Rot and Flesh

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Amazing Facts

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



 Zurl spend hours reading the story, making him more tired than before. He looks up at the wall and sees a big red clock, ticking.

‘What….It’s 5:30 in the evening and I feel tired? Maybe my body needs more food.’ he thought as he stands up and walks out from the room, towards to the kitchen.

‘There must be some food here!’ he thought screams as he sees a basket full of fruits.

‘…Fruits...I don’t care anymore!’ he thought again as he takes a red juicy good looking apple and crunches it up with his teeth.

“Mmm…Tasty” he murmurs as some of the juice slides from his lips to his chin.

Hearing someone walking from behind, Zurl turns around as he still comps on the apple.

“Hello auntie. What are you looking for?” he utter with an apple in his mouth, crunching the apple out as he holds it firmly in his tight grip.

“Oh hello there Zu, have you seen your mother?” ask Lydia sweetly as she looks around.

“Oh…Umm…Maybe she’s outside with my dad?” replies Zurl blinking at her with his innocent looking face.

“I see…Well then my dear boy, thank you!” thank Lydia as she walks away, walking towards to the front door.

She opens the door and walks outside as she closes the door from behind. ‘Ahh, what a sunny day~’ she thought as she walks towards to the wooden chair and sits on it as it creeks from the weight.

“Oh hello Lydia, care to join in eating this delicious fruit that I bought?” ask Angela nicely as she peels the fruit’s skin and eats the delicious insides.

“Of course, that looks delicious!” she replies happily as she takes the fruit and peels the skin off.

“This is really delicious, Angela! Where did you bought it?” she asks as she takes another fruit and peels the skin off again.

“Oh, hmm….If I wasn’t mistaken, I bought it at the mini market that I usually go to.” replies Angela, looking at her husband.

“Oh, so that’s why this fruit is very delicious! It taste so fresh and juicy.” says Lydia, smiling to her friend as she takes another fruit and eats it.

“Hmmm…What a nice weather we’re having. So warm and sunny all day.” says Michael as he takes a sip a cup of coffee.

“Hmm…What time is it?” ask Angela as she takes a fruit and peels its skin’s off, eating the insides.

“Well…. It’s only 5:55 in the evening.” replies Michael as he glances at his watch on his wrist, then back to his coffee.

‘Hmmm….It is still early.’ Angela thought as she sips her tea from her cup.

Both Angela and Lydia chat and laugh as they talk about their lives and experience in previous years.

Hearing it, Michael joins in the conversation as they all laugh with joy hearing jokes from him.

As time flies by, the sun begins to set as the clock ticks to 6:30 in the evening. Seeing the changes on the sky, both Angela and Lydia gets up from their seats and walks into the house. Leaving Michael outside, as he watch the sky changes its color to yellowish orange.

“What a nice scene…” he whispers as he looks into his empty cup and simply sighs.

Inside, Angela and Lydia are preparing dinner for all the family members.

“What should we serve them today, Lydia?” ask Angela as she takes the cutting board and a sharp kitchen knife, settling it down onto the counter next to stove.

“Hmm….How about curry?” answer Lydia nodding as she stares at Angela with her dark brown eyes.

“Yes, and fried fishes too?” ask Angela again smiling to her.

“Yes, yes. Of course! They would really love it, when they taste it.” replies Lydia, laughing as she takes out two frozen fishes in freezer at the top of the refrigerator.

“Will this do, Angel?” ask Lydia, holding out the fishes as she puts it in the sink.

“Yes, that is the perfect size for the fishes, isn’t it?” chuckles Angela as takes the frying pan that is hang on the wall and put it on the stove. Filling pan with cooking oil, as she turns the stove’s knob and lit it up.

They both quickly prepare dinner as night begins to fall.


Zurl rub both of his eyes from tiredness as he sips some of the coffee from the cup.

“God what a long story she is working on. Is she making a novel or something? But she herself told to us that she wrote a short story….But this method seems to be like…A novel…To be precisely…Hmmm…Well…I’ll just continue on reading this…This story seems kind of a bit horror and humor in mix. I say… She does have a bit of my talent.” murmurs Zurl under his breath, scrolling down trying to read the next paragraph.

The door knob twist, as the door creeks open. Walking into the room, Zack then closes the door back shut as he glances to ‘his’ bed and sees his sister is sleeping soundly, cuddling with her stuff puppy.

“Eh? I thought you went to the gym.” says Zack as takes out his laptop from his bag pack and puts it on the end of the bed side. He then takes out the laptop charger and plugs it in into the extended sockets and plug it into his laptop.

“Yeah, well. Today is my day off. Besides that, I am very fond reading this story.” Zurl replies with a nod without glancing at his brother.

“Oh, say…Who wrote that story anyways?” Zack points out to the laptop as he walks closer to read the content.

“That sleeping beauty over there wrote this stuff.” Zurl chuckles as he scrolls down again.

“Wow…All of us…We both wrote when we were young…And now…She is too…? I never knew.” Zack softly laugh and takes his laptop to his lap as he opens it, pushing the glowing white button on the top center of the laptop and typing in the correct passwords.

“Yeah…I must say ‘again’…She does have talent…Only a bit slight of grammar mistakes on chapter one and two while the rest of the chapters is clean off without any errors.” says Zurl as he nod again, focusing on reading the text.

“Hmmm....That is good to hear…” replies Zack nodding back as he browse the internet and logs in his Facebook page.

Rubbing his eyes again, Zurl yawn tiredly as he can barely stay awake any longer.

“Damn, I’m getting so tired…And I’m only in chapter 5! I must… Finish reading this stuff…Huuu” Zurl breathes out as he rubs his face off and sighs.

“Well…Why don’t you just sleep, and then continue on reading it when you’re awake, hmm?” replies Zack as he does his work in his laptop.

“….Maybe you’re right….” says Zurl with his tired voice and puts the laptop on Sleep mode.

“Of course I’m right…I am always right.” chuckle Zack as he continues to do his work.

“Where are you going to sleep? I mean like, she’s going to sleep at your bed. So…Don’t tell me you’re going to sleep on the floor.” laugh Zurl as he stands up from his seat and pushes the chair back in.

“No, I’ll just share my bed with her. Besides, she’s not that big even for her age…Uh…How old is she again…” ask Zack as he looks up at Zurl straight to his face.

“….Well if I’m not wrong, I think she’s turning sixteen this year so….She’s still fifteen and a half then until her birthday arrive.” replies Zurl as his tired eyes blinks tiredly and his hand scratches his head lazily.

“Hmm…I never knew she could be that age by now….Anyways, I think you should go to bed. You look like something just hit you with a mallet and then toss you into the great river Neil.” laughs Zack as he rubs away tears that fill on his eyes.

Zurl only grunts and walks away with a smirk on his face as he yawns tiredly stepping from the room, walking up to his own bedroom just across the hall.

“Night Zack!” he shouted as his bedroom door shuts close.

Zack only shakes his head and nods as he continues to do his work and then stop for a moment to stare at his little sister. He chuckles and gently strokes his sister’s head not wanting to wake her up from her sleep as he pokes her little nose with his finger.

“Hehehe, this…Is going into my picture album.” he says softly as he takes out his cell phone from his pocket and snaps the picture by pressing the center button on the screen, that look like a camera.

He then saves it in his cell phone and browser the internet for a moment to check something new.

“Let see....Hmmm…Nothing new today…Oh well, I might as well sleep…” he murmurs under his breath as he closes his laptop and puts it in the pigeon hole.

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