Dick in a Dress

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Nick Jones is a boy who rathers where girls clothes, though he has no interest in being a girl. The story goes though his struggle with trying to be himself. The story will also follow Kenny Jones, the perfect child, Nicks older brother. (relationships in later chapters)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dick in a Dress

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



I make a promise that this story will end up being interesting and that I will continue on the first one I uploaded. I can only write these in my free time, the holidays are coming up so I will hopefully get more written. This story is set in Australia as I am Australian and It's easier for me to understand. Thank you for reading, would much appericiate a comment.

It’s not that I wanted to be a girl; it’s just that I find girl’s clothing more comfortable. Can’t I wear girl’s clothing and still have a dick? Really why was clothing categorised by gender? Why was it not seen as appropriate for a male to wear a skirt? Society just confused me and I didn’t understand why I could not be accepted.

My name? I’m Nick Jones, 16 years old. I look average, my hair is light brown and short but I can still put it in a low ponytail, I’m too lazy to get it cut. My eyes are blue, skin pale and I wear a cuff piercing on top of my right ear.

My parents don’t really know much about me. They know I’m average at school and that I never really leave the house, but that’s all they really know. They don’t know that every time I’m given pocket money I sneak out to the shops and go by girl’s clothing. They don’t know that I try on said girl’s clothing and wish I could go out and not be judged. I didn’t ever think to tell them that that is what I do; I knew that there would never, ever be a possibility that they’d accept what they could call a “fetish”.

I sighed; I’d been lying in bed not wanting to go to school. Finally I sat up and lent over the side of my bed trying to force myself on my feet, trying to face another day at school. It’s not that I struggled at school, I just got bored. I had friends there, but I didn’t really like to hang out with them.

I got out of my warm bed and walked out the door to the hallway and then to bathroom next door. I could hear the sound of rushing water and sighed for the second time. I knocked on the door with no reply. I knocked again this time far more harder and heard my brother’s voice.

“What?” I could just hear him through the loud sound of the shower.

“How long are you going to be?” I yelled through the door.

“I don’t know, go away!”

“Fuck you!” I shouted and walked back to my room, deciding that I’d just brush my teeth after I’d got dressed. Once I was in my room again I started look through the heap of clothes that’d be thrown on my floor. I picked out a white polo shirt and my black shorts, that what the school uniform was, nothing fancy because I went to a public school. After I slipped on my clothes I went on a hunt for my hair brush and found it under my bed. Picking it up I started to try and brush my hair flat, which I always failed at because my hair was naturally messy. I sighed for the third time that morning as I gave up just happy that I got the knots out.

By time I gotten my shoes on and packed my bag, practically ready to just leave, my brother got out the bathroom he came in my room.

“Hey little brother, the bathroom’s free.”I nodded In reply.

My brother, Kenny Jones 18 years old.  Excelled both academically and physically, but I could always see that he was really stressed with keeping that reputation. Once he told me that he just wanted to go into the music industry, but I told him that he was the smart one, he need to be the successful one for the both of us, I think I stressed him out more. He’s a very manly and handsome young man and has a lot of admires both female and male, though I’d never tell him that. He’s broken so many girls’ hearts by straight out telling them that they’re not his type. He doesn’t like relationships, and oblivious to others feelings. I really respect my brother; I tell him pretty much everything. Oh, but I’d never tell him my little (big) secret.

Kenny lifted a brow. “You alright man?” He asked, he always made sure that I was feeling well, that I wasn’t hiding anything.

“Yeah, just tired, you know?” I laughed harshly, not really meaning to let out a laugh.

“O…kay?” Kenny was a bit confused but he ended up just letting it slide. “Just hurry up and get ready so we can get going.” He left the room.

Kenny went to the same public school I did, but really he should be going to a better school. Our parents said they’d pay for him to go to a private school but he just straight out refused. I still don’t know why, I asked him but all he said is that he just liked public school better. That was obviously a lie.

After 5 minutes I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Finishing with what I needed to do in the bathroom I went out to the hall and made my way down stairs where Kenny was waiting lounging on the couch and watching some cartoon. He noticed me.

“Nick.” He stood up and threw his bag over his shoulder. “Here money, mum and dad’s already gone out to work.” He passed me $10 and I shoved it in my pocket. “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

“Yeah.” I answered and walked towards the door, wanting to just get this day over with. I hadn’t had breakfast; I just couldn’t be bothered with food right now. I heard Kenny sigh seeing through my lie, I had often skipped breakfast. It’s not like I had some eating disorder, I just didn’t like eating in the morning. Kenny used to always say that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, 'whatever' I would just say.

We both walked out the door and went towards Kenny’s car. His car looked expensive but really it was a rusty old car from a second-hand car shop. He got it when he was twelve and dad and he have been working on it, well, they’re still working on it. That was just another thing to the list of things Kenny could do well.

Once I was sitting in the car I put my seat belt on then sunk into the leather seat, putting my feet on the dash top.


I jumped from the sudden yell, sitting up straight again.

“Don’t put your feet up there. You know the rules.” Kenny scolded, getting into the car. I frowned, yeah I knew the rules and they were stupid. I just wanted to be comfortable.

After Kenny was sitting in the car properly we started our way towards the school.

I had nearly dozed off on the way to school; the high school was thirty minutes from the house. When coming into the parking lot I looked at all the students walking into school. My eyes caught a girl in one of the school dress. Why can’t I be able to just freely walk into school in a dress? That’s all I wished for. I didn’t wish to be smart like Kenny; I just wanted to be free to be myself.

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