The Clearing

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Jessica Lynn Rogers is your normal sixteen year old. But when she makes an amazing find in the woods behind her house... Let's just say things will change. Big time!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Clearing

Submitted: December 30, 2010

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Submitted: December 30, 2010



The sound of my footsteps crunched on the ground. I didn’t know where I was going and at that moment I didn’t care. The fight I had just had with my mom was replaying over and over I my mind. Why was I so stubborn? Why couldn’t I just apologize? I knew half way through the argument that it was my fault but I just couldn’t admit I was wrong. Not then, not yet.In time I knew I would apologize, I always did.
I looked around at all the beautiful, willowy and graceful aged trees. I liked coming here. The forest behind my house had been a safe stop for me for years. Anytime I needed space, needed a stop to think clearly or just relax I could always come here.It was so peaceful. I came to work out my problems. The trees never judged or watched you. They let you think in peace.
I kept walking, the dry leaves crackling under my shoes. I shivered wishing I had brought a jacket.A strong gust of fall wind whipped against my face sending hair flying. I breathed deeply and the cold air stung my throat. Tucking my arms under my chest I kept walking.
It was getting late and darkness was starting to fall all around me.Thinking back, I shouldn’t have come here this late at night. I turned around trying to find my way back to the house, wishing I stuck to the trail and not just wondered on like I had.
I headed in what I hoped was the right direction. I walked and walked wondering if I had seen that tree or bush before. After what seemed like hours but was probably just a few minutes I stumbled across a little clearing.
An eerie feeling washed over me. Like someone was watching or someone was just here. Part of me wanted to run away as fast as I could. Something inside me was telling me this place wasn’t right. My eyes swept the clearing looking for anything out of the ordinary. There was a dark shadow near the edge that caught my attention.
I approached the figure.
It was large, bigger than me. I should have walked away. I should have turned around and never came back, but I didn’t. I needed to know what it was. I got close. The only sound I heard was me breathing.
I walked to the side of the shape. I wanted to run, but instead I took a deep breath and kicked the figure over with my shoe.
My scream ripped through the night air.


This is my first time ever writing a novel so sorry if it's not that good. I'll try my best!

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