Those Five Boys

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 09, 2013




His charming and cheeky grin makes me smile. “Hi, Harry. I’m Amber.”  I notice Niall standing in front of the sofa, smiling a bit too wide.
“What?” I ask starting to laugh.
“Do yuh mind me saying that yuh look stunning in green?” Niall winks at me and plops back onto the sofa. Harry is still staring at me.
“Are you hungry, Amber? Would you like some food?” Harry kindly asks me. Before I can answer, Niall shoots back off the couch and bursts at Harry.
“Harry! Don’t offer her MY food!” He turns to me with an innocent smile. “I’m sorry Amber, would yuh like some food? Yuh must be starving.”
Harry laughs to himself and shakes his head. I look at Niall confused as I stutter.
“Uh, well, i…I’m not really hungry, but…” 
“Nonsense! When was the last time yuh had a good meal?” Niall cuts me off. I stay silent and look at him with a slight grin. “Exactly.” He smiles at me. Harry grows a huge grin on his face and runs into the kitchen before I can even blink.
“I’ll make you some tacos and sweet corn!” He yells as you hear a loud crash in the kitchen. Niall hits his forehead with his palm and laughs.
“Ay, Harry’s a wee bit excited.” He says. 
“For what?” I laugh. Niall looks up over the sofa to look at me with his sweet smile, then I change the subject. “Haha, and why tacos and sweet corn?” 
“Those are Harry’s favorite foods. Whenever we go out to a restaurant, he will always ask if they have that. If they say they don’t, he says, ‘Well, I’m done here. I’ll meet you guys in the car.’ It’s pretty funny actually.” I walk towards Niall who is sitting on the leather sofa still. Immediately after I plop myself down next to him, I slide because of the silky pajamas. We are silent for a moment but finally Niall breaks the silence. He gazes into my hazel eyes sadly. “I’m really sorry again, Amber, for everything that’s happened to yuh. I could never imagine being hurt like that…” I take in a long, deep breath. 
“I’m afraid to walk outside alone. I always think that I’ll be attacked.” I look away slowly. “I never even felt safe waiting for the school bus in my own driveway!” I rub the temples of my head in frustration. “I have school tomorrow…” I gaze back up at Niall, desperately. “How will I get to school?” Then, more problems hit me and I start panicking. “Where will I stay?  The nearest family member of mine lives in a totally different state. I don’t want to leave! I want to stay here! In this State!” Niall grabs my shoulders gently and turns me to look at him. He stares deeply into my eyes. 
“Amber! Look at me. Yuh don’t have to leave. Yuh can stay here, with me. I will even take yuh to school.” I look away for a slight second but he pulls me closer and looks more deeply into my eyes and whispers in his sexy Irish accent.  “I know, yuh barely even know me… but I will try my very best to help yuh out. You’ve had a rough life…but this is where it’ll turn around. I will try everything to make yuh happy.” Starring into his electric blue eyes feels unreal. I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes like Nialls. I bite my lip, unsure. I know that I barley know him but, I believe him. I believe that he means what he is saying. I slowly nod my head.
“Okay,” I whisper swallowing back tears. “Thank you, Niall.” A faint smile appears onto my face. The space between Niall and I slowly gets smaller and smaller. Soon, I feel his warm breathing blowing onto my face. I close my eyes gently and I feel his warm lips press against mine. Slowly, our lips move and our breathing gets heavier. A huge smile appears on my face and I can feel an even bigger one emerge onto Nialls. I lean back against the arm of the sofa, but then I slide because of the silky pajamas. I smile at Niall as he leans over me. I wrap my arms around him as he pushes his lips gently against mine once more. He stops and rests his forehead against mine. Our noses touch each other’s as we focus into each other’s eyes. I let out a breathy laugh and smile happily. Niall does the same.
“Hey guys the food is rea-OH MY GOD!” Harry walks into the living room to see Niall lying on top of me on the couch. Niall jumps into the air and slams onto the ground. He quickly gets up and brushes himself off.
