Chapter 6: Gone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Morning, Sam,” Jessica greeted the older boy as he came down the stairs the following morning.


“Hey, Jessica,” Sam nodded in acknowledgement. “Is that girl awake yet?”


“No,” Jessica shook her head. “Still out cold.”


“Ok, well, let me know when she wakes up,” Sam told her.


“You got it,” the younger girl agreed with a smile.


“Hey, have you seen my dad?” Sam asked.


“Yeah,” Jessica confirmed. “I think he’s upstairs in his office.”


“Ok, thanks,” Sam smiled. Then he turned and headed upstairs, headed for his father’s office. The two of them needed to have a conversation. He needed to know when Jason was going to let him and his sister go home. Seeing John and Lucy on the news the day before had made him more than eager to get out of there. After all, this fight shouldn’t have anything to do with them. They were never a part of it. They barely even told about it. It wasn’t fair that they should have to sacrifice everything they cared about for something they didn’t want anything to do with.


Sam made it to the correct door, hesitating before knocking. He took a deep breath to calm himself and gather his nerves, and then rapped on the wooden surface...




Sam jogged down the stairs, angry and frustrated after his two-and-a-half-hour-long discussion with his father, most of which was spent arguing. He barely stopped himself from crashing into the girl standing at the bottom of the steps.


“Whoa,” he said in shock, stopping on a dime. “Sorry about that.”


“It’s no problem,” the girl smiled. Sam recognized her as the girl from the crash last night. “You must be Sam.”


“That’s right,” Sam confirmed.

She held out her hand. “I’m Tara. My family and I are part of a small little clan that’s currently staying a couple towns over. I was heading back when I crashed. Thanks for getting me out of the car, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you,” he shook her hand firmly. “And, really, it was no problem. I had help.”


“Well, regardless, I’m very grateful,” Tara grinned.


It was quiet for a while. “Is there someone you can call to come pick you up?” Sam asked finally.

“Yeah, I just called my dad,” Tara confirmed. It was quiet again.

“Well, I have to go,” Sam said, breaking the silence. “I’m glad you’re ok. See you around,” with that, Sam left, disappearing around the corner.

At that moment, Ali came down the stairs, lost in thought, and almost literally ran into Tara.

“Whoops! I’m sorry,” Ali apologized.

Tara laughed slightly. “It’s ok. You must be Ali.”

“And you must be Tara,” Ali smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too,” Tara smiled. The two lapsed into silence. Finally, Tara spoke up. “I’m sorry, I just have to ask. Is it true? Do you really have all seven original bloodlines?”

Ali smiled slightly. “Yeah, apparently, it’s true. I see you’ve heard of us.”

“Everyone in this world has heard of you, kid. I personally never believed it, but, here you are,” Tara said excitedly.

“Yeah, here I am,” Ali confirmed joylessly.

“Well you don’t sound very happy about it,” Tara observed.

Ali shrugged. “I was pulled away from my home and brought here to stay with a guy I barely remember seeing. I guess I haven’t quite adjusted.” Ali didn’t know why she was opening up to this girl that she’s never met before, but she couldn’t seem to stop.

“So why do you stay?” Tara asked, glancing out the large front window, checking to see if her ride was there. It was dark, the sun had set long ago.

“I don’t know...I mean, I can’t leave my brother. Not again. And I do remember my dad being there, playing with me; even if I can’t quite picture it, the memory is there. If that makes sense...”

Tara nodded in understanding. “But if you want to go home, why don’t you? I mean, no offence, but your mom, your dad, and your brother all lied to you. Since you actually want to go home, it must not be a crappy place, so why don’t you go back there?” Ali was silent. For the first time, she doubted her brother. Just then a large SUV pulled up the long driveway.

“That’s my ride,” Tara said. She pulled open the door headed out. Ali watched from the window as she climbed into the passenger seat and the car began to make its way back to the main road.

Ali slowly headed upstairs to her room and sat down on the bed, her mind filled with doubts, questions. For the first time, she wondered if her dad wanted her there because she would be safer, or because she was strong. She sighed and fell back, staring up at the ceiling.


Tara climbed into the passenger seat of the SUV and clicked on her seatbelt.

“Well?” the driver asked.

Tara turned to face none other than Ian Holt. “I planted the seed. It was like she was looking for a reason to leave. It won’t be too long.”

Ian smiled at her. “Good. Now all we have to do is wait.”


Ali jogged down the stairs, a backpack full of clothes over her shoulder. She had made a decision. She was going home. As she reached for the doorknob, Sam spotted her.

“Ali!” He called. She didn’t stop. She pulled open the door and headed outside, slamming it behind her. “Ali wait!” Sam waved his dad and the others who were trying to follow back, and jogged after his sister. She was half way across the lawn before he caught up to her. “Ali what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going home, Sam,” Ali said simply. She started to walk again. Sam grabbed her arm.

“What do you mean you’re going home?”

“I mean I’m going home! I don’t want to stay here! I don’t want to have any part of this!”

“Ali I know it’s frustrating, but you can’t just walk out.”

“Watch me.”

“Ali stop–” Sam began. Ali cut him off.

“No, you stop, Sam!” She shouted, tears in her eyes. “You lied to me! You all lied to me! For thirteen years, you lied to my face!”

“It was better that way,” Sam insisted.

“For who? Because it sure as hell wasn’t for me!”

Before Sam could respond, the siblings were suddenly surrounded. They were getting attacked, swarmed by people who just seemed to materialize from the air. There were three around Ali and five surrounding Sam.

Sam had taken Judo for twelve years, Ali for ten, first with their mom, then again in school when they went to live with John and Lucy. They held their own, dodging and blocking numerous blows and managing to land a few punches themselves. But there were too many of them. One grabbed Sam’s arm and twisted it painfully behind his back before shoving him face-first into a tree. He cried out. Then the man who grabbed him pulled him back away from the tree and shoved him at one of his companions, who delivered a powerful blow to a pressure point in his shoulder. Sam crumbled to the ground, out cold.

“Sam!” Ali cried. By then she, too, had been overpowered. Someone covered her nose and mouth with a sweet-smelling cloth. She felt dizzy, and soon she joined her brother in unconsciousness.

By that time, everyone inside had heard the commotion and came running at once. But it was too late. By the time they got out there, Ali and Sam were both gone.


Submitted: April 20, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Alyssa Pryce. All rights reserved.


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