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Aubrey O'Malley never had the desire to find her biological parents until two years ago when her father died. With the annual father daughter dance nearing, she's struggling to not think about her biological father. One day while she's sitting by the ocean, the tide encompasses her into a new world; her world. Embark on the journey Aubrey takes to discover where she's from in the first installment of an inspiring series written for those who ever wandered where they came from or for anyone who likes to lose themselves in a fantasy escape. It's a fantasy far from a fairytale filled with Royalty, knights, and magic.

You'll read about each and every character as Aubrey explores the world she came from and falls in love with the boy from an enemy country.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Lost Princess

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



“Mom, stop it okay,” Aubrey yelled, fired up.

It was the time of year that Aubrey was dreading for two years. It was the Newport’s annual father-daughter dance and as luck would have it, she was without a father. As a little girl, she used to dream about her dad dancing with her at the party until he was killed in a car accident two years ago. His death and the upcoming dance have forced her to start thinking about her biological family. Would he come and dance with me, She though letting her mind wrestle with questions she knew didn’t even matter.

“Honey, we can stay in that night,” Her mom offered. “I’ll rent a movie?”

Aubrey felt like they were going in circles because it seemed as if her mom was offering any distraction for them to do the night of the dance. “Forget it,” She shook her head frustrated. “I’m just going to go down by the beach. “

“Okay, but stay out of the water. There has been earthquakes in Japan that can cause a Tsunami,” She reminded protectively but all the while giving up on her attempts to fill the void. Her orders didn’t really matter because Aubrey has never gone swimming in the ocean. The pool? Well, sure but never the ocean. People constantly judge her for her irrational fear but she rather be judged then wind up stranded in the middle of the ocean. She always went by the ocean but never went into it, it calmed her down.

Pushing, pulling

Ocean is receding

Calming her by a roar

Waves wash her like never before

It only took a few minutes for her to start walking on sand and another five for her to reach the water. Along the water, she was safe. Out of all the times she’s been here, she’s never let the water touch her skin but today the roar of the waves was calling out to her. The tides whispered as they rose far in the distance. Aubrey tried to annoy the lingering feeling in the pit of her stomach that the ocean might not be that bad. But what’s the harm in putting my toes in the water, she contemplated.

Taking a small step towards the water, she expected to feel the freezing cold water at the tips of her toes but she looked at the waves as they receded. She let out a sigh of relief knowing that this fear was irrational for a fourteen year old girl but it didn’t mean that she couldn’t have been swallowed up by the ocean. So she sits down right where she was standing and breathes heavily not noticing that the once receding waves were now rushing towards her. What she expected was to feel the freezing cold but what she felt was a warm and entrancing. As soon as her feet touched the water, the ocean awakened. She was alive.

Encompassed into the tides, she tumbles around letting the waves toss her up and down and from left to right – losing control of her body. The pressure of water weighed down on her for what seemed like hours. She was floating around in the tides but in an instant, the pressure was gone and she was still floating and unable to breathe. Awakened by the sunset, she tries looking around only to find herself in the middle of a wide green plain.

Holding all her strength in her core, she tries to pull herself up but the sharp jab in the middle of her back hinders her from getting up. Wincing from the pain, she lets out a high pitch scream while a far figure tumbles out of the forest dressed quite oddly. Armored in heavy metal, the man finds it hard to make it all the way over to her side. But in the matter of minutes, he finds himself on his knees leaning over her.

“Am,” She paused opening her eyes slightly. “Am I in heaven?”

He chuckled heartily before answering, “Not quiet.” She opened her eyes all the way now to look at him. He had long dark hair that fell to the side of his face and his brown eyes showed nothing of concern or amusement. “But you must’ve taken a rather awful fall.”

“Rather awful fall,” She questioned bluntly. “Where are we? England?

“England,” He was taken aback, “Where is that?”

She would have questioned him a little more but the fall had taken the energy out of her. Life was slowly draining from her eyes and she wanted to rest for a little while. She whispered something under her breath that the man could not understand. “Let me help you,” He tries to pull her up but she yelps in pain shaking herself awake for a little longer. Now, frightened, he feared that she might have been paralyzed. The man tries to pick her up, but a distant scream might have caused him to drop her.

The distant voice caught up with them and the man unsheathed his sword letting the blade frighten his enemy, “Get away from her”. The man, who seemed to be helping the girl, stood on his feet with his arms raised and he took a few steps back away from the sleeping girl. The swordsman stepped closer to him letting the man’s chin rest on the blade. “Take another step and I cut your throat.”

“I believe you,” He spat at him, “Puny Prince.”

“Feeling valiant are we,” The swordsman pressed on. “Insulting the man with sword against your throat isn’t the most intelligent thing you’ve ever done. So tell me Valiant one,” The prince mocked, “why I shouldn’t shred you to pieces right now?” The man stayed silent. “My apologies, Sir. Have I rendered you speechless?”


“Then speak,” The prince commanded. “Our treaty clearly states that your people cannot cross into our territory. If one were to ever cross the boundary then the founder may kill the one who crosses. So beg for your life and tell me why I shouldn’t have your blood?” He stood in a stance of power and preparedness waiting patiently for the time to make the first cut.

“Because you’re the prince waiting for your time to shine and rescue the damsel in distress,” he looked over at the girl on the floor. “She doesn’t have much time before she’s paralyzed for good, your Highness.” The prince looks over at the familiar girl lying their helpless, but his stance never wavered.

His voice did not quiver, stutter, or waver throughout this encounter. “My Calvary will be here soon. You better get a start. So go and remember this day as the day I spared your life.” He ran away quickly and the Prince stood his ground until the man was far off in the distance.

