Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - A visitor And An Old Friend

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



“It has been for so long old friend!” shouts the woman happily as she hugs her friend.

“Ahahaha, yes it has been a long time Angela! I really miss you! And now, I finally can visit you from afar!” replies the woman that she hug.

“Oh Lydia, you know how to make me laugh all the time!” says Angela laughing as she invites both Lydia and her husband in. “Please, make yourself at home!” says Angela again, closing the door behind them as they all walk in.

“Michael, Harry and Lydia are here!” shouts Angela as she helps Lydia carry her heavy suitcase. “No no! It’s heavy, let me carry it!” says Lydia as she lifts it up, holding the suitcase handle.

“What! Oh no! Let me help you out. You are my guests after all!” argue Angela as she tries to help Lydia out again.

“Don’t trouble yourself. I can carry it myself!” replies Lydia, carrying the suitcase next to the staircase. “There, you see? I can do it.” says Lydia again as she laughs and waves her hand for no worry.

“You always have your own way to settle things, Lydia. What would I do without you around.” says Angela giggling, walking up to Lydia and pats her back gently.

“Oh you, stop flattering me. I think you’re going to be lonely without me here, making jokes with you every time we meet like always.” replies Lydia laughing at her friend as they both walk into the kitchen and sits down on the dining chair, talking more about their own stories and jokes to each other like there was no tomorrow.

Zurl and Zack greet both Lydia and her husband, Harry with a hand shake and a smile on their lips. “Uncle, where is Evelyn? Did she come along with you both?” ask Zack politely.

 “I think she is on the phone, talking to her friend outside.” replies Harry as he puts down his suitcase next to Lydia’s.

“Thanks uncle.” thank Zack as he quickly walk to the front door and goes outside trying to find Evelyn.

Looking all around, Zack sees a woman with a long black hair talking on a phone as she sits down on a wooden chair, looking up at the blue sky seeing flock of birds flying to a tree near the house.

Zack walk towards her, wanting to greet and invite her inside into the house. Waiting for a few moments for her to end the call, Evelyn finally says good bye to the person in the phone as she takes away the phone near her ear and pushes the red button on her phone to end the call.

Looking up, Evelyn then sees Zack staring at her for a quite a while. “Yes, how may I help you?” she says giggling as she puts away her cell phone back into her purse.

“Well…” Zack purrs for a moment and stares right down at her like a cat observing a mouse. “Do you want to come inside or just stay here?” ask Zack raising his eyebrow as a grin escapes from his lips.

“I was going to go inside after I took the call…So, my answer is…Yes, of course~!” replies Evelyn smiling as she grabs her purse and stands up, walking to the welcoming open door for her to get inside.

After both of them gets inside, Zack closes the door once again and locks it shut as he turns the lock.

Evelyn sees her mother, Lydia. Sitting and talking to her future mother-in-law, Angela as they both joke with each other in the kitchen. Seeing it, Evelyn walks in and greets Angela with a warm smile and a polite hand shake.

“How are you aunty? It has been so long I didn’t see you. Mom always missed you back home, you know.” says Evelyn as she gives Angela another big smile and laughs it out.

“I’m fine, thank you for asking Evelyn. Of course she misses me, I mean I am like her best friend? Isn’t that right best friend?” replies Angela giggling and laughing as she answers her future daughter-in-law’s question.

“Oh, that’s good to hear! Well, I’m just going to leave you two talking to each other. Please, continue~” says Evelyn again as she pats her mother’s back gently.

Walking out from the kitchen, Evelyn takes a deep breath and huffs it out slowly and repeats it again for the last time. She then holds onto the suitcase handler and lifts it up the stairs trying to carry it up to the guest bedrooms.

Looking up from the top floor, Zack quickly takes the suitcase from Evelyn’s grip and carries it up quickly to the room. Making Evelyn blink for a few times, staring up at the top floor.

“Uh…Thank you?” she murmurs under her breath, still trying to process what was happening seconds or minutes ago.

Zack settles the suitcase gently onto the wooden floor next wardrobe as he walks out from the room and walks downstairs to get another suitcase to carry.

“Well, well. Aren’t you a strong man, Zack?” jokes Evelyn slightly as she giggle a bit from her own joke.

“Well…” replies Zack as he purposely shows his bicep muscles and grins at Evelyn. “I do am strong after all~” says Zack again finishing his words as he carries the suitcase up to the same room and settle it next to the other suitcase.

Evelyn only shakes her head grinning, trying to hold off her laughter as she walks back downstairs and enters the kitchen. Sitting down next to her mother as Angela offers her some biscuits to eat.

“Thanks aunty” she thanks her as she grabs a bite on one of the delicious chocolate chips biscuit.

“Mmm…This is absolutely delicious aunty! You really are a good baker!” praise Evelyn as she takes another bite on the biscuit.

“If you like it, I could give you the recipe for the biscuit if you want too.” replies Angela kindly as she sips on her cup of coffee and gently puts on the cup again onto the small plate.

“Yes, that would be nice! Maybe I’ll try to bake it next time when we all get back!” says Evelyn smiling and fetches another biscuit from the same plate that fills with the delicious biscuits.

“Of course dear.” replies Angela giggling as she sips another to satisfy her thirst.

Settling down the newspaper from his grip, Michael takes off his reading glasses and sips some coffee, trying to enjoy it even though it is already cold.

“Hey mom, have you seen Rin anywhere?” ask Zurl as he walks in into the kitchen, scratching his head as he pose at the kitchen’s door.

“Well honey, I think your sister is in her room. Probably playing with her laptop maybe?” replies Angela as she looks at her son.

“I hope she is not sleeping…Again!” grunts Zurl as he walks out from the kitchen and climbs up the stairs, walking to his sister’s room as he creeks open the wooden door.

“Ohh Riiinnn~” Zurl calls out as he walks into Airin’s dark room. “Where are you my little sister~?” he calls out again as he walks to the light switch and flicks it on.

Looking at the bed, he then sees a figure laying there hugging a stuff puppy dog, sleeping soundly like an innocent child.

‘It seems that she is sleeping again. She looks like an innocent child when she is sleeping. Well, I’ll just check her laptop for a moment then~’ thought Zurl as he walks up to Airin’s study desk and sits down on the black leather chair.

Stretching out his fingers and hands, he opens the laptop and wakes it up from ‘sleep mode’.

Typing password in the password box, he then pushes the enter button and waits for the screen to load.

Only waiting for a few minutes, the screen pops up that looks like a Microsoft Office Word 2007 website.

‘Huh? She’s been writing again? Hmmm, this title seems interesting to read.’ he thought more as he left click on the left bottom screen and changes the pages from twenty three to number one.

“I hope this is worth reading….” he murmurs as he begins to read the first chapter of the story.


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