God's Angel: Chapter 1

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The year is 2409 and the world is in a state of confussion. One woman, leader of the rebellion stands up to the ruthless dictator but it's not just a fight for life and death anymore. Now it's a fight for her very soul. The more she goes on the more she descovers she's not who she thought she was and when thrust into harsh reality she has to grapple with a deep dark emotion. Will she alone be able to save the world and her sanity?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - God's Angel: Chapter 1

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



The world lay in a state of fear and depression. Ruble and bits of rocks lay here and there along ruined lands. People fled and hid in underground shelters as bombs rained down upon their cities. Many countries were torn apart and several continents lay in ruins such as South and North America. However one country grew stronger than the rest, Norbourgia. The vast Norbourgia armies marched over the lands spreading fear through the hearts of the people.

  A few of the remaining countries had gathered together to fight the over whelming control of the Norbourgians. Their name wasn’t spoken or even whispered among the people of the small countries in fear that they might get killed and tortured but still it left the people with at least a small amount of hope in their hearts.

The Norbourgians were gaining power fast under the rule of one man with one dream. Felix Rolf was his name but his name was never spoken out loud in fear that they would never wake up. His dream was to kill every religious person who had ever existed and make himself a god so that everyone would have to kneel before and worship him. Felix had been began his reign of power in the late 3399’s but had finally managed to blow up the Americas in 3409 which then tossed the world into a state of panic and confusion.  

Even though the Norbourgia armies killed people in horrific ways such as burning them alive inside churches and burying them alive they underestimated one cause. The one cause that would cost them the whole war and all of their power. The cause that would change history forever, a woman.

“No, please I have information!” Pleaded a grimy man on the ground before me.

  I sat on my raised chair and glared down at him with as much hatred as I could manage.

“What can a preacher,” I spat the word at him with venom “possibly have that could be useful to me?”

My voice was cold and unwelcoming but the man continued.

“I know where the lady is, the one who helped all those people escape. I’ll tell you if you promise to let me go.”

I arched an eyebrow and spoke in a slightly amused voice, “You’re making a deal with me? With one of the most powerful men in this galaxy? I am Felix, don’t forget. ”

My soldiers and generals also in the interrogating room all chuckled silently among themselves.

“Please sir I beg of you. Listen to me.” The man had tear tracks tracing their way through the dirt encrusted on his face.

I found that I felt no pity for this man but I leaned in and said in a soft but deadly voice, “I’m listening.”

“She’s in the small town of Fairfax, not that far from here. She’s hiding in one of the barn houses living with her little sister.”

I gave the man one of my coldest smiles then turned my gaze to one of my most trusted generals.

“Go to Fairfax and find this woman then bring her to me, untouched and unharmed so that I may harm her myself.”

“Sir yes sir!”

  As my general left through the door, which cast a bright line of light onto the dirty man’s face, I saw fear etched into every line on his wrinkled face.

  “Thank you for that information.” I said soothingly to my frightened victim. “I must wonder why a man that calls himself a man of God would betray one of his own.”

“It is true that she is one of our own but when it comes to saving my own skin I would sacrifice anything.” The man answered while looking at me earnestly.

“Coward.” The word that came from my mouth was just a whisper but it made the man flinch as though he had just been hit with a whip.

“Why is she so important to your people?” I continued our conversation as I began to run my finger along the short barrel of the hand gun I was holding.

The man’s eyes followed my fingers’ motions while he began to quiver and quake with fear.

“We believe that she is an angel sent from God himself. It is said that she will bring you to your knees.”

“But what will happen when I kill her and kill the hope of your people?” I asked just curious for his answer.

“Oh my…No! I’ve failed!” The man cried out and he clasped his hands in prayer in front of himself. 

  He looked up to the ceiling and began to quote a prayer, “Oh God as thou art in heaven watch over me and-”

  “DON’T SAY THAT CHURCH SHIT IN FRONT OF ME!” I shouted at him suddenly with anger burning through my veins.

My gun was pointed at his head and my finger was on the trigger.

The man looked at me with fresh tears streaking his face.

