Phoenix Burns

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Celestania, Chasm of Stars , Year:12673

Nana looked out the windws of the small captyains room, the blankets pooled around her as well as her hair as she watched the ship descend into the brightly lit walls. They caught the moonlight like glass caught the sun. The gemstones embedded deep into the rock shone like stars on the black and pale yellow sand. The vehicle lurched to a stop and Nana frowned. Shouts were heard outside and the doors were opened. The shouting moved inside, Nana yanked her blade from its perch on the pillow next to her. Nix's silent gift after going up front to steer. "Hey, easy, I'll go." Nix spoke evenly.

"Only you?" The gruff voice demanded.


Nana shoved out of the door lifting her knife to stab one of the men in the ship."Nana, No!" Nix's command ripped through her like fire. She froze instantly, Nix's eyes glowed as he held up the arm with the sapphire nestled in his flesh.

"This is my companion."Nix said. "I let you board this ship so we could make a deal."

"What deal?" Nana examined the man and his companions. He seemed almost familiar, she frowned and watched as he moved a swirl of cloak and dusty clothes. He smirked and sat in the chair opposite of Nix.

"It's been a while," Nix said. "I found out you were a bandit from the resistance."

"We all couldnt live under Exodor, Nix."The voice hit her then. This was the man who was Nix's only friend, the only soldier who shared loyalty between her and Nix. She looked into the face of her second knight, Roland the griffon.  She twisted ehr head and walked back into the room to dress better than her simple white underdress. "Why are you out here?"

"Nana and I are going to the kingdom to end Exodors rule."

"Thats quite dumb Nix, walking the goddess straight into the den of the dark dragon." He laughed, "You were alot more cautious then."

"The goddess died on the roof the day Exodor betrayed the peace in this kingdom. What stands now are the resistance, Nana and I." Nix said, "I have forces moving on the kingdom now, they will await my arrival then from the inside we will wage war."Nix said. Nana slid into the shorts and the long sleeveless trench coat. Pulling the hood up she began to slide her knives into place and easing into her boots.

"Well though out, I'm surprised you could get that bastard Jockrahn to leave the goddess' skirt for more than a day." Roland laughed and Nana gritted her teeh at the truth. Without Nix the government would fall again, despite what her mother said Celestania would need Nix to be King.

"True, but here we are ready to tear that traitor down and rebuild this country." Nix said. "Come with me Roland, the Fire Forces died with the kingdom, but they will return to your command once Exodor is finished."

"Nix, that was a long time ago." Roland said. But Nana heard the bald emotion in the bandits voice, he wanted to be apart of the resistance, he wanted to end the rule of Exodor. She could sense it in him, his desire to protect Nix, the boy he thought of as brother. She had not know he was a bandit, otherwise she would have let up on  the violence. Nana always knew where Rolands loyalties lay, they werent ever with her. She understood, hat was why he was her knight, more to watch over Nix than she. Nix was reckless when it came to her, plain as day.

Roland. Nana entered Rolands mind careful to hide her prescence from Nix. Help us, protect Nix in this battle and help me make him King. This kingdom doesnt need the goddess, it needs him. Help me and I will vanish, I will leave Nix and the trouble will end at Utopian Flare. I will vanish and never return to cause this man the pain this war will bring when Exodors followers hide.

It wont end at Utopian Flare Inanna, Exodors followers will rise to fight the kingdom. Roland was correct yet she was the one who would hunt them down and finish them one by one. She let him see her plan in mind, he acknowedged that and accepted the decision.

Nix cannot go with me I wont allow this fight to continue with him involved. You must help me keep him in Utopian Flare. She begged.

"I will." Roland said. Nana nodded her head as Nix expressed his gratitued to Roland. The bandits would mass and move to join the restance come daylight, Roland left and she joined Nix.

"I wasnt aware he lived." Nana said.

"Immediatly after I became Exodors bodygaurd we argued and he left without a trace. I finally found him in the records at the resistance. I need his help to make this happen." Nix said holding out a hand for her, she enveloped him in a painful hug that wrenched her heart. She was goign to take Nix's decision away from him, regardless of how he felt. Because she couldnt bear for him to die, or be harmed any longer. She wuld fight this battle alone, she atleast knew she couldnt die under normal circumstances.

"A fine choice Nix." She sid even as ehr sould cried out in agony, the steeled her heart, this was what needed to be done.

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