Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Delicious Treat

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



As they both enter the school hall, they hear chatters and laughter of joy as it echoes and see some of them are hugging one another. “Wow, so much people.” Says Jeanne blinking a few times, “Well, what do you aspect from the day we get our results. That is today my little dear.” Replies Airin giggling once again as she walks in and tries to find her classmates. “Come along now, Jeanne. We don’t want to be the ‘wall’ to this door, do you?” Says Airin rolling her eyes to the side as she takes Jeanne’s hand and pull her gently to where she is going.

Walking around in the hall without looking straight, Airin accidently hits someone as she rubs her head and mumbles under her breath about her mistake. “I...I am so sorry about that.” Says Airin as she looks up to the person’s back. As the figure turns around, Airin’s cheek begins to turn reddish pink. “Um…That’s okay.” Replies the boy back smiling, looking at his face she replies it back with her warm smile as her friend, Jeanne grins beside her. “Hey, Fabian! Lets go, or we’ll miss our place up! Come on!” Shouts a voice from behind the boy, “Yeah, okay!” Replies the boy as he turns around for a moment and wave at his friends. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go! See you next year!” Says the boy as he holds out his hand for a handshake, “Uh…Yeah, sure! See you next year~!” Replies Airin smiling, shakes his tan cold hand.

Jeanne went speechless for a moment and finally gives Airin a big grin. “Oh, I see now! It has seemed that you my dear seriously like him! Aha!” Says Jeanne giggling as she begins to walk to her friends. “I do NOT like him! We are just friends, you know friends! F-r-i-e-n-d! FRIEND!” Replies Airin out trying to cover her nervousness from Jeanne. “Uh...Okay, whatever you say my dear. Whatever you say…” Says Jeanne finally, looking at the billboard for their results.

“Where is my name~!” Jeanne cries out, searching for her name in the list. “Let see…Hmmm…. Oh! Here’s my name.” Says Airin, pointing out to her name in the list excitingly. “What did you get, Airin?” Ask a girl about her age with medium black curly hair. “Well…You know. The usual as always.” Replies Airin plainly laughing at her. “Let me see, let me see!” Says the girl as she budges around the billboard to find her friend’s name, “Here, look at where I am pointing at.” Replies Airin giggling as she presses her finger onto the glass trying to point out her name on the list.

“Wow! Congratulations, Ai!” Says the girl excitedly, patting Airin’s back gently. “Yeah, thank you Manda. Yours too, your result isn’t half bad either!” Replies Airin back smiling as she walks away from the billboard grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Hey Ai, where are you going?” Ask Jeanne, grabbing onto her hand to stop her from leaving. “I’m going to get my results and go straight back home of course!” Replies Airin raising her eyebrow as she continues to walk towards to the open door. “Can I come with you? I mean after that you can go to my house!” Says Jeanne smiling as she tries to catch up with Airin from behind. “Yeah...No, sorry. I do not have any time for today. I do really need to get back.” Replies Airin plainly, as she walks out and went to the administration block to get her results.

“Well…I’m going to be lonely this winter. When you are gone, I am going to miss you very much! Please don’t leave me!” Says Jeanne sadly, as she acts as if she is going to cry. “Quit your acting, you’re not a kid you know?” Replies Airin plainly, shaking her head in disbelief for her friend’s act. ‘Geez, even though I acted like that, I never do act like her. It is too childish I must say even for my type. I never act when I am crying for fun…That is just disgracing your own point of view to other people, I must say!’ Thought Airin quietly in her own mind about her friend.

Airin walk towards the office door and opens it as she walk into the cold room. “Yes, may I help you?” Ask the clerk as she stops typing onto her typewriter, looking at Airin for an answering coming from her thin lips. “Uh…Yes, I um…I want to have my exam results please.” Replies Airin, blinking a few times and smiles to the woman behind the working desk. “Oh, yes. Which grade are you in, young lady?” Ask the clerk again as she takes out a few papers and a file fill with name list in it. “Um…I’m in 9th grade, miss.” Replies Airin, playing with her thin fingers trying to avoid eye contact. “Okay, may I know your name, please?” Ask the woman again, as she takes out a name list from the 9th grade section and place it on her table. “…Airin…Airin Michael.” Replies Airin as she tilts her head trying to see the name list. “Please sign here.” Says the woman smiling as she hands out a black pen to her. “Uh, yes.” Replies Airin as she takes the pen from the woman’s chilling hand and sign the blank line next to her name.

“Alright then, here you go. And congratulation on your achievement.” Says the woman again smiling as she gives a piece of paper. Airin takes it and walks out from the office, trying not to peek on her results. “Okay. I will show this result to mom and dad! And big brothers too!” Says Airin quietly as she puts the paper carefully into her school bag.
‘Where did Jeanne go? Is she with the others…? Oh well…I guess I will take this opportunity to escape~.’ Thought Airin evilly as she quickly run from the block to the school front gates. Huffing for some fresh air, she slow down a little and continue back on running to her ‘goal’. “Hah…Almost there…” Says Airin to herself, as she tries to run faster even though her energy is running low.

Airin quickly glance back to see if Jeanne is tailing on her, but there is no one beside herself in the corridor running. Passing some pupils by, they look at Airin like a mere stranger to them. ‘What is with this people? Am I an alien to them, it is rude to stare at people you know!’ Thought Airin angrily as she tries to catch some breath, slowing down to the end of the corridor as she holds onto the metal pole for support.

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