Of Fire and Sunlight Chapter 5

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Lyle and Nilys get to know each other a little better before starting their journey.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Of Fire and Sunlight Chapter 5

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



“What?!” Nillys glared at him, “You realize what you’re getting into, right? Are you CRAZY?!” Lyle, without missing a beat, replied, “Probably, but then again so are you. It needs to be done, and imagine the fame that comes with adventuring.” Nil thought for a moment. “I’ll go with you. But only because you are utterly useless without me.” Lyle shot her an annoyed look, but they both soon burst out laughing. Lyle had a moment of clarity, stopped and said, “Hey… Nil?” Nil wiped her eyes, and looked up at himand asked, “Whats wrong?” z“Nil… I was just wondering how old you were… ya know, since we’ll be travelling together I think its important to know… for some reason.” Nil looked at him, calm as ever, and said, “Oh, I guess so… Well, let me think…. I’d have to be arouuunnnd….. Seventeen? Maybe older…. I lost track.” Nil smiled. Lyle smirked but was caught by the idea that she was his around his age. Why did that bother him so much? When he came back to reality, Nil was in his face. He jumped back and she asked what he was thinking about. “Oh, uh… I was just thinking… how do you not know your age?” Nil looked somber for a second, but perked up and said, “I’ve been living in the swamp… for awhile… anyways, we should probably get to sleep. I hope you don’t mind sleeping in a tree again.” Lyle smiled and replied, “Just one more night? I’m sure I’ll survive.”

Morning came, and Lyle woke up face down in the mud. He looked around, allowing his eyes to adjust to the bright sunrise. He expected Nilys to be standing over him, but when he looked up, she was passed out on her designated branch. He shouted up at her, but she stayed asleep. He figured she wasn’t going to get up anytime soon, and he couldn’t leave without her. He turned, realizing the demons had not respawned. Lyle thought it was strange, but really didn’t mind. He looked around, hoping that something would relieve his boredom. The chest that Nil kept behind the tree caught his eye. Seeing she was still deep asleep, Lyle decided he might as well peek inside.

Lyle opened the lid softly, so it wouldn’t make too much noise. He peered inside. He noticed several knives, her coat, a necklace, and a few other things he really didn’t pay much mind to. What caught his eye was an old box. In it was two smaller boxes. Lyle picked it up the first small box, and inside was a drawing and a painting. . The drawing showed two people, one was a woman with yellow hair and eyes, holding hands with a little girl with blue hair and red eyes. . It was obviously drawn by a young child. The painting was small, as it had to fit in a box, and showed the same thing as the drawing, just more detailed and realistic. Lyle was about to open the second box, when a hand grabbed his shoulder. He turned around and found nobody there. The boxes were no longer in his hands, by no fault of his own. He heard the chest slam shut, and turned only to be face to face with Nilys. She had the same terrifying look she had when he first tried to open it. It was a look of hatred, anger, and superiority. This time, it lasted more than a second. Lyle stepped back. Nil’s voice was shocking and flat. “What do you think you are doing?”Lyle stammered, “I-I’m….” Nil took a step forward. “I told you. I told you to stay out.” Lyle was sweating nervously. “I-I’m sorry. I just thought…” Nil stood there studying him. Lyle looked back at her, thinking she must have looked more menacing since her hair was down. It fell a few inches below her shoulders, and stuck out wildly in some places, casting shadows upon her face. Lyle did not know what to say. “Well, as long as you didn’t see anything you shouldn’t have, you’ll be fine.” Nil was her smiling self again. Lyle didn’t want to make her angry again, so he changed the subject. “Geez, Nil. Do you…. Do you sleep in your clothes?” Nil smiled, “Yeah, Just in case. Haha, is it that strange?” Nil looked herself over, then looked at Lyle. “Geez”, she said taking a step back and holding her nose, “you slept in the mud? Look at you! You’re covered!” Lyle looked at his underclothes, a white shirt and white pants, and sure enough they had been stained black. Nil laughed. “Come on, Lyle, There’s a spring nearby. You can wash up there, and I’ll clean your clothes.” Lyle accepted her offer, and they walked.

It wasn’t long until they reached the spring. It was cleaner than Lyle expected, and with almost no hesitation, He threw his clothes to Nil, and jumped into the murky waters. It was cold, but refreshing. Lyle was lucky he had kept shorts on, because much to his surprise, Nil jumped in after him, after only removing her stockings and boots. She immideatly dove under the surface of the water, and came up in front of Lyle. “Refreshing, right?” Lyle looked at her and said, “I thought you were gonna clean the clothes.” Nil looked at him strangely and replied, “You’re speaking as if I don’t know common magic. Cleaning is easy.” With that she swam back to shore, chanted something quickly, and Lyle watched as she was completely dry in a matter of seconds. “That’s a neat trick, but how is that gonna wash my clothes?” Nil gave him an annoyed look, and chanted something else underneath her breath. Lyle was quickly thrown into the air, and fell back into the water. He resurfaced and yelled, “Hey! What was THAT for?!” Nil was laughing and said, “I didn’t like your tone.” With that she silently spoke again, this time resulting in clean clothes. Lyle swan to the shore, and Nil smirked and chanted something quickly. Before Lyle could react, a gust of cold wind blew him dry. He glared; she smiled. He quickly got dressed, and they returned to Nil’s tree for what would be the last time in awhile.

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