Chapter 10: Betrayal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“There about fifty people inside,” Jessica said, sensing the energies.

“I don’t like this, Sam. You shouldn’t be going,” Jason sighed. They were at the edge of the forest surrounding the address Ian had given Sam. It was an old abandoned warehouse on a ledge ten feet above the ocean.

“Well you can’t stop me, Dad,” Sam said. “I’m not going to let Jake die just because I’m a coward.” He turned to Daniel. “Is everyone in place?”

Daniel nodded. There had been about forty clan-members in the area. They had all been more than happy to help out tonight.

“Ok,” Sam said. He said goodbye to Ali and his dad, giving them both hugs, then walked towards the building.

Sam pulled open the heavy metal door. It creaked loudly. Then he slipped inside, leaving the door open behind him. He spotted Jake instantly. He was standing towards the far wall, facing the door, a gun to the back of his head, a hand firmly gripping his shoulder, keeping him in place. Ian stood to his right, waiting. He smiled when he saw Sam.

“It’s good to see you again, Sam,” he said smugly. Sam ignored him.

“Jake, are you ok?” Sam asked.

“I am awesome,” Jake said sarcastically. It was good to know he still had a sense of humor when he could get shot at any second. “What the hell is going on?”

“Why are you doing this, Ian?” Sam asked, shifting his focus to the man who had destroyed his life.

“I told you I would, Sam. I told you that it would be great to have you and your sister on my side. But if you refused, it would be best to have you out of the equation,” Ian said.

“Well if you wanted me and Ali, why ask for only me?” Sam asked. His gaze flicked to Jake.

Jake looked down, and that was when he saw it. Sam was holding out two fingers. Jake blinked, confused. He tried to think what it could mean. Then he figured it out. Play number two in basketball was when he ran up to Sam, who gave him the ball, and then Sam got open for the pass and took the shot. Sam wanted him to run towards him. Jake nodded ever-so-slightly, showing he understood, but then his eyes flicked toward the guy with the gun to his head, silently asking what he should do. Sam made the sign for foul, and instantly Jake understood.

Meanwhile, Ian kept talking, not noticing a thing, “Because I know that she will follow your decision, whatever it is, and if you choose wrong and I kill you here, it won’t be that hard to find her and kill her, too.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint. I’m not going to let you kill billions of people,” Sam growled. He held up all five fingers by his side, counting down. Five...

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that,” Ian said, drawing his gun. Four... “I really did like you, Sam.” Three...

“I can’t say the same about you,” Sam seethed. Two...

“Yes, well, we won’t have to worry about that now,” Ian smiled, aiming his gun at Sam’s head. One...

“Now!” Sam cried. Jake turned and elbowed the man behind him in the jaw, making him let go of his shoulder, then he sprinted towards Sam, faster than he had ever sprinted before. The two friends ducked behind some crates by the door as Ian and his friend fired at them. Suddenly, the place was full of people. The war had begun.

Luke appeared by Sam and Jake. Sam turned to his best friend.

“Jake, this is my friend Luke. He’s going to get you out of here,” Sam said.

“Sam, what the hell—” Jake began. Sam cut him off.

“I’ll explain later. Right now you have to get out of here before you get killed. Now go!” Sam urged. Jake and Luke ran outside, where most of the fighting had moved. Sam followed them, but instead of going to the car hidden in the woods, he ran to Megan’s aid as she tried to fight off five of Ian’s people.

As soon as he was sure Megan was alright, he looked around. He spotted Jason fighting with Ian. It was a pretty even matching. Amber and Daniel were each fighting three of Ian’s people, but were holding their own. The twins were fighting three people as well. They made a great team, moving almost as one. And then he saw Ali.

Ali was fighting just one of them, but this one had a knife. She was ducking and dodging blows with ease, and the other guy was taking a beating. They were near the edge of the ledge the warehouse was perched on. Just then, he landed a blow, stabbing Ali in the ribs. She fell to the ground, gripping the bleeding wound in pain. The man raised his knife to finish the job, and Ali raised her arm in front of her instinctively, trying to protect herself.

Sam was already running towards her, and he could tell he wouldn’t make it in time. But he didn’t have to worry, because out of nowhere, Scarlett appeared. She attacked the knife-wielding man, elbowing him in the throat, stealing his knife, and stabbing him in the heart. He was dead before he hit the ground. She held out her hand and helped Ali to her feet.

And then she shoved Ali back, sending her over the edge. Ali screamed and plunged down ten feet to the icy water.

“No!” Sam cried, finally reaching the edge. He looked down at the waves. Ali’s head popped up momentarily before being pushed back under by the choppy ocean waves. He looked in the direction Scarlett had gone. As if she sensed his eyes on her, she turned and looked at him. Sam stared at her, disbelieving and betrayed. She smirked at him, then turned and ran off into the trees, along with most of her fellow clan-mates.

Sam turned back to the water. For a moment, he saw Ali’s head pop back up. Without thinking, Sam kicked off his shoes and took off his jacket. Then he jumped into the churning ocean below. He heard someone scream after him, and then he hit the water.

The impact was harder than he expected, and he was instantly chilled to the bone. Sam swam to the surface, trying to ignore the freezing temperatures. He saw Ali about ten feet away, trying to keep her head above the surface as the waves crashed down on her, sweeping her further away from shore. Sam swam towards her, not letting the waves slow him down. Just before he got to her, a wave shoved Ali back below the surface. This time she didn’t spring up again. Sam took a deep breath, filling his lungs with air, and dove down, opening his eyes. The salty sea water stung his eyes, but he ignored it. It didn’t matter. He saw Ali in front of him. Her eyes were closed. She was sinking deeper. Sam swam toward her and grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up towards the surface.

They finally broke the surface. Sam sucked air into his lungs, coughing out water. Then he turned his attention to Ali. Her eyes were still closed, and she wasn’t moving.

“Ali!” Sam cried, shaking her. She didn’t respond. He was aware that they were being drawn further and further away from where they had started. Waves continued to drive them mercilessly underwater, and Sam continuously kicked them back to the surface. He was growing tired. His muscles ached. His lungs were straining. Sam looked back and realized he could barely see the ledge he had jumped from anymore. He was shoved under again, and once again, he kicked back to the surface. It was slower going this time. He was so tired...

Finally, mercifully, Sam’s feet hit sandy ground. His jelly-like legs stumbled onto the beach. He had no idea where he was, but he was happy to be there. He set Ali down on her back on the shore. He was relieved to see she was still breathing. He collapsed beside her, breathing heavily, face down in the sand. He was asleep in seconds...


Submitted: April 28, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Alyssa Pryce. All rights reserved.


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