This is Junior Year

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There is not much to do when living in a small rural town, or is there? Meet Jennifer and her friends as they enter their third year in high school. With goals and inspirations larger than their community, her and friends will endure common teenage situations with a twist: school, friends, family, parties, and even love, this year will be interesting! But with one more year to go of innocent fun and minor responsibility, will it be enough for Jennifer to grasp the power of choice and the consequences of the right and the wrong? Will the ups and downs make her Junior year memorable or forgettable? Will love conquer all or humor come save the day? Time will only tell. Besides, this is only high school. This is, Junior Year.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - This is Junior Year

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



Around early morning, the robins chirped in their nests that are on top of birch trees, olive trees, young oak trees, and in between the gutters of houses and garages.  A new day with the same tasks.  It was breakfast time for these little, orange-bellied residents.  As the saying goes, "the early bird catches the worm."  A male robin along with his posse poked the green ground for their first meal.  After a few seconds he flew over to a high branch that faced a window to a two-story home.  The robin stared at the slightly opened window and hopped closer to it and chirped.  While the birds were feeding, the sun crawled above the horizon bringing in hues of magentas, pinks, and oranges.  It looked like a painting.  A masterpiece done by Mother Nature.  The majestic yet dim colors laid above the long, rolling cornfields.  It was a beautiful Monday morning, a quiet morning.  Such peace and serenity that has captured this sleepy town.

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  The alarm clock continued to screech, frightened the robin that sat on the branch outside and flew away to someplace normal.  After a minute,  a hand slammed the alarm clock to snooze and the heavy sleeper rolled on her side.  She thought about it, I can sleep some more, I am still on break.  Wrong, young lady.  Five minutes went by and the alarm clock alerted her to wake up or she will regret not to.  Her eyes bulged and she rolled to her other side and turned off the alarm clock on her night stand.  She sat up in her bed, adjusting her pale eyes and squinted at the calendar on the wall by her door.  Oh shit!  Did she forget?  No but she wanted to.  The first day of school. 

She jumped out of bed, I will make my bed later, she thought.  She grabbed her robe and walked out of her room and down the quiet hall to the bathroom.  Something was different, though.

"I'll be out in a minute!"  A younger voice yelled while she jiggled the door knob.

"Oh you got to be kidding, Danny!  It's the first day of school and I'll be late!"  The older sibling banged on the door a few times, hoping it will rush Danny to get out of the bathroom.  Another door further down the hallway opened and the alpha female marched out with a disappointing look on her face.  She too, jiggled the door knob and knocked on the door.

"Danny sweetie, your sister needs to use the bathroom.  She starts school way earlier than you do."  In a loving, warm voice that could melt chocolate in a person's hand.

"You heard Mom, get the hell out of the bathroom!"  The daughter's voice was more rampant.

"Jennifer Helen!"  Jennifer stared at her mother-saying her middle name knew she was upset at her.

"Sorry.."  Jennifer mumbled.  Finally, the door unlocked and Danny came out with his hands on his belly, slouched over as he strolled to his room. 

"Danny, are you feeling okay?" Mom asked him while she placed her palm over his rosy cheek.

"I threw up, Mom.  I don't think I can go to school today. "  He replied solemnly.

"Oh my Gawd Danny, you did this last time before the first day of school.  Stop being a wuss and go to school.  My God, you're going to be in fifth grade.  I'd trade lives with you.  This is my first day of J-U-N-I-O-R Y-E-A-R."  Jennifer emphasized the last important words to her younger brother.  He glanced at her and kept walking to his bedroom. Mom followed him to his bedroom and winced at her daughter.

"He is really warm, Jennifer.  I won't force him to go to school today if he is not feeling good."

"Of course, but when I feel like death crawled over me, I still have to go!"  Jennifer yelled back disruptively and rolled her eyes.

"Go take a shower."  Mom was stern and closed her brother's door and they both vanished except hearing mumbling voices in the room.  Jennifer did not argue and slammed the bathroom door behind her.


Pancakes sizzled in the frying pan as toasts popped up in the toaster, golden brown.  Perfect!  The older man thought and he grabbed the two slices of toast with his middle fingers and thumbs and placed them on a white, fragile plate.  Mom flipped the pancakes over and took a whiff of the hearty, breakfast aroma.

"Oh it smells good, Dear.  Do you want honey or jam on your toast."  He hugged her from behind, kissing her neck.  She smiled.

"I want you on my toast, Mike.  And I would nibble the ends off and-"

"Mom, Dad.  I'm right here."  Jennifer interrupted the love scene, making sure it did not go any further. 

"Faye, make her a plate and I'll finish these pancakes in the pan."  He smoothed his blue tie and switched places with his wife.  It wasn't often that Mike was able to sit down for breakfast with his family, usually running out the door grabbing a banana or his Ensures.  But today, his work pushed the daily morning meeting back two hours due to his Vice President encountered a family emergency.