“Please Lord in heaven above, take-”

I silenced the man with a single shot from my gun, putting a bloody hole in his head. I watched with anger still coursing through my veins as he dropped to the floor in a puddle of growing blood.

“Bring me the wench.” I whispered in an angry whisper. _________________________________________________________________________

“No let her go! Don’t touch her! Kill me, take me, not her! Please not her!”

A cry sounded from the street of a run-down muddy town as people came from their houses wrapped up in rags and shawls to stand in the rain and watch.

A hand full of gray uniformed soldiers stand in the middle of the muddy street watching as two of their own struggled with a woman in her early twenties as she kicked and punched and flailed her limps, desperately trying to get free.

“Hold still!” barked one of the soldiers as he tried to handcuff her flailing wrists but she shook her head and punched him in the nose making him hop back holding his bloody nose.

The angry man that she had punched pointed his gun at a small girl being held by a guard and said, “If you don’t stop fooling around then I will put a bullet through her brain!”

The woman instantly stopped struggling and starred out from under the black hood/cloak ensemble she was wearing and eyed her younger sister wearily.

She allowed herself to be handcuffed and her feet to be chained together.

The general who got punched looked her in the face and said in a snide voice, “Ha, you didn’t think that you would be able to get away did you?”

  Her eyes flashed angrily. A soldier behind him was talking in Norbourgian fluently into a walkie-talkie. Soon a big armored truck came rumbling down the street. The general still starring at the woman smiled.

“Looks like this may be the last time we have to deal with you.”

  The woman spat in his face and said in a thick Russian accent, “Yes, but at least I won’t have to look at your horrible face.”

The general angrily whipped the spit off of his face and slapped her across face, making the hood of her cloak fall off to reveal long raven black hair, perfect porcelain skin, perfect red lips and piercing brown eyes. The soldier gave her a memorized smile and put his hand on her cheek.

“Maybe I will see you again but under different circumstances.” He murmured to her.

“Yes maybe I will.” She replied and gave him a sultry smile. “Perhaps we’ll meet in hell you swine!” and she spat in his face again.

The generals’ expression flickered back to anger and he slapped her again.

“You little cunt!” He paused to slap her again then turned to the other soldiers.

“Remove this whore and her kid sister from my sight!”

She was tossed unceremoniously into the back of the truck along with her little sister and the doors were shut behind them. She quickly scrambled to her feet and threw all of her weight against the back doors but it was no use, the locks held fast. Giving up she sat down next to her sister and felt the truck shift and bump underneath them.


She turned in the darkness of the truck towards the soft sound her little sister’s voice.

“What is it Mila?”

“Are we going to die?” Mila’s six year old voice trembled.

“No I promise you. I won’t let them harm you.” Kira promised and she sat her hand comfortly on Mila’s bony knee.

“Are they taking us to another camp?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure that we’ll break out again. Wherever they throw us they can’t take our hope or each other.” Kira wasn’t sure if she was talking to her sibling or herself by now.

A couple of minutes passed in silence for the only noise were the squelching of the mud underneath tires and the faint voices of the men driving the truck.

“Do they know who we are?” Mila whispered in the dark.

“I don’t think they do but I better keep my hood up in case someone recognizes me.”

“What happens if they know who you are and what you did?”

  “Then I get punished.” Kira answered as nicely as she could without telling her sister that she would be shot and killed.

“Punished like mommy and daddy?” Mila asked.

“Yes.” Replied Kira glad that it was dark so that her little sister couldn’t see the tears dripping down her face.

“Why do they want to hurt us?”

“Because we worship God.”

“God will protect us right?” Mila’s little voice shook as she tried to keep faithful.

“Yes he will. He has been. Give me your hand; I want you to sing a song of praise with me.”

“But we don’t even have a cross. They took mine.”

“Give me your hand.”

Kira held her sister’s small cold hand up to a silver cross that hung on a chain around her neck.

“Do you feel it?”


“Mother gave it to me when I was very small so we can always have a cross with us.”


“Which song would you like to sing to Him?”

“How about ‘this little light of mine’. The one that Mommy used to sing to me when I was little.”

“Okay we’ll sing that.” Kira answered and she gave Mila the best hug she could manage while bound in chains.&nbs

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