The life - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: May 22, 2011

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Submitted: May 22, 2011



"Are you alright?" Jenny asked, I didn't answer instead I stared. All I could think about was what was
happening in my life so far. I'm Hannah, sixteen years old, and I go to the Herryfield school. All the girls
say I should be the school representative because A) The school name and my name both start with H B)
I'm the most popular girl in the school and C) I look like a model (really, I'm not making it up. I could
easily say to some stranger that I was a model)I know what your thinking, why am I reading a book about
a sixteen year old snob called Hannah? well the answer is I'm not a snob. I'm a perfectly normal, kind girl
who is sometimes sarcastic.
 "Hannah?," said Jenny again, Jenny is a loud, enthusiastic and a sarcastic girl.
"Oh, yeh I'm totally fine, totally fi-" my voice trailed off I went back to my own world thinking about my
life. "Hannah, I know when your upset" she sighed "well im not, now will you leave me alone" I said stressed
out,Jenny sighed again "Is this about Zack? listen-" I didn't let her continue, I was getting really angry now
"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I yelled Jenny was astonished but it was like she had to get the last word
"You called me remember, you didn't tell me what for..."
"oh yeah, it was the ingredients for your recipe, there in the kitchen" I said pointing to the kitchen
now not been able to even look at her.

When Jenny left I sat on the sofa saying the same thing over and over again in my head like I didn't
know what any of the words ment. I had to decide whether I wanted to actually be the school
representative I would be the cover girl for the school magazine. I was starving but there was nothing in
the fridge. I don't live at home with my parents because if I did I wouldn't be going to Herryfeild school
at all as they live 4 hours away from Herryfeild school. So I bought an Apartment near to Herryfeild.
Anyway I had to go to the shop but I really wasn't in the mood as the situation I was in now kept me off
concentrating. It wasn't just the representative thing that was distracting me it was that I just dumped
my boyfriend, Zack.

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