The Perfect Heartbreak

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Lily Adams has convinced herself that running away to DC after college was the best thing she ever did. However, the life she had in Boston has made her the person she is. When Ian Hemmingway, a big part of Lily's past shows up at the hotel to stay for a week, she is reminded how much he damaged her in so many ways. She spent seven years avoiding him and now she is wondering if that was a smart choice...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Perfect Heartbreak

Submitted: September 28, 2010

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Submitted: September 28, 2010



When I was younger, my mother always told me that the universe needed a balance. Fate should be tested and karma would always make it's way around. As for me, Ididn't believe in that. I guess Iwas like my father in that sense. The whole "Jesus is my Savior!"thing was more my path in life. I'm twenty-seven years old. No husband. Nokids. Just this amazing job which I was hopelessly devoted to.Today was like any other day:the hotel was busy, my employees were blowing up my phone with petty problems, and my chef was going to join me for lunch. However, something was completely off. Icouldn't put my finger on it, but I wasn't going to let this drive me crazy.

I'm a Boston native, but moved to DC to get out of the fairy tale Iwas living. A tap on the door brought me back to reality. Nathan, the chef and my boyfriend walked in with a tray of food. Ismiled for a greeting and started clearing my desk. I was starving, to say the least. I ended spending the night in my office last night because Iwas just too tired to go home, therefore skipping breakfast. Nathan was thirty years old and probably the the best chef that this hotel has ever seen. Not to mention that he was drop dear gorgeous!He lived in Australia for four years before coming back to the states and worked here. That's why his skin was so tan. His hair was sany blonde and had hazel eyes that could make any girl melt. We were interrupted by one of the front desk associates, Marti. She wasn't very bright, and Iknew I'd be missing about ten minutes of my well-deserved lunch.

"I'm sorry, Miss Adams, but there is a man here who is being a total...ass. Anyway, he wants to speak with you."Ishot an apologetic glance to Nathan and Istood up.

"Thanks, Marti. Why don't you get James from the second floor to take your place and go take your break." She nodded and left the room. I took my iPhone that was sitting on my desk and I figured that I'd send an email to my own boss about new changes to the lobby. I typed the first paragraph all the way until Igot behind the front desk. It wasn't until I looked up that my appetite completely vanished. He looked sorry at first, but his twisted smile managed to appear. Ian Hemmingway. This is great. He found me. Now I'd have to break up with Nathan and move to California. "What are you doing here?"Iasked with my annoyed tone as Istarted to check him in.

"DCis such a beautiful place, isn't it?"He asked as he wiggled his eyebrows flirtaciously. Irolled my eyes.

"Isuppose Daisy told you where I was?"

"Of course not. This was all fate."My eyes quickly met his icy blue eyes. It was like he talked to my mom or something. I huffed, my anger filling my body.

"I hope this is a short visit. Please, hesitate to call if you need anything, because I'm planning a wedding and it would be fantastic if I didn't have to see you the entire time you're here."

"Well I'm leaving in seven days. So yes, Isuppose that's short."His face fell.

"Business or pleasure?"Iasked, curiously, and I had to put it in the form.

"Business. Stricly business." I reached for his room keys and handed them to him. For a moment, he looked at me, lovingly. For Ian, that was impossible. My heart started racing. He held his hand out for the keys and out hands brushed against each other. "I've been thinking a lot about college lately. Good times..." Iclosed my eyes and turned around.

"For you..."Ismiled to James and left the front desk to walk back to my office.My eyes filled up with tears but Iregained my composure as Ientered my safe haven. College. Now that takes me back...

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