Of Fire and Sunlight Chapter 3

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Lyle finds that even the pure terror shown by the townspeople could not have prepared him for what he was going to face.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Of Fire and Sunlight

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



Lyle drug his feet through the deep, black muck of the swamp. The mud stuck to his boots, weighing them down and making it much harder to walk. Without really realizing it, he had walked back to the large tree. He gazed into the branches, attempting to find what became of the girl. He caught himself after a few moments, reminding himself that something needed to be done, and he didn’t need her to do it. Though, for some reason, He really wanted to keep looking. He trudged on, until, about mid-day, he saw the outline of an old building. Lyle hurried forward and nearly tripped when the swampy floor changed to stone. He stood awestruck at the sight of what appeared to be a temple. It was partially in ruin, but he still entered. A few feet past the door were two staircases. One lead up into the sunlight to what must have been a second or even third floor, the other lead down. Deep into the darkness where he assumed this evil being must be hiding. Lyle did the only logical thing. He went down into the darkness. “Its not as though I even had much of a choice”, he though to himself, “seeing as there IS no top floor….”

As he descended into the cold, unforgiving darkness, Lyle felt extremely uneasy. It was almost as though he could feel the horrors awaiting him. He reached the bottom of the crumbling stairs. The ending was still about a yard above the floor, so Lyle jumped. The was caught off guard when, instead of landing on the solid stone, he fell upon a soft flesh-like material. He grimaced at the feel. He sloshed around the room a bit. It wasn’t long until he found an unlit torch on the wall. “Now…. If only I had a…” He couldn’t finish his sentence because a small bat smacked straight into his face. Lyle was angry, and hastily gradded the bat. He would have smashed it, had he not looked at it first. “Aww how cute are YOU!” he murmured. Just as he did so, the small bat opened its mouth and blew a flame at his face, missing by mere centimeters, but lighting the torch. “That’s convenient…..” he smirked. He let the bat go, and got a good look at the room. A look of disgust and shock spread over his face when he found not only was the ceiling COVERED in the tiny bats, who were not exactly happy to be woken up, but the fleshy substance before was an entirely different creature. It’s mass spread all over the floor, with a large mouth filled with large, sharp teeth. Lyle drew his sword and the mass pulled itself together into a large lump in the center of the room. He swung, and his sword lodged within the creature. Feeling hopeless, Lyle swung the torch, and unintentionally lit the creature ablaze. He stood awestruck and listened to each dying shriek. A single key was left in the remains, he picked it up and opened a nearby door. “Maybe this adventuring thing isn’t so hard…..”

Through the next room, and the room after that, Lyle felt himself getting lower and lower beneath the swamp. He reached a large room with the pattern of a sun in the middle. He stepped in, noticing the seven posts surrounding the room, on each ray of the sun. He walked in, awestruck, when a deep rumbling disturbed his thoughts. He looked around cautiously, and kept a hand on his sword. He felt a very hot breath on the back of his neck, and whipped around. He found himself face to face with a large, dragon-like creature. Except, it wasn’t a dragon. It was large with human like hands, goat like feet, and a dragons head. It was pitch black, save for the eyes which shone a bright, bloody, red. It opened its mouth, revealing hundreds of sharp teeth. Lyle felt as though he stared his own nightmares in the face. Suddenly, it spoke. It’s voice was clear and terrifying. “Fool of a human. You are the attempt to put me back? My master has lent me unlimited power. You. Have. No. Chance.” Lyle looked back terrified. “Now”, the monster bellowed, “Face the darkness of your soul! Watch helplessly as it consumes your very being.” Lyle couldn’t bring himself to break the gaze with this demon, and found himself back in his childhood town. He watched as his younger self ran while countless lives perished by fire. He watched as his deceased family stood before him in the flames. His mother spoke first, “Your fault…. All your fault!” Lyle was nearly in tears, “Sorry…. I’m so sorry…” His little sister, whom he cherished with all his heart said softly, “Big brother? Its hot…. And it hurts. It hurts so bad big brother! Why did you do this?” Lyle fell to his knees. “I…..I…..” He clapped his hands over his ears. Suddenly, Lyle heard a voice. It spoke in a language long forgotten. “Magic?” he said to himself. The voice shouted, louder than the rest of the chanting, “Goddess gives light to a single genesis!” Pillars of light broke through the barrier of nightmares and dissolved. The beast in front of him was wounded, but not defeated. “You!” the demon roared, “What the hell are you doing here?!” The voice spoke again, and this time Lyle recognized it. “You know why I am here, Edohan. I warned you.” Lyle looked, but couldn’t find the source of the voice. “You can do NOTHING! YOU are Mabayan! You are good by nature! That’s why I am still here. YOU HAVE TOO MANY RULES.” The voice stayed calm, and spoke again. “The good do not need rules. Today is the day you’ll find out..” She stepped out of the shadow, “exactly why I have so many.” The beast took a few steps back obviously shocked. Lyle looked at her, and she had that terrifying look on her face. “Y—You!” he shouted in shock. She smiled in return. “Lyle”, she said gently, before smacking him on the head, “What on EARTH are you doing here?!” Lyle was shocked and replied, “I- well- Uh—there was an old man and he…. Told me to… Wait, what are YOU doing here?!” She sighed, “Really? You just met an old man and did what he said? You really are an idiot. But I suppose I can use you….” Lyle looked at her curiously, and she could see he was utterly confused. She sighed and turned toward Edohan. “I remain a disciple of the light, and it is my obligation to give you a chance. Will you give up and be sealed quietly?” Edohan glared at her, and suddenly swiped. Lyle saw this, grabbed her and jumped just out of reach. She pushed him off and stepped forward. “So be it.” She chanted quietly and a bow made of light appeared in her hands. She flinched in pain, and he could see something resembling smoke coming from her left hand, where she held the bow. She pulled back, materializing an arrow on the bowstring. Before Edohan could move, she loosed the arrow and it sunk itself into the beast’s eye, burning and dissolving everything it touched. When he grabbed his eye in pain, Lyle ran up and slashed at the beast. Edohan noticed the pest stinging his ankles, and was about to kick at him, when the mystery girl loosed another arrow, which embedded itself in its other eye. Edohan, now blind, fell over, nearly crushing both of them. Lyle took the opportunity and buried his sword in the demon’s neck. The girl used one final spell to purify the sword, and finally end the life of the menace.

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