Ocean's Away

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Jackson awakens from acoma to find his life flipped upside down, unsure of what is truth and what is only a figment of his now fragmented imagination, he struggles to piece back together his life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ocean's Away

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



So simple in all of her many ever changing, complicated ways -her practicality so ethereal. A heart that melted all in sight, and felt deeply the wounds of modern life. Gazing at this imperfect creature, this vision of everything beautiful, everything good, his heart was steeped in something he knew not of. He’d read of it in novels, watched it sparkle in the eyes of passersby, but he himself had never allowed it, never given it permission to enter. But maybe that was the beauty of this wild admiration- it left no room for permission, it never stopped at the welcome mat, it invited itself in and never remained dormant. He had heard adjectives describing it as “fleeting”, but he no longer saw how one could arrive at that conclusion. For as he watched her darkened silhouette swaying against a moonlit backdrop, waves threatening to sweep her out, his universe no longer existed without her, he imagined their two destiny’s becoming intertwined, and in this moment he realized, there was no breath without her breath, there was no light without her flame, and only numbness existed in a world deplete from her love.

“Jackson?” A melodious note rang above the waves, grounding him once again in reality.

He paused for a long moment, contemplating his next words, knowing they carried a heavy weight.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered softly back, taking slow and steady steps towards her. A look of puzzlement overwhelmed her features, and then slowly, her eyelids fluttered shut.

Placing one finger against her dew kissed lips, he treasured this stillness, discovering her hand, tracing her fingers with a touch as gentle as a summer breeze, and guiding their intertwined fingers to her waist, sliding one arm just below her back, the other below her mid-thigh until he held her fragile body in his arms, cradling her and swelling with this foreign feeling.

In a short flash her grey flecked eyes were open once again, filled with an endless light, a smile spreading up her face, and the most joyous of sounds he’d thought he’d ever heard escaping from her bow shaped lips- laughter. Resting her head against his built chest, laughter spilled from both of their mouths as he took off down the pier, running at a full sprint, the only thing worth living for wrapped tightly in his grasp.

Squealing playfully she flailed her arms and legs against him as he hit the water, the waves sloshing up from below and enrapturing them, the only light being that reflecting from her eyes.

They were lost in a place with no time, some infinite universe where she was only his to hold, and he would cherish every breath- heartbeat- and caress. He yielded to the waves, still cradling his love, anchoring the two of them against the sand as the darkening clouds chased the moon around the night sky, leaving it veiled in mystery. He only wanted to gaze at her, to see every inch of her flawlessly pure face, because in a world of uncertainties, she was his one and only absolute. Twirling his fingers through her mess of tangled dark strands, he pressed his lips against her forehead, overwhelmed by the feeling of her silky skin, gazing into her eyes, and feeling her fingers intertwine with his- they found their way so comfortably.

“You are more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen,” he whispered softly into her ear, cradling her close, wanting nothing more than to protect her, keep her from pain, and conquer anything that threatened her happiness.

Her two lips faintly stained by the color of wine parted to speak. “In this life, you’re like my finish line. I crossed so many borders and ran from my past and I lived in fear, but then somewhere along the way, you found your way to me, and it was like all of that made sense, suddenly I could piece it all together, I could accept all of the pain, because you were waiting for me on the other side, you always had been, even when I was busy doubting your existence. Our two lives were woven intermittently together, our experiences were just shaping us to love one another infinitely, and since the day that you fell in love with all my brokenness, I’ve been whole.”

His heart was swollen and heavy with her words, yet they needed no response, they needed no verbal confirmation. Maybe that was the best of part of love, knowing that it surpassed words, that it would be permanently etched into your very being, that with a kiss, you could say everything on your heart- even the words that you didn’t know were there.

With two hands resting against her cheeks, he brought her face into his, kissing her lips as the moon painted her features in a surreal, porcelain light.

“Jackson?” time froze, he felt an ache inside of him as the moon started to rise in the sky and some gravitational force was began to pull her from him, he desperately reached for her hands, calling her name, begging for just another moment by her side, but the voices continued as the tears rolled freely down his cheeks, and he braved the ocean waves to run to her, to free her from this force that threatened their life together but he couldn’t run fast enough. He collapsed into the fierce waves as she sound of two vehicles reeling towards one another rang in his hears, the screams wouldn’t stop, he was helpless, she was screaming his name as the flames engulfed her and she began to cry, “My baby! My baby! Somebody help my baby!”


Flailing and tossing his body his eyes wrenched open and he gasped for air, heaving, the tears still falling in heavy streams.

“We need a nurse in here right away!” A gruff voice echoed in the lifeless room, this looked like a place to die. A place where hope had been drained, colorless and devoid of anything that could bring joy.

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