"Here ya go, Jenny.  Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, toast with easy on the butter which I know you like.  And of course, fluffy buttermilk pancakes that are out-of-this-world."Faye delicately placed Jennifer's meal on the taupe mat which laid neatly on the small, round glass table.  Jennifer looked down at her plate and nodded her head.  Breakfast, she thought and continued, the best meal of the day!  She grabbed her fork and knife and cut her pancakes in neatly squares.  She then poured syrup over her pancakes in a circular motion; thin streams of sticky happiness.  After placing the syrup bottle back on the table, Jennifer watched her parents fixing their own plates.

"Is Danny coming downstairs to eat with us?"  Jennifer asked, about to put a savory, squared piece of buttermilk delight into her mouth. 

"He is laying in his room, watching T.V.  I will be fixing him some oatmeal and toast shortly.  He is staying home today."  The smell of hazelnut was on Faye's breath.  She loved her coffee and was meticulous about it.  Bold but not too heavy.  One teaspoon of sugar, a splash of Hazelnut cream.  The cream had to be cold; she was prejudice of the dusty kind as she would say.  And hot, very hot.  Hotter than sitting a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of July.  The things that were unbearable to others were bearable to Faye.  Mike shrugged his shoulders to his wife's answer.  He nibbled on his jelly-filled toast  while reading the front page of the newspaper. 

"Jenny are you going to be late for school?"  Her father murmured behind his periodical. 

"No I won't be late for school.  I only have to pick Kristen and Ashley will be driving her brother's car to school."  Jennifer was closed to finish her breakfast.

"Kristen will be excited to get a ride in your new car.  Has she seen it?"  Faye smiled, taking another sip of her java. 

"I texted both her and Ashley pictures, Kristen was thrilled of course.  Ashley said she couldn't see the pics because her phone kept turning on and off."

"Sounds like she is due for a new phone."  Mom replied, placing her mug down and looked out of the tall windows in the breakfast nook area.  It was a beautiful Monday morning, indeed.  The sun beamed through the Monticello windows while birds swooped from tree to tree singing to each other. 

"Mom, she is due for new hands.  She drops everything.  Her parents can afford a brand new car for her-no doubt, but they're afraid the car won't last two weeks."  Jennifer snickered and got up, she pulled her chair in and placed the plate in the sink, syrup dripped to the ends of the plate.

"Don't let Ashley grab a hold of the wheel, Jen."  Mike lightly chuckled however felt uneasy of the conversation. 

"Our insurance is high enough as it is when we added you on our policy."  He continued.

"I know Dad and thank you...for everything.  I'm going..."  Jennifer kissed both her parents on the cheek and trotted to their foyer of the house.  She grabbed her purse and backpack off the staircase and opened the front door.

"Have a good day today,  we'll see you later!"  Her mom yelled and waved goodbye as her daughter hurriedly closed the door.

Outside,  already sweat dripped down her forehead.  The morning was warm and humid, a typical August day.  Jennifer opened her purse to grab her sunglasses.  She moved her long, auburn strands of hair away from her face to place the shades over her eyes.  She walked cautiously to her car, smiled at it knowing that it was hers.  She climbed into the Cabrio and ignited the engine.  A rock song from one of her saved radio stations blasted, "Sweet Gloria, I will you miss when I leave for Stanford.  I have the Standford Blues knowing that I will be without you, Oh Glor-i-a!" She twisted the volume knob to the left, almost silencing the punk music.  Jennifer pulled her smart phone out of her small purse and texted Kristen that she was on her way to come get her.  She tossed her phone back into her purse and decided to unhook the convertible canvas above her head.  She pressed the button that slowly lifted the canvas away from her head, as it crinkled into a smaller form and disappeared behind the backseat's head rests.Jennifer clinched on to the gear shift and shifted into Reverse. 

The car rolled out of the blacktop driveway and on to the quiet street.  She glanced in her mirrors and shifted the gear to Drive and drove away from her house.  She only passed three houses and stopped at the stop sign.  At the intersection of Wildflower Drive and Long Grass Road, Jennifer looked both ways and cautiously continued down Wildflower Drive in her newly built subdivision.  She heard the diesel engines of heavy trucks that were parked on each side of the street.  Jennifer glimpsed at the construction crew coming in and out of the construction sites carrying tools and building material.  This was not uncommon in a rapidly growing rural town.  With her eyes focused on the center of the road, Jennifer felt the warm summer breeze flowing through her hair.  She tilted her head back and exhaled deeply, and felt relaxed.  Jennifer remembered the song and twisted the volume knob to the right to hear the melody again.  "This Winter I will visit you, I wish I could in the Fall.  Don't fear the long-distance, remember our love will prevail all!  Oh-Oh-Oh Glor-i-a!"

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