Those Five Boys

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 09, 2013




I notice that we are on my dad’s street. I look at Niall and ask him nervously, “Uh…do you live on this street?” 
“Yes, why?” He asks. I look away and shake my head.
“Oh, no reason.” Niall looks up at me under the moonlit night. 
“Are you alright?” Niall asks kindly. “Is there something bothering yuh?” Niall turns onto a sidewalk to a familiar looking house. Then, it hits me. Niall is the boy that I made eye contact with earlier this evening after being attacked by dad. I resist telling him about seeing him earlier this evening after being attacked until we get to the door.
“Niall, I have to tell you something when we get inside…” He opens the door to the house, carefully, so he doesn’t drop me. He walks in and kicks the door shut with his foot. “Is your mom home?” I ask. Niall laughs.
“No, haha, this is my house. The only people in this house are you and me.” He winks at me and gently sets me down on his leather sofa. Niall quickly disappears around the corner as I lay on the couch, thinking about what all has happened tonight. I hear a faucet run in the direction Niall went to. As he comes back into the living room with a wet rag, he asks me a question.
“So, what is your beautiful name?” He gently wipes my face down with the wet rag, cleaning my face from the dried blood and sand.
“Amber.” I reply kindly. I look up at Niall as he smiles.
“That’s a beautiful name; the perfect name for a perfect girl. It fits you perfectly.” I smile at the huge compliment.
“Thank you Niall. Thank you for following me…although it scared me half to death.” I laugh. Niall stops wiping my face and looks at me seriously.
“I’ve got a serious question to ask yuh. Why did yuh say, ‘Dad, Don’t hurt me.’?” Niall asks as he stares at me with his beautiful blue eyes. Tears start to fill my eyes.
“I thought you were dad…” I whisper. “I think you may have seen me earlier this evening, if not… I saw you.”
“Yes, I believe I saw yuh. Yuh were crying and hurt...I peeked out the window after I heard a gunshot. After I looked out the window, I saw a beautiful girl, but she was crying. We locked eyes but then she wiped her eyes and walked off. I wanted to go see if she was alright so I went walking after her. It was getting dark and she was walking all alone so I kept an eye on her to make sure she was safe. She started running, so I ran too because I thought she was running away from a criminal and I wanted to protect her. As soon as she screamed, “Get away from me, dad!” I stopped running.” Niall takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare yuh.”  I smile weakly at him.
“That’s okay, Niall.” Niall leans and hugs me.  I feel his strong, warm arms wrap around me. I wince in pain a little because dad had kicked me on my ribs earlier. Niall quickly lets go, scared that he hurt me. 
“What happened to yuh?” He asks worriedly. I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I tell him about my mom and that my dad abused me ever since I was 9. I told him that he kicked me out of the house. 
“Literally,” I say seriously. “He literally, KICKED me out of the house. That’s why my ribs hurt and my face was bleeding. He hit me… he was such a great father to me…” A tear slides down my smooth cheek and I turn my head away from Niall. He turns my head back towards him, gently with his soft hands.
“If he was such a great father to yuh, he would have never hit yuh.” He bites his lip and looks at the floor. “Amber, how ‘bout yuh take a bath or something. That’ll make you feel a wee bit better. I’ll get the guest room organized while you’re in there. I’m not gonna let yuh roam the streets with nowhere to go.” He insists. I nod in agreement and slowly get off the couch. “I’ll get yuh some night clothes too. Sorry to say, though, I have no women’s clothing. Haha, would yuh like to wear a pair of my pajamas?” Niall kindly offers. I think for a moment but then answer.
“Sure, i don’t want to sleep in these filthy clothes. Haha!” Niall shows me the bathroom and I look at him. “Thank you, Niall. I really appreciate everything you are doing. You are a really nice guy, you know that?” He smiles at me.
“I’d do anything to help a pretty lady like yuh.” Then he walks away as I blush. “What a sweet guy,” I think to myself. “He is really attractive too.” As I’m in the tub, I hear a knock on the bathroom door. 
“Amber? What should I do with your pajamas?” I quickly cover myself with the bubbles from the bubble bath.
“It’s alright, I’m covered. You can bring them in, Haha!” The door slowly creeks open and I see Niall peek through. His eyes are closed. “Haha, Niall, It’s alright, I’m covered in the bubbles.” He opens his eyes and laughs. I smile at his angelic laugh.
“I’ll put yur pajamas right here. I’ll see yuh when you’re done.” He places them on the toilet seat and leaves. After I’m done with the bath, I put on the Irish pajamas. The top has a four leaf clover on the breast pocket. They are a little big, but, of course, they are men’s pajamas. As I reach for the doorknob, I hear another boy’s voice coming from the living room. He’s talking to Niall. I nervously open the door and walk down the hall into the living room to see a curly haired guy sitting on the sofa with Niall. Niall notices me and shouts my name in excitement.
“Amber!” He smiles at me with his sweet smile. The curly haired boy turns around and his face brightens as soon as he catches glimpse of me.
“This must be the gorgeous girl you were talking about, Niall!” He says in a British accent. The boy gets up and rushes to me. He takes my hand and kisses it softly. 
“Hello, beautiful. My name is Harry.”

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