Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Sleep or Play?

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



Airin opens the door and holds it as she waits for her friends to get inside. Manda and Hannah quickly went inside as Airin closes the door behind her.

“So, did the dinner full your tummies up?” ask Airin as she sits on her black leather office chair.

“Yeah, it sure did. Your mom cooking’s taste great, no…DELICIOUS!” replies Manda as she rubs her tummy and crouches onto the cold floor and sits on it.

“Hehehe, thanks for the compliment about my mother’s cooking. She IS a great cook, same as also my dad.” chuckles Airin as she lies her back a little and stare up at the ceiling.

“Your dad, he cooks?” ask Hannah sounding like in disbelief.

“Yeah, he sure does! He cooks for me when my mom’s not around, for instant like do you remember about the Softball Club, Manda? That I always have my lunch ready with me? That’s my father’s cooking.” replies Airin laughing as she looks back to her friends who are now showing disbelief expression as they only blink for an answer.

“…Wha…Wha, OMG!” utter Manda in her girly voice as her jaws drop a little. Airin only laughs more and spins around on her chair to make herself occupy for awhile.

Then silent fills the room as Manda quickly remembers the incident back then. She looks up at Airin who is still playing with the chair. She takes a deep breath and opens her mouth and speaks.

“Uh…Airin, can I ask you about something?” ask Manda as her facial expression changes to serious that make Airin stop from what she’s doing. Airin only nods and smile for an answer as she waits for Manda to speak up her thoughts.

“Well, about a minute ago. Um, are you mad?” ask Manda again now only lowering her voice from before.

“What do you mean by ‘Are you mad?’?” ask Airin plainly as she puts on her blur look to let Manda know that she isn’t connect with the question.

“You know what I mean. I mean that before we walk into the room, you guys were waiting for me coming out from the restroom, and I saw your face a little bit of moody so I thought it was my fault to keep you guys waiting for that long. Now do you understand my point?” huffs out Manda as she tries to stabilize her breathing.

“…Yeah! Um, I was not mad but I was just only thinking about something. So, you don’t need to worry now.” replies Airin as she looks down to her feet and smiles lightly.

“… Are you sure? Because—“and then gets caught off by Airin again as she quickly replies.

“No, it’s not your fault. Now let’s just drop the subject and continue our game or something, like sleeping. Yeah…” says Airin nodding her head as she looks around her room and then look at her friends.

Hannah and Manda only stare at each other as they blink twice and then back looking at Airin who is still smiling like an innocent child.

“But it’s only like 8.30.” says Hannah as she glances at the clock wall behind her and then back at Airin.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just that my eyes are a bit sleepy, if you know what I mean.” replies Airin as she yawns and rub her eyes like an innocent child.

“Well, it is your house and this is your room so…I think you should do whatever you want.” says Manda smiling as she pats the bed behind her with her hand.

Airin quickly walks to her bed and lies down on the soft mattress as she lays her head onto the soft inviting pillow. She stares up at the ceiling for a moment and then looks back to her friends, smiling.

“How about you guys? What would you guys do if I am asleep?” ask Airin innocently as she wraps herself with the bed covering.

“Well, I don’t know. Um, maybe we could read books or…Something?” replies Manda doubly as she looks around the room to find some ideas to fill up their time before going to sleep.

Airin looks around her room and stares at the paused game that they had played a while ago. She quickly gets up from her bed and walks towards to the motion sensor as she stands firm in the middle of the empty room.

“Why don’t we just continue on playing this game? Besides, we’ve found a key that leads to another room!” says Airin smiling as she looks at her friends who are now standing behind her, taking their previous position when playing the game.

“Yeah, HOPEFULLY it won’t be filled with monsters and other things…Right…?” says Manda while nervously laugh from behind.

“Yeah, I hope so too.” mumbles Hannah as she and Airin laughs together.

“Alright then, let’s do it!” shouts Airin happily as she continues the game by waving her hand side to side to the motion sensor.

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