zack, now smirking widely.

“She has lady friends? Are they hot?” ask Zurl, eyeing on Zack’s expression.

“Check them out yourself.” chuckles Zack lowly like a whisper as he blinks twice.

“…Right…” only reply Zurl as he stands up and climbs up the stairs, heading straight to Airin’s closed room.

Stopping in front of Airin’s room, Zurl takes a deep breath and knocks the door like a gentleman he is. He then slowly opens the door as the door creeks, making Airin pause her game play.

“Yes?” says Airin out loud while holding out her hand.

“Yeah, um mom asks me to tell you that dinner’s ready. Why not invite your friends too, they look hungry.” chuckles Zurl as he closed back the door.

“Dinner!?” both Hannah and Manda says out.

“How…What time is it!?” shouts Manda out loud in terror as she shakes Airin’s body back and forth.

“I um…It’s almost 7.00pm?” replies Airin doubly, gazing at her wall clock behind Manda’s head.

“7.00pm!?” both Hannah and Manda shouts again making Airin’s soul almost jump out from her vessel. She quickly covers her ears with both of her free hands while staring at her friends, still smiling innocently like a little child she is.

“So…I bet you guys want to stay for dinner?” says Airin casually, after the atmosphere went quiet for a moment after the scream.

“. . .” Manda only place her hand on her face as she sighs loudly in the now quite room.

“Sure…I guess…” says Hannah while only stare at Manda’s distress face.

“Don’t worry, Manda. I’ll call your parents and said that both of you are having a slumber party at my house.” replies Airin with a big sincere smile, trying to cheer up both of her friends up from the misery.

“You’ll do that?” utter Manda softly under her breath like a whisper.

“Yes, anything for my dear friends.” replies back Airin, now smiling widely like a Cheshire cat.

“Oh thank you, Ai!! We owe you our lives!” says Manda as she runs to Airin and hugs her tightly like a teddy bear.

“I never knew you are soft…” laughs Airin out as she tickles her friend’s belly.

“C-cut it out!” laughs Manda as she lands on the floor, laughing from the tickle.

Airin nod happily and help Manda up as she cleans herself off from the dust.

“Let’s go downstairs.” says Airin as she opens the door and holds it, waiting for her friends to walk out from the room.

Closing the door after Hannah walk out, she leads the way to the kitchen as her friends follow her from behind.

“Sorry if we cause you so much trouble.” mumble Manda as she just stares at Airin’s hair.

“That’s fine. Besides, we don’t get visitors so often.” says Airin casually, smirking.

“That sounds creepy…” laughs Hannah from behind.

“Yup~” only replies Airin nodding her head, agreeing to her friend’s words.

Popping her head out to the kitchen’s door, Airin stare at her mother and aunt, grinning. She then jumps out from her position, roaring like a monster and smiles innocently making Lydia gasp from the sudden noise.

Holding her chest and rubs it gently, Lydia smiles and laugh. “Oh dear, I thought a monster just crushed the roof and wanted to eat me.”

“Hehehe, mom can my friends stay for slumber party?” ask Airin, looking at her mother with her begging and innocent eyes.

“Sure, your friends are welcome to stay. Do they have the approval from their own parents?” says Angela while wiping her wet hands with a clean cloth beside the refrigerator.

“Um…We’re getting to that part, ehe…” replies Airin doubly, making a weird smile on her face to conform it.

Angela only shakes her head and smile warmly to her daughter. “Alright then, you can use my cell phone if you want. It’s in my handbag.”

“I’ll just use the home phone, much more cheaper.” says Airin smiling to her mother as she walks out from the kitchen to her friends.

“Alright guys, we are good to go. Let’s move to our next station, that is the phone!” says Airin, pointing out to the sky like a cartoon character.

Hannah only shakes her head while Manda laughs at Airin’s childish action.


Here's my chapter 14, I hope I am not to late to submit this. Sorry if it is crappy T.T because I'm now suffering from a virus that is called...Writer's block! Nooo!! I really do need an antivirus for this...*groans* Anyways, please...Enjoy the...unsuccess action-thriller pack by me ...*gloom*...


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