Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Out Of Reach

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



“Are you ready, guys?” ask Airin as she places both of her hands onto the wooden door.

Both Manda and Hannah nod as they ready their weapons in their hands to attack any monsters that want to jump out. Airin then nods back as she begins to push the enormous door with all of her might. The door creaks an eerily sound as it breaks the silent of the dark hallway.

Airin’s heartbeat begins to beat faster as she feels an eerie feeling coming from beyond the door she had open. She shakes her head and tries to control her breathing to calm it down as she begins to walk into the hall of the darkness once more with only her comrades to accompany her from behind.

 While shining her flashlight through the dark hallway, Hannah and Manda look around the empty and dusty hall.

“They really do need to re-decorate this room, no…This house!” whispers Manda from behind as she looks around and passes by the unclean glass windows beside her.

“You still have time to comment on this freaking place!?” replies Hannah beside her in a whisper tone.

Manda only nod and they both smile, but for Airin there is nothing to smile about until she finds something.

Looking to her side, Airin sees a big crafted portrait hanging onto the decayed wall. She stops for a moment and stares at the old and dusty portrait. Walking a little bit closer to it, she could feel something from the portrait. Instantly, she grabs her pocket knife and slashes the portrait to pieces as she unconsciously wickedly smiles to what she had done.

Her friends from behind stop their steps, as they both watch Airin’s un-normal state of mind taking control of her action for the first time. Manda tries to call Airin’s name to see if she is alright but got stop by Hannah as she shush her down while shaking her head.

Both of them could only stare as they watch Airin pull something out from the portrait, a skull that still have a bit flesh stuck to its bone.

Manda could almost feel that something is wrong with the place, and they should be getting out from this place as quick as they can before it is too late!

Airin stare at the skull as she feels the texture of the rotten flesh with her finger tips. She lifts an eyebrow and devilishly smirks, and then slightly turns her head to both of her friends that are now sweating like mad as they both ready their weapons in their hands waiting for a sudden attack from their own friend, which is Airin!

“S-Stay back!” quivers Manda as she steps a foot back, readying her weapon as she grips it tightly in her hands.

Airin only chuckles and shakes her head in disbelief. She sighs and asks her friends to come over to her.

“I’m not going to bite your flesh…Heads off!” says Airin doubly as she laughs lightly.

“Yeah right, like we’ll believe that word.” replies Hannah as she pouts like a small child while standing next to Manda.

“Look what I found, flesh…And it still feels fresh. It rhythms!” laughs Airin once again as she toss the skull to Manda’s hands, making Manda jump and lets go off the skull, making it drop down to the wooden floor and rolls to Airin’s boot.

 “That’s not funny, Ai!” mumbles Manda as she cross her hands to her chest and pouts.

“Aw, don’t be mad you two! I mean come on, I was just only joking.” says Airin as she grabs the skull from the floor and hold it firmly on her hand.

“Yeah right, a joke that almost made us wanting to kill you!” grumbles Hannah while crossing her hands to her chest.

“Maybe one day or another~” sings Airin softly as she walks away with the skull in her hand.

“Hey wait up!” shouts both of them as they jog from behind.

Airin continues to walk on her pace as she thinks about the wound on her character’s arm, imagining what she would might do if her character losses control and goes rampage towards her friends.

‘What am I going to do!?’ thought Airin as she shuts her eyes for a while walking down the hall, leaving her friends behind.

“Is Airin, okay?” ask Manda as she whispers to Hannah, getting an answer from only a shrug of a shoulder in return.

She sighs and shakes her head in disbelief as they both continue to follow Airin from behind, not wanting to bother her or worse…Madden her up.

Airin stops as she looks to her left and then to her right. Both of the halls are dark only silent fill the atmosphere. She stares at the darkness for a while, suddenly feeling fear covering her mind as she starts to imagine what’s going to pop out from the darkness. Her heartbeat begins to beat faster again, gripping tightly onto her weapon she begins to walk into the darkness on her own.

Hannah and Manda quicken their pace, panicking as they both watch Airin’s character disappear into the darkness in front of their own very eyes.

“W-Wha, w-where did she went off?!” screams Manda in panic as she runs towards to the dark hall.

“M-Manda wait!” shouts Hannah as she quicken her pace trying to catch up with Manda from behind, not wanting to be left alone in this dark and eerie mansion. She then slows down as she sees Manda sudden stop on the middle of the hall looking to the left and then to the right hastily.

“Hey.” says Hannah as she places her hand gently on Manda shoulder to calm her down. “Don’t worry, we’ll find her…” says Hannah again as she now stands beside Manda and weakly smiles to her.

Manda only heavily sigh and scratch the back of her head gently. “Why does she have to leave us in this creepy mansion…” mumble Manda as she shines her flashlight to both dark separate halls.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can separate and—” and got cut off by Manda with her massive worries and questions that just sudden struck her right in the head.

“And one of us somehow will die if we separate in those dark halls! I don’t trust this mansion, Hannah. Maybe we can get lost or worse! Eaten by the dead people who came back to life!” shouts Manda in frustration as she huffs for air and stays quiet for a moment to hear a reply from Hannah.

Hannah only stays quiet and slowly takes a deep breath as she breathes it all out to clear her mind and trying to lessening her anger a bit before the situation goes out of control.

“Alright listen here Manda, if you’re afraid of going alone just activate your communication device and call me for help if anything happens to you. I’ll be there as soon as I can to reach your location, alright?” says Hannah gently as she smiles while tapping on Manda’s shoulder few times to spirit her up.

Manda look down the floor for awhile and looks back up to Hannah’s smiling face. She agrees to it as she nods for an answer.

“Alright, let’s go then.” says Hannah as she flicks on her pocket flashlight and shines it to the dark opposite hallway from Manda.

“If one of us found her or something interesting, give it a shout, alright?” says Manda with her usual voice as she switch back on her communication device and tightly grip on her weapon. “Alright, move out.” mumbles Manda under her breath as she starts to walk opposite way from Hannah.

“Good luck~” replies Hannah as she too begins to walk to the opposite site away from Manda, into the darkness without any companion except for her flashlight and her weapon, a golf club and a pocket knife just in case.

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