Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Results

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013



“Ahem! Hmm…Let see here. Okay, she got A for her Science, A for her language and--…” says the man as he was cut out by Airin screaming at the top of her lung. “GIVE ME BACK MY RESULT!” she screams, running downstairs quickly and dashes to the kitchen.

“My result!” she yells again as she huffs for some air. “Oh? You want your results? Let me read it first~” replies the man happily as he continue to read the content out loud. “Her Geography is A and her math is—muhhppp!” before he could say it, Airin quickly covers his mouth with her thin hands. “No reading!” replies Airin as her eye twitches and her lips curves a big grin like a Cheshire cat.

“You two, always like to fight. Here, let me see.” says the woman as she snatches off the paper from the man’s hand and reads it as she puts on her reading glasses.

“Hmmm….”murmurs the woman as she reads the content. “Well?” ask both of them as Airin’s eyes are big as a dinner plate, waiting for an answer from her mother.

“Well…Great job on the results. Do remember to study hard to get greater grades next time, okay?” says the woman, putting down the result slip on the dining table as she takes off her reading glass and puts it on top of the paper.

“Alright! You heard that big brother? I pass the exams! Ha!” says Airin happily as she takes back her result slip, laughing happily for her accomplish.

“Heh, wait until you see my results!” replies the man, who doesn’t want to admit defeat to his little sister’s game. “I’ll show you!” says him, getting up from his seat and runs up to the stairs and goes inside his room, taking a green color file from his wardrobe  and takes it back down to the kitchen.

Sitting down on the same sit, he blows off some of the dust from the cover and opens it. Seeing this, Airin grins more as she looks at all of her brother’s previous school years reports and identification.

“Eh…Where did I put that slip?” says the man as he flips the plastic pages, trying to find his previous exam slip when he was in his 15s.

“Don’t tell me you lost it, big brother!” Says Airin nervously as she stares at the file.

“…Maybe I left it in my office. Oh well, maybe next time you—“

“Next time what, sees it? But I want to see it now!” whines Airin as she makes her face look like an innocent kitten.

Before they both know it, a paper falls out from the file and lands on the floor. Seeing it laying there, Airin takes it and reads it. “XXX Exams in 19XX”

 Hearing that, the man quickly looks at Airin and says “Hey, that’s mine, give it back!” trying to snatch away the paper from her thin hands. Quickly, Airin stands a bit further away from her brother and looks at the result, snickering and laughing seeing the results with her own eyes.

“Wow…You got D for your Science? Didn’t you say you were like friends with Stephan Hawkins? Hmm?” says Airin playfully, making her brother struggle to find a suitable answer. “Well? Come on, spill it out…Mr. Professor” she teases more, giggling as she takes a small Chinese tea cup and pours in Japanese Green Tea, sensing hot radiation coming from the tea pot itself.  ‘Smell so delicious and…Herbs too’ thought Airin, sniffing the tea before she drinks it.

“Heh…The reason that I got D for my Science is because…The teachers doesn’t agree with my theories so they just give me a D…Besides that, they are jealous because of my genius.” replies the man crossing both of his arms and gives a ‘true story’ look on his face.

Airin only blink and drinks the hot tea, sipping it slowly. “Well…” Airin states, “I think it is just because you hate Science, that’s all. That…Is why you got a D for you Science…Am I right, big brother?” says her again smirking, as she puts down the tea cup on the table once more.

The man only went silent for a moment and replies with a grin on his face. “Well…No…It is because they think my theories are wrong…That is why—“replies the man with the same answer again. Babbling with his all mighty words and explains again and again to both of his mother and sister. Making them both only roll their eyes to the other side.

‘Oh lord…Here we go again…’ thought Airin as she listens to her brother’s explanations like Stephen Hawkins style.

“And that is why…I got a D for my Science.” says the man, ending his explanations to his sister as he ask for her to pour a cup of tea for him to drink.

“What are you cooking for today, mom?” ask the man as he nods to his sister to thank her and sips the hot tea slowly and shivers from the bitter taste.

“Well…I’m cooking Butter Chicken, Mix Vegetable and Butter Prawn. Do you have any other dishes you wanted to eat for lunch?” Ask the woman as she walks to her stove and begins to cook.

“Uh…Hmm…Well…That’s good for us, right Rin?” Ask the man nodding to his little sister and gives her a childish smile.

Airin only smirk and continues to drink her tea, enjoying the rich flavor of the herb. ‘What a delight cup of tea. Hmmm…My body now feels more relax than ever, thanks to this healthy tea.’ thought Airin smiling, putting down the tea cup onto the dining table.

“Lunch will be ready in a moment, why don’t you take a shower and change your clothes, Rin.” says the woman eyeing on her daughter as she holds a spatula, waiting for the chickens to fry in a perfect softness.

Hearing about that, Airin finally remembers that she only got home from school and has not yet change from her dirty uniform even though she only went to school for a few hours only to get her results slip.

“Alright mom, don’t let big brother eat my Butter Chicken, okay?” says Airin playfully as she walks out from the kitchen and gets up onto the wooden staircase to her room with red curtains covering her room’s door.

Opening the door to her room, she walks inside and locks the door from behind as she begins to take off her school uniform and wraps herself with a white towel. Grabbing all the dirty clothes on the bed side, she opens the door once more and walks out, closing the door behind.

Walking through the hallway, she then turns to her left side and unlocks the bathroom lock as she opens it and walks in.

Locking the door from behind, Airin takes off her towel and turns the shower knob as the cold water splashes down like raindrops.

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