Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Stolen Item

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



After a few minutes of driving, they both finally arrive home as Michael parks the car in front of the house gates. Turning the car key anti-clockwise, the car’s engine purrs slowly and shuts down.

“Alright, we’re finally here.” he murmurs as he unlocks the car’s door and walks out, shutting the door behind him with a thud. Airin looks around her for a moment and finally gets out from the car as she feels a bit hot.

‘Finally, home at last!’ thought Airin, sniffing out the dry air around the area.

Michael then unlocks the gates with the keys that he has with him and slides open the gates to the other side. Airin then quickly goes inside to the shaded area to protect her skin from the sunray.

‘My skin, my poor skin! I don’t want to get tan again!’ yell Airin in her own thoughts, quickly running to the front door and knocks on the wooden door.  “Yellow? Anyone home?” shouts Airin continuing knocking the door.

Hearing a clicking sound from behind the door, Airin smiles and quickly takes off her school shoes slowly, trying to pass the time.

Lurking behind the door, a man in his 26s grins evilly hearing a ‘prey’ finally comes to his ‘trap’. “Hehehe” he softly giggles. He then quickly opens the door and screams loudly. “ARGH!!” he screams. Airin tosses the shoe on her right hand and screams back loudly to that man.

The man laughs and runs back into his room. “Gotcha!” he says as he closes the room’s door quickly before Airin has the chance to run after him.

‘I’ll get you for this, big brother. Just you wait!’ she thought as she picks up her shoe that she had thrown earlier that landed next to her old cat, Grandma Garfield. “I’m sorry granny, my bad!” she says to the cat as she takes the shoe and pats the cat’s gently as it purrs slowly.

Airin giggle and puts back the right part of the shoe next to the other one neatly, brushing off her feet with the socks on the ‘Welcome’ rug. She then goes inside tip toeing to her brother’s room. Waiting for the moment to strike an attack, she quickly thinks of a plan and puts down her school beg on the floor next to the shoe rack.

While planning, the door to the room opens with a creek, making her almost jump from her hideout. Seeing her brother walking out from room, she jumps out from her hideout without a second thought and screams at him.

“ARGH!” she yells out, making her brother jumps from his steps and turns around to look at her. Airin only giggle and quickly, lifting her beg with her right hand. She quickly dash onto the wooden stairways and climbs up to her room. Closing the door behind her quickly and tosses her beg next to her wardrobe.

Seconds later, her door bangs open as her brother smiles and grabs her. Pushing Airin to her bed, then tickles her and sits on her trying to bullying her to admit defeat. Airin only laugh and giggle to what her brother is doing to her as she refers to it as ‘sibling jokes and play time’.

“So…What did you get for your results, hmmm?” purrs the man as he stands up and sit onto the black hair next to him. “Uh…” only Airin reply as she glaze at her beg for a moment and back at her brother. “Don’t know~?” replies Airin again lifting both of her hands and shrugs.

Looking at where his sister gaze, he stands up and goes to the school beg. Unzipping the zip and peeks inside, grinning like a cat seeing a white paper, he takes it and crouches while reading the paper’s content.

Airin quickly jumps from her bed and covers her brother’s eyes with both of her thin hands, making him blind from seeing her results. “No! Do not look. It will burn your eyes out!” says Airin giggling as she landed on her brother’s back, to support her own weight.

“Woi! Big brother can’t see! Let me see your result!” says the man as he takes off one of the hands and tries to peek at the content once more. “No!” shouts Airin happily as she giggle and laughs more. “Oh…Don’t tell..You have E in you results right!?” says the man laughing, standing up from his position making Airin almost fall from the sudden action to the cold floor.

“I’ll tell mom!” the man says as he quickly rushes to down from the wooden stairs and goes straight into the kitchen.

“Mom, mom, mom!” he shouts a few times making a woman in her late 50s to turn around from doing the dishes.

“Yes dear? What is it?” ask the woman softly with her warm voice as she rubs her wet hands off with a clean cloth that hangs beside the refrigerator.

“Mom, guess what? Here’s Airin result!” he shouts out happily as he takes a seat on the dining table and clears his throat to read the results to his mother.


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