The Battle of Nordstrom

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Ahh I couldn't decide what genre! In my eyes, it's a classic. But also Historical Fiction! But since the novel takes place in the time of war, so war and military it shall be.

A novel in the is some beginning info on it:

It takes place in the early 20th century, in the agricultural (and somewhat poor) era of Sweden. Furthermore, Sweden also went through drastic changes as a country during this time, especially religion. In our history, Poland, Lithuania, and Sweden fought against each other in the 30 Years War during the Middle Ages due to the spread of Christianity across Eastern Europe and in some parts of Scandinavia. The Treaty of Westphalia was settled after the war was over and stated that, "these three countries must agree to spread the Christian faith and acceptance." But centuries later, Sweden, once again, made drastic changes to be more distinct and was on the verge of leaving the Christian faith to more of a Protestant religion (and nowadays, 81% of Swedes practice Islam, But during the earliest 20th century, Poland believed that Sweden broke the Treaty of Westphalia and declared war on the small, growing nation.

Amarna Westerlund, who came from one of the fewest aristrocratic families in Sweden, has lived a political and militiary life due to her father's status. Her father, who was a former general, and chairman of the military deptartment fell ill to lead the Swedish forces and has let Riksdag (parliament of Sweden) decide to have Amarna in control since her father taught her about this way of life. Amarna Westerlund, has poses challenges and high expectations for being the first woman militant leader in the country and that period of time. She goes through turmoil as well as triumph through particular battles. Not only she struggled in this war, but with herself mentally and emotionally.

Until the last battle, The Battle of Nordstrom, determines her faith as well as her final destiny in life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Dawned Human Being

Submitted: October 20, 2006

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Submitted: October 20, 2006



The 1900shas entitledanother impressive chapter in the never-ending novel called Life. The new era has already given a sense of joy and certainty to the people who wish their lives become better. However, this belief throughout timecan becomemore superficial by thinking that the tick-tock-tick-tock will destroy the past,heal the present, and shield the future. This, of course, is one way of looking at of, guiding oneself through life. Not the purest way, however it’s a “naive” start. The other way, the less popular way of looking at life, isregardedto human development of social and mental compositions that can manipulatethe being’s confidence and wisdom within their lifetimes.

In a homespun translation, a human being cannot just depend on time to change his or her life forever. A positive (even a negative) change can be a result due to daily or occasional events, which inquired a person to design a destination to a solution, based on that formula. It’s called “experiencing life through challenges and seeing if you either conquered the experiences or not”.I called it, the secret formula for life’s success.

Rather not say anymore or I’ll become a bigger hypocrite than Lucifer. It’s wrong to be pessimistic if you don’t know anything about the future. It should become a law, but everyone would be in jail. However, if you “frilly-folly” on the dirt road with a thought of happiness in the time ahead of you, then sometimes you’re likely to have your hopes get shot by reality when they’re floating way above the clouds. And like any dying scene, your hopeswould lay there on the dirt road, bleeding out the beliefs and ideas of future fortune. What would you do now? What would I do now? You would watch your hopes bleed to death, and become doubtful because of the fear of losing high hopes again is disturbing. I would on the other hand, think of a way to get back at my dream assassins. Yet, it would take a while for me to engage such an activity, that, I would stand there and watch my hopes die. It’s confusing, it’s senseless, and it’s unbelievable. But it’s a useless theory that rambles on about the secret formula. It’s much like worthless information that you may never want to hear again.

Is this how I think? Is this how I feel? Is this cynical research, a toxin, which I breathe in every time I walk through a new room of adventures, triumphs, and tragedies? What do you think? What do they think? What does God think? Am I a relentless being that has relentless behavior in order to survive in this relentless world? Or does my heart beat fatally because I lost myself and may die from sadness and solitude? I am undefined.

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