“Holy crap, Harry! I um...we uh...”
“Oh, wow…Awkward…” Harry leaves the room and heads back into the kitchen. Niall and I look at each other and laugh. 
“I take it that the food is done? Haha.” I get off the couch, smiling. Niall and I walk into the kitchen to see Harry standing by the stove, with a huge, cheeky grin on his face. His big green eyes are wider than ever.
“Geez, Harry, What’s up with yur face? Haha!” Niall laughs.  I look at harry and can’t help but laugh. Harry’s eyes focus on me.  He squints his eyes suspiciously.
“So….what were you two doing in the front room?” He winks and then makes his taco and dishes out his sweet corn. He walks to the table and sits down. “Oh, Niall!? Could you be so kind and pour me a cup of tea?” Niall makes his taco and sits down, ignoring Harry on purpous. Harry looks at Niall in a devious way. “Where’s my tea?” 
“Get yur own tea!” Niall jokes. I stare at the two boys at the table until I hear a slight tapping sound coming from the little window above the stove. I turn to look but nothing was there. Shrugging, I turn back and start making a taco salad. Then, I hear the tapping again. Niall and Harry are still arguing over the tea.
“Ugh, fine, I’ll get yur dumb tea!” Harry immediately covers his mouth and gasps. 
“How dare you call my tea dumb!” Finally, Niall gets up to pour Harrys tea. He notices me standing there, looking worried. “Are yuh alright, Amber?” Harry also turns his attention to me.
“Where’s your taco shell?” He asks looking at my plate. 
“I’m making a taco salad, ha.” I reply. “And, yeah, I’m fine Niall.” 
“Alright, ha, just wondering cause yur just standing there looking a wee bit nervous.” I smile and walk to the table and sit by Harry. “Mind if I sit by you?” I ask shyly. Harry looks up at me and smiles.
“Not at all! Go ahead!” Niall gives Harry his tea, and sits on the other side of me. We all sit there eating until I hear the tapping again.
“What’s that noise?” I ask a little irritated. Harry and Niall look at each other.
“What noise?” Harry asks. I turn my head and look at him as i listen to hear the tapping again. Once again, the noise continues.
“That sound! It sounds like someone’s tapping on a window or something.” I say.
“I don’t hear anything…” Niall replies. I look at them both confused, then I turn to look at the window above the stove. At that moment, I freeze. My jaw drops and I scream at the top of my lungs. I jump out of my chair and continue screaming in fright. Outside of the window is my Dad, tapping the window with a knife. Dropping to the ground, I cradle myself and cover my face with my hands. Harry and Niall rush towards me.
“Amber?” Harry asks worriedly in his British voice. “What’s wrong? What is it?” They crouch down beside me. Slowly, I extend my hand towards the window as I shake. 
“H-he’s h-here.” I cry. Harry and Niall look at the window where I am pointing. 
“Who’s here, Amber?” Niall asks calmly as he rubs my back to make me feel better. “No one’s outside.”  I look back up with tears running down my face. Harry and Niall are staring at me. Looking at Harry’s expression, I immediately know what he’s thinking…Psycho. When I turn and look at Niall’s face, it looks like he already knows who I am talking about.
“D-dad…he was out there…I s-saw him. He had a knife.” I explain as I shake in fright. Harry looks at Niall, confused. 
“It’s a long story, Harry…” Niall explains.
“You can tell him if you want, Niall. I think I’m just gonna…” I let out a deep sigh. “I’m just gonna go to bed.” Niall shakes his head in agreement. 
“Harry, stay here. I’m gonna show her where the room is.” Niall stands up and extends his hand to mine to help me up, just like he did at the beach earlier tonight. I take it and he leads me to the guest room. After he tells me goodnight, I hear him go back into the kitchen and tell Harry about everything that has happened to me. I don’t know if what I saw was ACTUALLY my Dad or just a figure of my imagination…but it was really creepy and I really hope it doesn’t happen again.

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