Hardest Goodbye

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Lily and Evelyn Evans were more than sisters; they were best friends. Despite the three years apart, they did everything together. After one last piece of advice, Lily was gone breaking Eve’s heart when it was ruled a suicide. Now all she has are the memories of her sister to help her cope with reality and the life ahead of her. Slowly turning mentally ill, she’s begging for Lily to come back and save her again, but two and half years later new evidence comes up questioning everything that Evelyn knew.

Closure is a funny thing because the Hardest Goodbye is not being able to say it at all.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



“Ms. Evans,” the woman called opening my cell door. “You have a visitor.”

Sitting on the bed in the middle of the four grey walls, I swore that I lost it in the emptiness. I’ve been here for nine months I believe and each day has taken a piece of me.

I refuse to move so she is forced to grab me by the orange jumpsuit and throw me against the cold grey wall to cuff my hands. She proceeds to escort me throughout the prison until we reach the door. As the door opened, my heart stops because Lily is sitting behind a table..

She never looked so beautiful. Her blonde waves whispered down her shoulders framing her clear, oval-shaped face. Her pink, ample lips formed a wide smile around her white teeth. “Honestly Evie, don’t look so surprised. You didn’t think I’d hear that my baby sister was locked up and I wouldn’t go visit her do you?”

“Lily,” I whispered. A smile lifted from the corners of my lips.

“You have five minutes,” The guard informed me before shutting the door and leaving us to speak privately. I ran to the seat in front of her wanting so badly to hug her. She giggled shaking her head and letting the waves fall in front of her grey eyes.

“Why are you in here, Eve?” Her cheeky smile turned into a frown of disappointment. “What do they say you did?”

“They think I killed you.”

“Well that’s dumb,” She laughed. “I’m right here,” she casually spoke letting her arms fall from her chest to her side. “I’m pretty sure that’s good enough evidence, don’t you think.”

I chuckled, “yeah, I guess.”

“What’s eating at you, Nervous Nelly?”

“Nothing,” I shook my head in fear that she would get up and leave, but she saw right through me; she always did. “It’s just that,” I hesitated but forced myself to push through it, “You’ve been gone for a long time; where have you been?”
“I’ve been around.”

“Evelyn,” A voice interrupted but the man was nowhere in sight.

“Did you hear that,” Paranoia struck and I found myself looking around for a man.

“Hear what?”

“Sorry, I kept you waiting,” A man walked through the wall behind Lily. He was tall and extremely handsome. His broad shoulders held strong to keep the large head sitting on his neck. His neatly combed hair fell over his forehead to cover his blue eyes. The casual wear he modeled exposed his muscles and tense posture.


I looked back down at Lily and her frame began to deteriorate. She was whisping away before my eyes and that scared me. “What’s going on?” I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and I wanted badly to stop her from going away. The dull, grey walls began to melt into white paint and the private room expanded into a room full of patients wearing mint. From there, I was able to go back and recall the last five minutes:

“Ms. Evans,” The same woman from before had come wearing white and a smile on her face. “There is someone waiting for you,” she sung to a soft melody after walking in and folding my bed sheets. “Let’s go meet the visitor, shall we?”

I nodded my head and got up to follow her to the media room. A lot of people were walking around – some were crazier than others. I sat down at the table, the woman appointed me. She continued on to say, “Let me go get your visitor and then you guys can take all the time you need.”


It wasn’t until she walked out and I sifted comfortably into my seat when I saw her. She just appeared to me but I was really talking to myself; a figment of my own imagination.

She’s gone. She’s not here.

Ian looked down at me asking if he could sit down. “Lily,” I called out and his eyes grew in fear. “Lily, come back!”

“Nurse,” He called out as loud as he could without disrupting the rest of the patients and still not letting his eyes leave mine. “Nurse!” It was then when I lost all control of my body and mind. I lost it completely.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, shaking uncontrollably. Two men ran through the doors and each of them grabbed one my arms and tried to hold me down. The nurse came and tried to escort Ian away from me but he wouldn’t budge. He just looked down at me with sorrow-filled eyes that obviously pities poor little me. “She’s having an episode you need to leave,” she told him but he still stood there.

One man injected a needle into my arm inserting liquid into my body – some kind of tranquilizer and I lost control of my consciousness. “Lily,” I cried softly as I fell back into the chair.

Lily’s dead.

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