Of Fire and Sunlight Chapter 4

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Lyle confronts the strange girl about what happened in the battle against Edohan. Just who is she?

Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



“Explain.” Lyle barked as soon he retrieved his bloody sword from the neck of the beast. The girl looked at him and asked, “Explain what?” Lyle was infuriated. “EVERYTHING” he shouted, “You said you didn’t know the bishop a-and then you were here. And you did magic. And the old man-“ The girl put her hand up to stop him, “One thing at a time, please.” Lyle took a deep breath, “What is your name?” he asked, attempting to sort out the questions in his mind. “My name? My name….” the girl said as if in a dream, but she quickly snapped out of it. “My name is Nilys.” “Nilys….” He echoed. He liked the way it sounded. “Nilys is a bit of a mouthful, I’ll call you Nil. Now, Nil, What are you?” Nilys studied his face as if to see what benefit he could get from this. She gave up, and explained, “I was born as a Mabayan who specialized in Light Magic. As you said, as I mastered it, I became a Bishop.” Lyle let that soak in before saying in a low voice, “You…. You are a bishop? You are THE bishop? I’ve been searching for you! You could have saved everyone. If you had only acted—“ he stopped himself before he said anything he would regret. Nilys glared at him and spoke, “You were not looking for me. You were looking for a bishop. I just happened to be the closest.” Lyle stepped back and continued, “Tell me about the monsters and your connection.” Nilys sighed again, “ The monster you defeated was sealed long ago. It was released by a man. He was also sealed here, but escaped four years ago. I tried to stop him but couldn’t.” Lyle digested that for a moment before asking, “I still don’t understand…. When we fought against Edohan… Your light magic hurt him. Badly. Why didn’t you just use some powerful magic and..ya know…. POOF?” Nil looked shocked, and said in a near whisper, “Because I can’t.”

Lyle ended his questions there, and glanced around the room. “How do we get out? Edohan destroyed the door”, Lyle asked. Nill looked around and spotted a plaque, and sauntered over to read it. Lyle followed close behind. Nilys read aloud, “The suns shall meet to open the sky.” Lyle looked confused, “What could THAT mean?” Nil looked around, “I don’t know….” Lyle sat down, huffed, and looked around, “Two suns…. Open sky…” Lyle stared through the cracks in the wall, which gave off the reddish light of sunset. Nilys sat next to him and rested her head in her hands. Nil sprung up suddenly, and shouted “ TWO SUNS!” Lyle looked at her carefully, and understood as well. “Nil, do you have enough left in you for a final attack?” Lyle asked. Nilys looked at him as though he were crazy, “Who’re you to judge my ability? You want magic? I’ll do you one better.” Nilys stood up, took a deep breath, and chanted in the same forgotten language. She finished the incantation with the words, “ The Goddess and I as your Masters, reveal yourself, Bahamut!” Nothing happened. Lyle shot her a “Really? Is that all you got?” look and was about to say something when an ear-splitting screech shook the temple. Through the wall came a bird the size of a dragon. It set its sights on Nil. Before Lyle could raise his sword, the bird was upon her. He was terrified, when suddenly Nil started laughing. He let the tip of his sword drop and squeaked “Nil?” before she pushed off the creature, whom had been licking her face. She stood up and dusted herself off. Nil rubbed the bird’s beak and, realizing Bahamut’s wings had blocked the setting sun rays, now visible through the decent sized hole, she pushed him out of the way. Of course, her shove did nothing to move him, but Bahamut got the idea.

The sunbeams hit in the direct center of the sun pattern on the floor, causing the ceiling above them to split into two pieces. Nilys and Lyle stared in awe, as the missing roof revealed a scarlet sky and purple clouds. Lyle looked to Nilys, who had disappeared yet again. He flipped around to see her sitting upon Bahamut’s back. “Well, come on”, she said when she saw him staring, “Aren’t you joining me?” Lyle looked at the mount carefully, and sheepishly approached. Nil pulled him on, and spoke in a language that hasn’t been spoken in hundreds of years. She looked back at Lyle, and merely said “Hold on.” Lyle was shocked, “Wait… wait… Hold on to WHAT?!” Bahamut gave a few flaps of his wings, and soon had them soaring through the sky. Bahamut landed a few feet away from Nil’s large tree. Nil patted Bahamut’s head and sent him off again, back to wherever he came from. She turned to Lyle. “Well, Lyle, It’s been nice meeting you, but I fear our time has ended. “, she spoke, and left Lyle shocked, taken aback by the abrupt goodbye. The moon began to rise, and Lyle turned around haughtily, having found his resolve, locked eyes with her and said, “I’m not going anywhere. You have put me through all of this, and for what? For my trouble, I demand you travel with me.” Nil was amused, and retorted with “So you’re kidnapping me? And to where are we going?” Lyle thought for a moment, “We’re going to save Regland from evil.”

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