Keep Your Fingers Crossed

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




Walking along the now-empty corridors, I went over everything that had happened that morning: the encounter with my mum; the run-in with Jason; the accidentally-overheard bitch-fest in the toilets. I’d had way too much human contact already today.

Oh, it wasn’t that I was afraid of being around people. I just choose to limit myself to the amount of time I spend with them.

Jason was my only friend at this school, but I didn’t spend every waking minute with him. It was for two reasons: one, the less time I spent with him, and anyone else for that matter, the less they would miss me when I was gone. Two, if I didn’t get close to someone, there was no chance of me hurting them.

I would not put anyone through that experience again.

I was taking my time getting to my first lesson. I stared down at my feet as I walked, watching my converse move up, forward and down, as if they were being moved by someone else’s feet. Slowly, as if time was standing still, doors passed me one by one; the dance studio, tasteless pop music blaring through the walls; the drama rooms, students in costumes waiting outside to play their role. I turned left, still not bothering to look up from my oh-so-interesting converse.

It was when I was making my way to the automatic door leading outside that I stopped. Just to the side of the Humanities corridor doors, a white, ripped up piece of paper fluttered in the wind from outside. The only thing stopping it from escaping outside was the carpet; one of the corners was trapped underneath the heavy object.

I was about to move forward when a shrill noise caught me off guard. Resisting the urge to collapse to the floor and stick my head between my knees again – although the floor did look comfortable - I looked up again to check if anyone had spotted me out of lessons.

Suddenly, I remembered what I’d been staring at. After finding the bit of carpet I’d been obsessed with, I noticed the piece of paper wasn’t there.

I peered round the corner and did a 360-take of the floor. I was starting to think I was going mad. Maybe I was seeing things.

I shook my head and walked towards the door.

A crumple sounded beneath my feet. Immediately, I paused mid-stride. I slowly ordered my eyes downwards, even though my gut instinct was telling me I didn’t want to.

I gasped, realizing my gut instinct had been right.

Written on the tiny scrap, in red ink, was the letter ‘K’.

I stared at it, frozen in place.

Another shrill sound echoed through the empty area, making me jump. I moved my left foot to sit back next to my right, friends reunited. I looked around, knowing that there had never been a bell or an alarm in the school before. It dawned on me that I still had my mobile, and I hadn’t switched it on silent yet – the incident in the toilets had stumped my plans.

I reached inside my bag, trying to feel around for the similar rectangle. Pulling it out, I saw that the screen was lit up, informing me of two new messages.

Unlocking the phone, I opened my inbox and saw the ID.


I knew it had been a mistake to give him my number.

I looked up to the ceiling in despair and opened the messages.


Y u not in science? Tut tut skiver x


That was the first message. Now I was really regretting giving him my number; he’d started caring.

At least he tried to make a joke out of it. Ha ha. Not funny.

The second one was a bit more urgent.

Where r u!? Rolinson’s getting pissed. Says he’ll cut more than an onion cell if u don’t turn up. I don’t think a murder will b good on cv. Hurry up!x

My phone chirped in my hand just as I finished reading the last message.

Worried now. Get ur arse in here, or I swear I’ll come into girls toilets looking for u! Ur scaring me, better not have done anything

I sighed, closed the message, and started walking inevitably to my science lab, knowing there was no way to avoid it.


I’d forgotten all about the paper until Jason asked me,

‘So, find anything interesting on your travels?’

‘You should go sit down before Rolinson knocks you on the head with the microscope.’

‘Oh, come on. Are you seriously telling me there’s no juicy gossip, no mysteries within school walls, no thrilling horror story?’

‘Yes. Now go sit down!’ I hissed, seeing our science teacher’s eyes looking on our direction.

‘I’m not leaving until you tell me all your secrets.’

I could tell he was hinting at something, but he wasn’t going to get whatever he hoped was in my head.

‘Ah-hah! So there is something!’

I’d left it too late and not replied quick enough. I wish I had. There was no way he’d drop it now. He’d probably keep my headphones until I spilled.

‘No!’ I tried to deny it, but he wasn’t taking the bait.

‘You ha-,’

‘Jason O’Conaugh. Go back to your seat. Now!’

Jason skulked off, clearly enjoying the eyes that followed him across the room, making a show of taking his time.

‘As for you, Ms Mckenna, I suggest you stop encouraging him and get on with your work. You are in enough trouble already.’

Sometimes I really hated Mr Rolinson.

‘Yeah, with Oxfam for stealing all their clothes!’ Megan. Surprise, surprise.

I placed my head in my hands and stared out the window, looking anywhere but at the other people in the room, their laughs and snickers hitting me to the core.

Scrap that. I always hated Mr Rolinson.

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