Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Who's At The Door?

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



After a few minutes of showering the cold water, Airin goes out from the bathroom and walks to her room, passing some other rooms as she goes by. Looking around, she spots a room with an open door.

‘Huh…I never knew this room was opened before. It must have been the wind that opened the door.’ thought Airin as she walks closer to the door and peek inside. “Hmm…Nothing interesting, I’ll just let the door open.” says Airin shrugging as she goes into the room and open the windows to let the cool breeze in.

‘Mmm…Much better~’ thought her again and walks out from the room, walking back to her own room just a few walks from there. Opening the door as the creeks open, she goes inside and locks it.

She then walks to her wardrobe and picks up a black T-shirt and a pair of black shorts, slipping it onto her cold and smooth skin. Taking a comb on her dressing table not far away from her standings, she combs her damp black hair. Wanting to make it look neat, while waiting for it to dry it out by itself.

Looking at the mirror from afar, she blinks for a moment and touches her soft cheek with her thin fingers. Rubbing it gently, not wanting to hurt her sensitive skin.

“I look…The usual as ever be.” she murmurs to herself as she turns her head and looks at her laptop on her study desk. Looking at it, she desires to online onto her favorite website, DevianART even more than ever she could have imagine.

‘God, I really need to online! Hell, I can’t take it anymore, must online that website now!’ she thought quickly as she walks to her desk and opens her laptop, logging in as she types in the laptop’s password.

“Alright, I’m in…” she says to herself as she scrolls her ‘mouse’ and clicks on the Internet Explorer icon. Typing down the word DevianART in the search box, she then presses the Enter button and waits for the window to load the screen.

Glancing at her cell phone for a moment to pass the time, she then looks back at her laptop screen and clicks on the website that she wishes to enters.

Waiting again for the load, she lightly sighs and stares at the close curtain window. “What a sunny and hot day for today, I must say!” she murmurs and lay back onto her soft bed, closing her eyes to clear her mind.

“I feel like I want to sleep~” she murmurs again as she yawns lazily, starting to feel that she is drifting away into a deep sleep.

Back to kitchen, both men in their 26s and 30s are talking to each other as they laugh fills the room. Meanwhile, a man with a blackish white hair with spectacles in his 50s is doing puzzles in the newspaper as he taps the pen onto the paper to figure out the answer.

“Hmm…Other word that describe fast is…Swift…” says the old man as he writes the answer down in the correct box.

“Michael, do you want some coffee?” says an old woman in her 50s as she walks to the dining table and pours in a hot cup of coffee to her beloved husband.

“Sure, darling~” purrs Michael as he grins while still concentrating on the puzzle words.
“Here you go my dear~” says the woman kindly, putting the cup gently onto the table in front of her husband.

“Mom, you love me right? Can I get a cup of coffee please~” says the young man giggling as his older brother joins in with a laugh.

The woman laughs along as she walks to the cabinet and takes out another cup and goes to the sink to wash it clean. She then walks back to the table and again pours in a hot coffee into the now clean glass cup, giving it to her son with her happy face.

“Thanks, mom!” replies the young man as he sips down the hot coffee slowly into his mouth. “Ahhh~” he says again as he puts down the cup and peels a banana, eating it.

Suddenly hearing someone knockings on the front door, all of them stop for a moment and glance from the kitchen’s door.

“I wonder who it is.” Says the old woman as she wipes her hands clean with a clean cloth and walks out from the kitchen to the front door, unlocking it and opens it.

“Ah! It’s you!” says the woman out loud as she gives a big smile.

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