He dropped to her side letting his sword fall on the grass. Staring at her up and down, he was amazed and frightened. The girl was asleep and he didn’t wake her up when he lifted her head slightly to let her blond hair’s tips whisper across the ground she was lying on. “It can’t be,” he whispered to himself. Her skin was growing whiter and she was looking weaker every moment they stood there. By now, the prince realized that he needed to get her to the castle. He let his arms push under her body and without any groan or complication he lifted her off the ground. She was lighter than anyone back home gave her credit for; lighter than what she gave herself credit for.

From the middle of plain, the prince made his way towards the forest but at the entrance of the wilderness his Calvary of strange people wandered in. It was more a group of four then a Calvary but the enemy didn’t know that. There were two elderly advisors to the king, a dwarf, and Centaur.

“Prince,” One of the elders let out a sigh of relief. “You can’t wander off like,” The elder was interrupted by the disarrayed look on his face. His strawberry blonde hair spilled over his blue eyes. “Your Highness?” It took a few short moments for the man to notice the girl in his arms but once he did he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“Sir Baston,” Prince tried to breathe. “I-is this,” He failed to finish the sentence because of his traumatic state.

“I can’t be sure, Sir.”

The dwarf walked closer to him, “It looks like she may need some medical attention. We’ve got to get home before it gets dark. The nurses will look at her there.” The short stumpy man turned on his heel and led the way through the forest.

The young prince had the hardest time maneuvering around the trees, ditches, and fallen trunks. Carrying the sleeping girl added to the weight and although she might have weighed nothing when he first picked her up, she weighed like a ton of brick now. It must’ve been an hour before they reached home and by then it was dark. Thankfully, the Nurses were sitting out on the castle porch waiting through their break but when they caught sight of the prince and the ill-stricken lady.

“Prince Silas,” One of the nurses called out to him. She was young and new but very talented. “Get her on the bed inside,” She ordered and the prince obeyed without hesitation.

The event happened so fast. The nurses rushed into their emergency room and made sure they had their supplies. The Calvary went away putting their horses and weaponry in the outback shed. The prince, on the other hand, stayed right by the girl’s side while the Nurses tried to gather everything.

“Your Highness, I beg your pardon, but you must leave,” The elderly nurse gestured to the door. “The girl will be in great pain and you cannot be objected to it. It’s only way she’ll heal.”

After a moment of arguing, he found it best to leave and retrieve his father. Sir Baston walked in as he exited the emergency room. “Sir, get my father. Tell him he must see what we’ve found in the Great Plain.”

“As you wish,” Sir Baston bowed his head and scurried off to find the King.

As the Prince waited by the door, he heard each and every scream that came from the girl’s lips. He could only imagine what the nurses were doing in there, but I could tell you exactly what they were doing. All at once, the three nurses waved their hands over the girl’s spine and in the air weaved her broken bones together. By magic, the bones melted together but just because its magic doesn’t mean it isn’t painful.

She awoke in horror and pain from the magic being performed on her; however, she had no idea what it was. In her mind, she thought it was surgery but no hands or metal clamps were touching her. In fact, there was no physical contact at all. All she knew was that somehow, painfully, she was being healed and it was draining the energy out of her again. When the nurses were done, she had already fallen back to sleep.

“Prince,” The third nurse opened the door out of breath. “She’s okay. You can see her but don’t wake her up.” She walked out of the room with the other two nurses following.

“Thank you,” he remembered to express his gratitude with a bow and the three nurses returned it with a curtsey. After walking in, Silas sat down by her bedside staring at her in awe and confusion. She looked just like her, but in many ways different. He tried to imagine the young adult, even younger but even then he had forgotten what she looked like. After staring at her for a long while, he stood up and paced the room trying to determine what to do with her. He imagined the conversation they would have if she were to wake up right then, but each scenario ended poorly and unrealistically. The only way for him to really know how their conversation would go is if they had one.

“Okay, Silas,” the King walked in humoring the young prince. “What did I have to see?” The prince turned around to face the majestic man who ruled the country. He was tall, magnificent, and courageous; everything Silas hoped to be when he becomes King. The country bows at his presence and shakes upon hearing his name or voice even. He was majestic and although he didn’t have any special feature that made him more beautiful than another, he was a plain handsome man. He possessed blonde hair spilling over his eyes and a clean chin. His posture stood still. “Silas?”

Letting out a breath, the prince spoke, “Father,” he gestured to the young girl in the bed. “We found her in the middle of the Great Plain.”

For the first time in the prince’s presence, The King let his jaw drop and posture falter. He gasped letting his weakened knees stumble at the side of the bed. Walking closer to her, he held his breath until he saw her face and then it was clear as day to him. He fell on his knees and Prince Silas was at a loss but pulled himself together to be able to ask, “Is this her?

The King stared at the girl inhaling deeply. His eyes didn’t move from her but they became glassy blurring his vision. He tried to stay strong and not cry as he spoke, “Yes, Son.” He nodded his head, “This is Amara.” At his own words, he bowed his head and began to cry. Prince Silas made his way to the door so that he could leave the King his privacy and he closed the door so that the King wouldn’t be seen at his weakest point which would embarrass him.

Sir Baston and the other advisor, Sir Christopher, came near to him as he shut the door. “Your Highness,” Sir Christopher whispered to make sure not interrupt anything. “What is going on?” He questioned after listening to the King’s strong weeping and loud wailing through what was supposed to be a sound proof door.

“It appears as if,” The prince hesitated, “The lost princess has returned.”

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